Officer Poseidon Neptune had just gotten home from a long day of work. Today's case had involved another innocent teenager, and he was wondering if his job was worth it. He sighed as he sat in his reclining chair with a newspaper on his lap. The kid had once again cried for help too late, and there had been nothing to do but charge the parents and send them to jail for up to five years, then they got to move on with their lives.

But he never could.

After 15 years of being a cop, he had seen things he could never forget. Things that kept him up at night, wondering what he could have done differently, and wondering if things would have turned out better if he had. The thoughts plagued him, especially after days like today, and tonight, Poseidon was tired of always being the hero that shows up just too late.


Poseidon was driving on his morning route the next Monday at 8:00 when he saw a school-aged boy leaning on the corner of a building, smoking.

He pulled up in front of him and got out of his patrol car, expecting the kid to run away, but he just hiked his jacket up around his face and stomped his cigarette out on the ground.

"Hey, kid," Poseidon started, trying to get a good look at him. "Shouldn't you be in school?"

"It's a holiday," the kid responded flatly. Poseidon guessed by his height and appearance that he was around 17.

"I wish," Poseidon replied, "but I don't have the day off. Now really, shouldn't you be in school?"

"I'm home-schooled," he said blankly, shuffling his feet and shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Nice try, kid."

The teen gave an annoyed huff, which made a puff of fog appear in the chilly October air.

"Where are your parents, then?" Poseidon tried.

The teen still wouldn't look him in the eyes, and he sighed. "What's your name, kid?" he asked, not unkindly.

The kid looked him up and down mistrustfully and mumbled to the ground.

"What was that?"

"Percy," he muttered, slightly louder.

"How 'bout your last name?"

"You don't need to know."

"Okay, be like that," Poseidon told him. "I'm gonna let you off with a warning today, alright? Just get to school."

The teen halfheartedly nodded and started walking down the street.


Percy stopped.

"You go to Goode High School?" Poseidon called.

Percy nodded jerkily, and Poseidon raised his eyebrows.

"Well, it's that way." he said pointing in the opposite direction Percy had been walking. "On second thought, let me just give you a lift down there."

"Do I have to ride in the back?"

Poseidon smiled. "Nah, you can sit shotgun."

Percy sauntered over to the police car and slid into the passenger seat, where he immediately turned his head to stare out the window.

Poseidon got in, and started heading for the high school.

"So, what grade are you in?" he asked, trying to keep a conversation.

"What. Do. You. Even. Care."

Poseidon still couldn't see his face, but he imagined the teen was rolling his eyes.

"Well, I was just curious. Didn't your parents ever teach you that cops were your friends?"

The teen gave a derisive laugh. "My parents didn't teach me anything."

"I thought you were home-schooled."

Percy became silent again.

"Well, my name is Poseidon Neptune," he said, and Percy snorted. Poseidon was used to people making fun of his name, so he ignored it. Most people just didn't have the same sense of humor as his parents had. "I just wanna make sure all you kids are going to school. Why did you ditch today?"

Percy sighed and turned to face him. "Wouldn't you ditch too if you looked like this?"

Now that he had lifted up his head, Percy could see his face clearly. He was a good-looking guy, with tousled dark brown hair and bright green eyes, but he had an atrocious looking black eye, which extended down his right cheek.

"That looks pretty bad, Percy," he remarked. "What'd you do, get in a fight?"

Percy hesitated. "I walked into a pole."

"Mmhm," Poseidon said, not believing the lie for a minute. "Maybe I better take you home, your parents can call you in sick."

"No no!" Percy said quickly, "I'll be fine. Just take me to the stupid school."

"If you're sure."


Poseidon sighed and kept driving. When they reached the high school, he pulled up to the doors and Percy hopped out.

"Uh, thanks Mr. Neptune," he said.

"No problem kid," Poseidon smiled. "Just stay out of trouble."

"I'll try," he said halfheartedly, and he headed into the building. Poseidon only drove away after he saw that he was safely inside.


Poseidon was out on his second patrol that day, this time on foot. He was strolling down main street, when he heard a commotion. He ran towards the source of the noise, and saw a group of boys fighting in an alley.

"Hey!" he blew his whistle. "Break it up!"

They ignored him, and he ran over to stop the fight. Most of the punches seemed to be aimed at one boy, so Poseidon got in the middle of the group and shoved them all away from each other.

"Get on home, scram!" he ordered, and the teens all glared at him and obeyed. Then he noticed the kid that had been taking most of the punches trying to slink away unnoticed.


The kid froze. Poseidon shook his head disapprovingly and walked up to him.

"Didn't I tell you to stay out of trouble?"

Percy sighed loudly and tried to walk away, but Poseidon grabbed his arm.

"Ouch!" Percy shouted, disproportionately loud to how hard Poseidon had grabbed him. He twisted out of his grasp and clutched his arm, then glared.

"Sorry," Poseidon said, confused. "What was all that about? Why were you fighting?"

"I wasn't fighting!" Percy protested, still clutching his arm. "They were all fighting me!"

"Why, Percy?"

"Well, they think they're all that," Percy began, "and at school they're always harassing the nerds. I stopped them from being jerks to these kids today, and after school they followed me home and started the fight."

"What were they doing that made you feel like you had to step in?"

Percy kicked a pebble. "Well, it's just not right when they're slapping around a bunch of girls," he said quietly.

Poseidon raised his eyebrows.

Huh, he thought. So this kid actually has a conscience.

"Well, good job kid," he said out loud. "Do you need me to get you something for that?" he asked, indicating the teen's bloody nose.

Percy wiped the blood off his face with his sleeve. "Nah, I'll be alright." Then he took a pack of cigarettes out of his back pocket and lit one up.

"Could you not?" Poseidon asked him.

Percy raised an eyebrow at him challengingly. "Why?"

"I have asthma."

Percy exhaled the smoke with a skeptical look on his face.

"Just kidding. But it's really not good for you."

The teen looked at his cigarette for a minute then put it out on the side of the building.

Poseidon held out his hand.

"Let's have 'em."

With a sigh, Percy took the cigarette pack out of his pocket and slapped in into the cop's palm.

"Thanks," Poseidon said, and Percy halfheartedly rolled his eyes.

"So, can I leave?"

"Go for it."

The teen turned and walked away, but Poseidon called, "I mean it this time! Stay out of trouble!"

Percy raised his hand and saluted with two fingers without turning around.



Okay, the story behind this fic: I started writing it nearly a year ago, but didn't intend for it to be a PJatO fic. I had original characters, but I decided to change the names so I could post it on here:) I didn't see any typos, but just in case:

Andrew = Poseidon

Logan = Percy

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