Disclaimer: My twist on the end of the Second OVA Spring Thunder. Instead of Kurogane tagging along, he stays to protect his homeland.

Kurogane sat in his room, the place he had called home for years. He sat with Tomoyo, the person who continued to comfort him as he got used to the feelings of returning home. How stupid could the kid have been? To leave without a hint of magic? These thoughts ran through his head everyday. While he wasn't breaking his back and using every bit of power in him defending his homeland, he was thinking about Fai. Everything he did was for Fai. Each day he lived was for Fai, and he vowed one day he would see him again under any and all circumstances. It was constant worry on his soul, a constant pounding at his chest, being scared that one of the people he cared about most was out there completely defenseless against the cruelty of the different worlds. Kurogane had always been the one to protect him, and knowing that he is out there with only the protection of Syaoran, was heartbreaking.

At the sound of any sudden noise Kurogane's focus returned to the door where Fai had been staying while he was in Nihon. Fai had made a promise, a promise to return to Kurogane when his service was no longer needed by Syaoran, or once the kid had completed his mission. It had only been two weeks since they had left, but it occurred him just how much he really felt for Fai. The quirks that used to get on his nerves he began to miss deeply. Not having someone wake him up at the crack of dawn and call him some stupid nickname was, different and strange after having it done to him for so long.

Kurogane's attention went from his thought to the movement he had sensed behind him. Knowing it was probably just Tomoyo, he let his guard down. "If you need anything Kurogane, you know where to find me…" Tomoyo stated in hushed tones, placing a hand along the bigger man's shoulder. "I will Tomoyo.." He mumbled, head just lowering as he let out a gentle sigh.

In all honesty, it hurt Tomoyo. Kurogane had never shown this kind of emotion unless he was thinking about his parents. It was strange to see something as simple as a skinny blonde boy ruin his mood. Even she became hopeful the wizard would return soon, to lift the depressive state of her guardian and return him to the strong individual he still could be. This is why Tomoyo paid a price to Yuko without Kurogane knowing. She wanted access to the two who were now out on a mission by themselves, she wanted to be able to see their progress and be able to judge when the wizard might return to Nihon. Slowly stepping out of the room, Tomoyo returned to her own private quarters, searching for the circular device that she had received. She held it up and it projected an image of Syaoran and Fai, walking in a field of an unfamiliar world. "Syaoran?" She said quietly, making sure no one around her quarters might hear her.

"Princess Tomoyo!" Syaoran exclaimed, seeming like he was quite startled by the sudden incoming message. All she could see was Fai behind him, staring off into the distance blankly. "Have you made any progression?" Her eyes trailed over the scene, falling back to Fai every single time, growing worried as he had not said a single word since the interruption. "Some but, not much. Certainly not as much as we had hoped to had made by this time." Syaoran gave Tomoyo a sad smile as she looked down, just nodding his head softly. "How's Fai doing?" She mumbled quietly. Syaoran's face glowing with worry, clearly not being able to explain the depth of the situation with Fai standing right behind him. "He's… not himself. I'm sure it'll be fine though."

A higher voice spoke up from behind Syaoran causing me to lift my head in hope. "How's he?" Fai needed to explain no further, knowing he was talking about Kurogane. "He could be better, but we're taking it day by day. He just wishes for your return." Tomoyo said in her most comforting voice. Fai turned around, slowly approaching Syaoran. "Is he there? Can I speak to him?" Tomoyo tossed his questions back and forth in her head for a moment, before giving in and nodding, summoning Kurogane to her room immediately.

It was a short time before he arrived outside her door, he opened it without hesitation. "You called, princess?" He looked at her, a bit confused at why he was needed. Tomoyo just smiled and walked up to him, taking his hand and leading him across the room. "Someone wants to speak with you, close your eyes." Kurogane scratched his head but nodded, obeying the orders and closing his eyes, letting the princess guide him across the room.

"Kuro-rin…" Fai spoke out as Kurogane came into view, his eyes immediately opened and turned to the picture of the wizard. His skin was paler than ever, his eyes were growing duller and his body frailer. "I'll be back soon… I promise you.." Fai's voice was weak, and it pained Kurogane to see him in such a breakable state. "You need to drink Fai." Kurogane stated firmly, knowing his blood was the only thing that could keep the former wizard alive. Syaoran interjected, "He's been drinking the blood you gave us, but it's beginning to run low. We're trying to conserve so, as long as he can power through I try not to give him a lot. I don't know how much longer we have to go, but if we are careful, we'll have enough to get through." Kurogane's worried look grew more, and Fai could tell clearly that Syaoran was not helping the situation. "It's all under control Kurgie! I'll get to see you real soon and I'll be able to get a fresh dose of your blood and we'll be perfectly okay. Alright? I promise I will see you very very soon!" Fai tried to be as cheery as possible, but there was a deep longing pain in both of their eyes that as soon as they met, tears began to well up.

Would it really be soon? Would Fai really return home safe? These were questions that could only be answered with time and as the connection between them was cut and Tomoyo stored the device away, she looked up at her guardian and gave him her most comforting words yet. "He'll come back. He wouldn't say it if he didn't mean it."