The light pouring in from the open curtain was enough to bring Santana out of her inebriated sleep.

Groaning from underneath her blanket, she blindly tossed a pillow at the window.

She was confused when she heard muffled giggles. Slowly pulling the blanket down, she peeked around the room.

The only thing she saw, however, was a giant blonde colored blob. Rubbing her sleep fogged eyes, Santana reached towards her dresser where her glasses were.

Once they were firmly set on her face, her somewhat cleared eyes set their gaze on Brittany. Brittany who was sitting on her dresser across the room and watching her with amusement dancing in her bright blue eyes.

"What. The. Fuck?" Santana croaked.

Brittany tossed her head back in a loud, carefree laugh before she hopped off the dresser and made her way over to Santana.

"San, you need to get up now." Brittany spoke softly before ripping the blankets off the shorter Latina.

"Nooo, B I'm cold!" Santana whined, grabbing one of her many pillows and covering her body with it.

"San you have one of two options. You get up now or you stay asleep and I go get Quinn to wake you up. And Quinn won't wake you up as nicely." Brittany bargained.

"Whatever. Gimme ten minutes." Santana groaned, before heaving herself off her bed and shuffling towards her bathroom.

"Fuck!" Santana shouted, when she bumped into the corner of her dresser.

Brittany bit her lip to keep from laughing. Sleepy Santana was always one of her favorites.

After she heard the shower running, she made her way downstairs to the kitchen where Quinn was making breakfast.

"Hey B. Did she get up?" Quinn asked, while flipping a pancake in a pan.

"Yeah, she whined but she eventually got up." Brittany mused.

Quinn let out a light laugh before nodding.

"Q it smells like a bar in her room." Brittany said.

"Yeah B, that's why we're here. To make sure she gets her shit back together. It's only been a few weeks since they broke up, I think she's allowed to fall apart. But us being the awesome blondes we are, are gunna put her back together!" Quinn spoke reassuringly, tapping Brittany's nose with a wink.

Brittany giggled and scrunched her face at the action. Quinn laughed at her.

"The hell you guys laughing at?" Santana's disembodied voice spoke, before turning the corner to the kitchen and joining them.

"Well how nice of you to join us your majesty." Quinn snarked, rolling her eyes at the small girl.

"Quinn's making pancakes!" Brittany enthused, eyes bright.

Santana peaked over Quinn's shoulder into the pan and smirked.

"That sure is a lot of bacon for three people Q. Especially since Brittz doesn't eat bacon." Santana drawled teasingly.

Quinn's cheeks turned a light pink before she shoved Santana away mumbling a 'Shut up'.

Santana laughed and made her way to the fridge.

"Juice or chocolate milk, B?" Santana's questioned.

"Juice!" Brittany declared.

"Kay. What about you Q?" Santana asked.

"Uh, chocolate milk." Quinn said, finishing the final pancake and adding it to the stack.

"Really? Never would have pegged you for a milk in the morning person." Santana spoke, slightly awed.

"S it's just milk. Relax." Quinn laughed, bringing plates,forks and the pancakes and bacon to the table. Brittany following her eagerly.

Placing the filled cups on the table, Santana went back to the kitchen to grab two bottles of syrup since Brittany would probably use one all by herself, and went to sit at the table.

Brittany set a plate in front of each of them, before adding the pancakes.

"2 for Quinnie!" Brittany said with a wink, enjoying the light pink Quinn's cheeks turned.

"Two for Sanny!" Brittany said, sticking her tongue out at the Latina, smiling at her giggle, before putting the remaining pancakes on her plate.

"And four for Brittany!" Brittany cheered, grabbing a bottle of syrup and drowning her pancakes.

Quinn and Santana laughed at their best friends antics.

The three ate in a comfortable silence until they were finished.

A muffled buzzing broke the silence in the room.

Quinn and Brittany searched the room with their eyes as they tried to find the source of the noise. While Santana rested her head on the table, unfazed by the sound.

"Santana what is that?" Quinn asked, wide hazel eyes bouncing around the room.

Santana lifted her head, pushed her glasses up from sliding down her nose and tilted her head to the side.

"Freezer." Was all she said before resting her head on the table again, her hangover obviously affecting her now.

Brittany and Quinn exchanged confused frowns before they both got up and made their way to the kitchen. The buzzing getting increasingly louder.

"What if there's a bomb in there Quinn? What if when we open it, it blows up?" Brittany said slightly panicked.

Quinn just stared at her before she gripped the handle of the freezer door and pulled it open. Ignoring Brittany's squeak of surprise, Quinn sifted around until she found the source of the buzzing.

A white iPhone with a black and silver cheetah print case.

"What the fuck?"

Once again Quinn stared at Brittany. Slightly shocked at the expletive leaving the blondes mouth.

"Why is her phone in the freezer?" The pink haired girl asked aloud rhetorically.

"Obviously to escape the maddening buzz! I would have too, look at all these missed alerts Q! 192 text messages and 67 missed calls." Brittany exclaimed, staring down slightly horrified at the notification center on the lock screen.

"What? Get out of here... Holy shit B you're right. Half of that was probably us but the other half wasn't. Lemme see!" Quinn mused, taking the phone and sliding her finger across the screen.

"Damn. What's her password?" Quinn groaned.

"Uhm try her birthday." Brittany suggested.

Wrong pass code. Try again.

"Shit try my birthday." Brittany said.

"Why would it be your birthday?" Quinn asked slightly affronted.

"Cause I'm her bestie." Brittany shrugged like it was obvious.

"Well so am I! Maybe it's my birthday." Quinn said now slightly peeved.

"Quinn. Put the password in, stop being ridiculous."

"Fine... See ha! It wasn't your birthday." Quinn exclaimed waving the phone in Brittany's unamused face.

Snatching it away, Brittany typed in a four digit code before showing a now unlocked screen to Quinn.

"What was it then?" Quinn inquired.

"Her and Rachel's date." Brittany whispered quietly.

Quinn's mouth formed an "O" before she nodded her understanding.

"Look Quinn." Brittany said, eyes wide as she turned the phones screen into Quinn's view.

From: Love Bug :)

Santana can we talk.

Please? You don't even have to speak to me, just listen...

San? :/

Santana I understand you're upset with me right now but please understand my decision. I didn't mean for you to get hurt.

Santana, honestly I said I was sorry. What more do you want? Why won't you respond? Are you going to ignore me now? That's very mature of you -.-

That last message was inappropriate and uncalled for, I apologize.

Quinn scoffed loudly at the last message.

Both blondes continued to skim through about 50 text messages from Rachel that had started coming in at least a week after their break up.

"This is ridiculous. She ended things, why does she feel the need to keep texting Santana." Quinn spoke quiet but angrily. Keeping in mind that Santana was still sitting at the table probably asleep.

"Because she obviously still loves her Quinn. She's just an idiot." Brittany said just as quietly.

"Whatever Britt. I still don't like her. Scroll through the next messages." Quinn said heatedly.

With a resigned sigh, Brittany opened the next set of messages.

From: Porcelain

I can't imagine what you're going through. Rachel's an idiot. But was the slushy war declared on the rest of the gleeks necessary? Seriously Santana, I was slushed 3 times today. It's starting to stain my good clothes.

From: Dancing Asian

What's with the slushy war?

From: Wheezy

Santana what's with all the hate? Why are we being slushied?

From: Sugar Tits

I don't know why I'm the only gleek not being slushied but thank you!

Quinn quirked an eyebrow at the last one. Smirking as a blush creeped up Brittany's cheeks.

"Shut up." Brittany muttered.

"I didn't even say anything!" Quinn laughed.

"Your stupid eyebrow said it for you." Brittany drawled.

"Hey my eyebrow isn't stupid!" Quinn huffed, reaching her hand up to run over said eyebrow.

Brittany just rolled her eyes.

"The rest are like from us or the rest of the glee kids."

"Let's just put her phone on silent. Anyways plans for today. We need to clean her room. Then we're going to take her shopping and after we're going to come back here and spend the night until we go to school tomorrow. Got it?" Quinn rattled off, ticking her fingers with each statement of activities.

"Yes sir!" Brittany mock saluted, causing them both to break into a laugh.

"Alright, come on set the phone down. Lets go wake the princess." Quinn smirked before leaving the kitchen, a smiling Brittany on her heels.