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Also, I realize I've aged Jackson a bit too fast...if he was born in 2010, after Riley left, he'd be three, not four. But, like many writers, I'm using crative aging! Hope you don't mind :)

I had to write a story about Jackson's birthday! I am so thrilled everyone has enjoyed and loved Jackson so much, so I thought I'd write a story about the first birthday he spends with Greg. And, of course, I think Greg would make an awesome father! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this story, and please review!

Greg Sanders never thought he'd be wondering about which children's TV show character he'd decorate his apartment with or how many balloons would be enough. But his son Jackson was turning four, and Greg couldn't wait to celebrate his son's birthday. So he sat in his apartment, helping Jackson write out invitations for his birthday party.

"Daddy, can we inbite Charlie?" Jackson asked. He loved when D.B.'s son played basketball with him.

"Sure," Greg agreed. "And we can't forget Katie and her mommy." Jackson loved D.B.'s granddaughter Kaitlyn.

Even though Jackson could barely read, he looked over the list that he and Greg were putting together. "Unca Nick an' Aunt Sara need to come, too, daddy!"

Greg smiled at his son. "They won't miss it. They can't wait to help you turn four." Greg would always be grateful that Nick and Sara were there for him and for Jackson.

"An' we need to have lots of ice cream!" Jackson said.

Greg laughed softly. "We will." He looked over the list again. "Okay, Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Barbara have both said they'll help with the food. And Aunt Sara has said she'll deliver an invitation to your Uncle Gil...you remember talking to him the other day at the lab?"

"Yeah!" Jackson said. He and Greg had visited Sara at the lab when she was talking to Grissom via Skype. "Aunt Sara said he's a 'splorer."

Greg smiled. "Yeah, he likes to explore."

"An' Nana an' Papa are coming too, daddy! Don't forget!" Jackson said.

"Yeah, they are," Greg said. His parents had visited over Christmas and had promised to come back for Jackson's birthday.

Jackson took a crayon and scribbled on a sheet of paper. "An' we need to inbite Auntie Finn an' Unca Jim."

Greg smiled at the little boy who had become his whole world. "We will invite Auntie Finn and Uncle Jim...and your Aunt Catherine...do you remember talking to her on the phone?" Jackson nodded. "She can't wait to meet you." He watched Jackson color on his handmade invitations. He drew a football on Nick's invitation, a basketball for D.B.'s family, and a cat for Doc and Judy. "That's really good, Jacks."

"Thank you, daddy. Dats a kitty for Uncle Doc an' Aunt Judy, 'cause dey have Cinders." Jackson loved going to Doc and Judy Robbins' house and playing with their cat.

"Aw, that's sweet, Jacks."

The following afternoon, Jackson and Greg went to the lab to give everyone their invitations. Jackson smiled and ran to his Aunt Sara.

"Hey, sweetie!" Sara said as Jackson gave her a hug.

"Dis for you!" Jackson said as he handed her the invitation. "So you can come to my birthday party!"

"Oh, thank you!" Sara said, smiling as she looked at Jackson's drawing. "This is so pretty!"

Jackson smiled. "Thank you." He pointed to the ant he'd drawn. "Dat's for Unca Gil, 'cause daddy says dat he likes bugs."

Sara smiled. "He does, and I'm sure he'll love this. Thank you." She kissed Jackson's cheek.

Everyone loved their invitations. They adored Greg's little boy, and were thrilled to be invited to his birthday party.

"You ready for your birthday?" Henry asked when Jackson gave him his invitation.

"Yep! I gunna be four!" Jackson said with a big smile.

Greg smiled at his excited son. He wished he could have been there when Jackson was born and for his other birthdays, but he was so happy and thankful to have his son now. As he watched Jackson tell Henry and Mandy about his party, Greg couldn't keep the smile off his face. He was never more excited for a birthday party than he was for his son's.

"You're going to have chocolate cake, right?" Mandy asked.

"Yeah! Dat's de bestest!" Jackson said. Greg and the others laughed softly.

The following afternoon, Greg was on a case with the team while Jackson was at Mrs. Russell's. He was so excited about his birthday party, it was all he could talk about.

"Mrs. Barbara, do you like chocolate cake?" Jackson asked as he snacked on apples with peanut butter.

"Oh, I love chocolate cake," Barbara told the happy child. "Especially with ice cream."

"Mm-hmm," Jackson said as he munched on his snack. "An' you an' Unca D.B. are coming to my party, right?"

"Of course, sweetheart! And Charlie, Maya and Kaitlyn are coming too."

"Yay!" Jackson said. He loved playing with D.B. and Barbara's granddaughter.

After Greg picked Jackson up, the two returned home and Jackson showed his father the homemade Valentine card he made for him. "Dis for you!"

"Wow!" Greg said softly as he admired the card his son made for him. "This is beautiful, Jacks. Thank you." He kissed Jackson's forehead.

Jackson took another piece of paper he'd been drawing on at Barbara's. "An' dis for Morgan!" He showed Greg the Valentine card he made for Morgan. "Do you think she'll like it?"

"I think she'll love it," Greg told him. "You can show it to her when she comes over later, okay?"

Jackson nodded. "Daddy, is Morgan's mommy gunna like me?" He knew that Morgan mentioned she'd invited her mother and stepfather to Jackson's birthday.

Greg smiled at his concerned son. "They're going to love you! And you know what?" Jackson shook his head. "They love you because Morgan loves you."

Jackson smiled. "I love Morgan, too, daddy!"

"I love her, too," Greg said as he hugged his son. "And your Aunt Catherine and Uncle Gil are going to love you, too. You remember talking to your Aunt Catherine on the phone?"

"Uh-huh," Jackson said. "Is she nice?"

"She is," Greg told him. "She's very nice. And she can't wait to meet you."

At that moment, Greg's phone rang. He smiled when he saw Morgan's name on the caller ID. "Hey! We were just talking about you."

"Oh, really?" Morgan asked with a small laugh. "How's Jackson?"

"He's great," Greg said as he put the phone on speaker. "Jacks, how ya' doing?"

Giggling, Jackson said, "I fine, daddy!"

"Hey, sweetie!" Morgan said. "You excited for your birthday?"

"Yeah! I gave Mrs. Barbara an' Charlie their inbitations, an' they liked 'em!"

"That's wonderful," Morgan said. "You know what?"

"What?" Jackson asked.

"I just talked to my mom, and she cannot wait to meet you."


"Yeah! She's getting into town tomorrow, and I'm going to bring her and my stepdad over to see you. Will that be okay?"

"Okay!" Jackson thought for a moment. "Morgan, are dey gunna like me?"

Greg smiled and hugged his son as Morgan answered, "Of course they will! I've already told them all about how much I love you and your daddy. They are so excited to meet you both."

Jackson smiled. Looking at Greg, he said, "Dey like us, daddy!"

"Yeah," Greg said with a warm smile. He was nervous about meeting Morgan's mother and stepfather, but Morgan assured him that they were going to love them both.

"Yeah," Morgan said. "They love you already. I'm going to bring them to your party to meet you and your daddy, okay?"

"Okay!" Jackson said.

"We'll see you then," Greg said. "And I'll see you back at the lab."

"Okay. I love you both!"

"Love you!" Greg and Jackson said simultaneously. Jackson couldn't wait to meet everyone coming to his birthday party, and Greg was hoping Morgan's family would like him and Jackson as much as they loved her.