Birds of a Feather

Oliver is in for the shock of his life when a fishnet stocking wearing, highly trained vigilante arrives in Starling City.

Ch 5

Dinah smiled at her daughter's former boyfriend. She was surprised to find out that in her husband's words he was the vigilante terrorizing Starling City. "You fight like a brute, but we can work on that"

Oliver stared at the woman standing in front of him with his mouth slightly agape. He squeezed his eyes shut and opened them again. Yep she was still there. He'd never seen anyone fight like her before and now he finds out that he was fighting alongside Laurel's mother. Laurel's mother was the Black Canary.

Shock wouldn't even begin to describe what his mind was going through right now. He had known there had to be other vigilantes out there, cities all over were being torn apart by crime. But he never expected to know one that scolded him for sticking his finger in the cookie batter she was making when he was in third grade or one that caught him sneaking out of Laurel's bedroom in nothing but his boxers when they were in high school.

"Lance, as in Detective Lance?" Felicity asked trying to understand what was happening. Diggle had just told her that another vigilante was in the city, a woman with fighting skills that impressed Oliver.

"Does he know?" John Diggle asked. He didn't really know the Lance's but this was surprising.

"No" Dinah replied to him. Diggle nodded. Detective Lance's wife was a vigilante, the way he goes after Oliver it would probably destroy him to find that out.

"Does Laurel?" Oliver asked with furrowed brows.

"No, she doesn't know either. I've kept it for my family to keep them safe" she told him as she tossed him her book.

Oliver caught it and looked at her with her eyes she told him to open it. He did and found that she had crossed out names as well. He walked over to where he kept the book his father gave him. He opened his to see if they were the same. They were. "Where did you get this?"

"I took it from a man named Frank" was all she said to them.

Oliver flipped through both books noticing she had taken care of a few of the people on his list. He breathed out and closed the book. "The Undertaking, what do you know about it?" he asked. He was back to business. She obviously knew more than him, so he could use her help. And so far she seemed sane.

"Can I use your computer? She asked him. Oliver nodded.

Dinah walked over to the computer console and sat down. She took out her cell phone and plugged it into the computer. Then she reached by her ear. "Oracle, do you have lock on my location?"

"Oracle?" Felicity asked. "Is that your computer's name?"

"What?" Dinah asked the younger woman. "No, she's a person. I have a team too" she told her and started typing.

Felicity leaned forward interested in what she was doing. She saw Dinah click on file that was downloaded to her system. Whoever that other person was she got past her security, which upset her a little bit. "Your system is impressive" She told me to tell you that" Dinah said as she turned to look at her.

"Oh" Felicity said nodding her head proudly. However she had still gotten past it. So she needed to work on it and she did love a challenge.

Dinah typed something else into the computer a screen popped up with a woman on it. She smiled at her friend. "This is…Arrow…" she said refusing to call the Hood. "…otherwise known as Oliver Queen and this is his team John Diggle and Felicity Smoak. And this is Barbara Gordan. Aka Oracle." She told them.

"Hello" Barbara said waving on the screen.

Oliver looked at the red haired woman on the screen, she looked familiar somehow then he remembered she was Laurel and Sarah's hot babysitter, who was also involved in fighting crime. Oliver shook his head at that.

"Can you pull up what we discovered?" Dinah asked her. The screen filled with a couple of pictures with colorful lines on them.

"What is that?" Oliver asked.

"That is a map of the sewer system underneath the glades" Dinah answered.

"Where did you get that from?" Diggle asked coming over to study the screen. The Undertaking is what Mrs. Queen had talked about with someone else. Oliver didn't believe his mother was involved in whatever it is and if whatever it is involved a map of a sewer system it didn't sound good.

"I took it off a man named William Ross, you can take him off your list" Dinah said turning to Oliver.

"Is he dead?" Felicity asked wondering if all vigilantes were as reckless as Oliver.

"No, he'll be rotting in jail for the rest of his life" Dinah said.

"What is the Undertaking? Why do you think they have this map?" Diggle asked, waiting for the horrible news that would be the answer.

Oliver stared at her waiting for her reply. His father told him that he failed this city because he wouldn't be able to stop what was happening. Oliver tried to ask him what it was, but he took that answer to his grave and tasked him with getting rid of everyone on list before it could happen.

Dinah took a breath as she looked at them. They were so young and inexperienced with this. It took more than just training to do what they do. She looked at Barbara. None of them knew the true cost of putting on the costume and that lying to your loved one was the easy part. "We believe that the Undertaking is a planning to place high level explosives in strategic places in the sewer system"

"They want to destroy the glades" Diggle said, horrified at the thought.

Dinah nodded at the former soldier. "They believe that the poor are responsible for all the crime. If you get rid of the poor people, you get rid of the crime"

"That's insane!" Felicity exclaimed "Not everyone in the Glades is criminal. They'd be killing hundreds of innocents!"

"I believe they know that and are willing to sacrifice the few to save the many" Dinah replied watching as Felicity put her hand over mouth and stumble backwards into one of the tables. Diggle also had a horrified expression on his face.

"We can't let them kill all those innocent people" Oliver said. "We have to stop them." He said and went stormed off to get his hood. He stopped suddenly when he felt a breeze pass by him, the knife vibrated as it land in the lock of truck

"Where do you think you're going?" Dinah said in a mothering tone.

"You have a knife?" Felicity asked. "Where do you even keep that?" She asked staring at her skin tight outfit. She looked to Diggle for answers. He was just as shocked as she was.

Oliver stared at the knife as it came to a stop, he was breathing heavily as he clenched his fists.

"Is this what you do? Just run off after people with no plan in place?" she asked him. When she first looked into Oliver's eyes all she could see all the rage inside him. Anger wouldn't help him survive this life. She needed to help him see that.

"Yes" Diggle and Felicity responded in unison.

"That's a good way to get people killed including yourself" She told him.

"I have a plan" Oliver said without turning around, he ripped the knife from the lock and lifted the lid of the trunk.

"And what's that?" Dinah asked.

"Go after the people on the list" he told her and took out his hood and his bow. He didn't need lessons, he knew what he had to do to save this city.

"Tonight?" she asked him. "You're going to take care of everyone on your list." She said not moving from where she stood. "Turn around and look at me, Oliver"

Oliver breathed out loudly. She sounded like a mother and that's not what he needed right now. She asked him again and he slowly turned to face her.

"Most of the people on that list are just cogs in the machine. They probably don't even know what they are a part of. To stop it you have to go after the people that built the machine" They needed to stop this before it happened. They needed to find out who was in charge.