My birth was an eventful day, I admit. But who said I was to be born into this world? What is I wasn't?

I was named after two people, my mother, Queen Guinevere of Camelot. But they couldn't have a Queen Guinevere and a Princess Guinevere. So they named me after my great, great grandmother, Arabelle.

When I was born, I was born without a father. It was hard for my mother to keep up with me. It's fortunate for me and my mother that Merlin is still around. As soon as I could talk, I and he were as thick as thieves. Merlin was the court physician so he had plenty of work to do, but he always saved time for us to go out and play.

He says I look like my dad. A blue eyed, blonde haired man. I didn't quite know what he was saying. I have dark hair and green eyes. When I would question him about it he always replied, "No, I mean your courage, your pride, and your caring for your people. It's like watching your father rule again." Then he would pat me on the head and go back to his work.

One day, I was taking a stroll in the citadel. I had my red cloak pulled up so it was covering my face. Suddenly, large hands grasped my wrists and I was pulled into an ally.

I gasped but the figure that was holding my hands covered my mouth so I couldn't scream. When I showed him I wouldn't scream, he, reluctantly dropped his hand from my mouth.

"Who are you and what is your purpose here?" I asked trying to see who it was under the brown cloak. I could tell by the build that it was a man. What was also brought to my attention was the chainmail under the brown cloak.

"I don't think my name is important," he said in a voice that was so smooth I could cut through it with a butter knife. He dropped his hood to reveal his features. He wasn't someone I recognized. His features were chiseled and handsome, and his curly brown hair fell around his stunning blue-green eyes.

"I'm here to warn you, Princess Guinevere Arabelle of Camelot, that an army is coming. You must not let them in or all hell will break loose." He bent down to my ear and whispered, "She's back," and with that he hald my hand in his and recited an enchantment.

"Use it wisely," he said and then he was gone. In my hand was nothing more than a bottle that contained the essence of the deadliest, most painful poison known to man. Henbane.