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"I feel like I should just come right out with it. Get all the awkwardness out at the beginning, otherwise I'll be on edge all night." Quinn murmured as she and Tina laid on her bed.

The couple had gone straight to the Fabray mansion after glee. After eating a snack and a quick round of sex, they had decided to lounge on the bed in post coital bliss.

Tina hummed, eyes closed as her forehead rested against Quinn's collarbone.

Quinn briefly paused the hand running through Tina's hair, looking down at the girl before picking back up with a smile.

"I mean it would only make sense. Rachel is dramatic as it is and Santana would just feed off that energy. Sugar would probably ask a bunch of questions. I've noticed she's very quizzical, like curious and stuff." Quinn continued on, just speaking whatever came to her mind.

Tina smiled to herself. She always loved listening to Quinn without a filter. It was amusing and endearing all at once.

"Did I ever tell you that I think she's Brittany and Santana's love child? Which is kinda weird because her and Brittany are totally screwing each other on a daily basis." The pink haired girl rambled on.

Tina laughed quietly but didn't respond much more content in listening.

"I bet our love child would be Mike. He's super smart like me and Asian like you." Quinn teased, running her hand down Tina's naked back.

Snorting, Tina sat up and shot Quinn a mock affronted look. "I'm not only Asian. I have other qualities." She quipped, getting up and pulling a shirt from one of Quinn's drawers.

Quinn watched her with grin. "Oh I know. You're really good in bed too. Super flexible." She winked overdramatically as she followed after Tina and put on some clothes.

Tina scoffed and pushed the former blonde away.

Quinn laughed and wrapped her arms around Tina tightly. She kissed the girls forehead. "I love you very, very much." She said quietly, matter-of-factly.

Tina smiled, a small genuine smile. "I love you very much as well."

The two were broken out of their moment by a commotion coming from the first floor.

Quinn rolled her eyes. "Ugh, I shouldn't have given Brittany that key. It's supposed to be for emergencies."

Tina laughed and patted her arm in sympathy. "Come on, let's go get this over with."

The two travel down the stairs and are greeted with the sight of Brittany and Sugar giggling and helping eachother take off their jackets with way more groping than necessary.

"B, that key is for emergencies." Quinn groaned, though she couldn't contain her smile at seeing her best friend.

"This was an emergency! You weren't answering you phone. We came in to check on you." Brittany defended, standing in the foyer in a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie.

"You don't seem overly concerned about my well being." Quinn deadpanned.

Brittany scoffed and wrapped her into a headlock. "Oh please. If anything I was beinng a good bro by not interupting your sexy time." She murmured in Quinn's ear so Tina and Sugar wouldn't hear them, even if they were locked into their own conversation.

"Shut up! We've been done for like half an hour now." Quinn sneered, struggling in Brittany's deceptively strong grip.

Brittany hummed, dodging an elbow aimed at her ribs. "Well then you're not doing it right!"

Quinn scoffed. "Yeah right. I'm awesome, Tina's awesome, we have awesome sex."

"If you say so." Brittany sing songed, releasing the girl and darting into the living room.

Quinn ran after her, pouncing on her back and toppling them into the couch. Tina and Sugar watched them with fond smiles.

"I talked to Rachel before we got here and she said she'd be here in like an hour." Sugar informed, sitting on the love seat and ducking to avoid a flailing leg as Brittany and Quinn battled each other.

"I talked, to Santana." Brittany breathed heavily, pinning one of Quinn's hands as she striked her in the ribs. "She- she said, she was, was on her way." She grunted as Quinn flipped them over to the floor.

Tina nodded before leaning over a trying to catch Quinn's eye.

The pink haired girl was red in the face as she straddled Brittany's back and leaned forward to loop her arm under the blonde's neck. She flexed her bicep and grinned in triumph when Brittany squawked and flailed about. "Oh ho, say it B!" She taunted.

"Never!" Brittany gasped, face turning an impressive shade of red.

Sugar eyed her worriedly but didn't move.

Quinn flexed again. "Say it! Say it, Pierce or you'll pass out!"

Brittany whined, clawing at her arm. "No!" She gasped, face turning purple now.

Sugar sat forward in her seat. "Quinn, she's turning purple!"

Quinn gritted her teeth and flexed again causing Brittany to gag slightly.

"Okay!" Brittany gasped, "I'll say it!"

Quinn smiled widely, relaxing her arm slightly.

"You, Quinn Fabray, are awesome and have totally handed me my ass." Brittany said angrily.

The pink haired girl released her, moving to her feet and raising her arms in victory. "Yes! I win!"

Brittany coughed violently as she regained her breath. "You bastard." She wheezed, and Sugar was at her side immediately, helping her onto the love seat.

"I'm dizzy." She groaned, pressing a hand to her face.

Sugar whipped her head around and glared at Quinn. "Was that really necessary?"

"Uhm, yeah." Quinn said, flopping back down on the couch, suddenly exhausted.

Tina sat next to her, nudging her side and glacing meaningfully at Brittany, who was milking her injuries, and Sugar, who was fussing over Brittany.

Quinn sighed but nodded, she gripped Tina's hand before clearing her throat and drawing Sugar and Brittany's attention.

"I have to tell you guys something."

"Oh my god, you're pregnant!" Sugar gasped, a hand flying to her mouth.

Quinn scowled. "What? No!"

Brittany through her arm over Sugar's shoulder. "Let her finish, babe." She said quietly, voice hoarse.

"I don't like Rachel." Quinn admitted, causing Brittany to snort and Sugar to deadpan, "No shit."

"But not for the reasons you think!" Quinn continued. "I've met Rachel before we even started at McKinley."

"I thought you guys all met in like kindergarden?" Sugar asked confused.

"No that was me and Santana. We've known each other since kindergarden, we didn't meet Quinn til much later." Brittany informed her.

"So you've known Rachel since kindergarden?" Sugar frowned.

Quinn sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "No. I met Rachel in grade school and she got all the other kids to bully me. After she got them started it never stopped. I lost a bunch of weight and I got a nose job and I died my hair and I changed my name."

Silence hung in the air as they both digested that information.

"You're Lucy." Brittany said quietly, eyes flashing in realisation.

"How'd you know my real name?" Quinn asked, head tilted.

Brittany pursed her lips. "I can't, I can't say."

Quinn narrowed her eyes. "She told you? So she knows its me?" She asked incredulousy, chest flushing. Tina squeezed her hand to keep her grounded.

"No. She-Q I can't say. Bubble of truth." Brittany stuttered out.

Quinn sighed. "Fine."

The group lapsed into silence.

"Does that mean we can call you Lucy now?"

"No Sugar." Quinn sighed exasperatedly, unable to stop her mouth from twitching into a smile.

"Is that really true? Everything you just said?"

All eyes snapped towards Santana, who was partially covered by the door way to the living room. Her eyes were wet and her forehead creased into a tight frown.

Quinn nodded slowly, eyes solemn.

"You heard all of that?" She asked quietly.

Santana nodded, face blank. "Were you just going to never tell me?"

"I don't know." Quinn answered honestly.

Santana nodded again and moved into the living room, plopping into the seat next to Quinn.

"I didn't know." She said quietly, grabbing Quinn's other hand and giving it a squeeze.

"I know." Quinn replied, squeezing Santana's hand back.

Tina pressed a kiss to Quinn's temple. "I'm so proud of you."

Quinn smiled weakly.

"Are you going to tell Rachel?" Brittany asked softly.

Quinn didn't speak for awhile. "I think so."

"Is that why you were so against me taking her back?" Santana asked.

The former blonde sighed and nodded. "But she also did break your heart!" She defended quickly.

Santana's reply was cut off by the doorbell.

"I'll get it." Tina offered with a smile.

Santana let out a nervous breath and Quinn squeezed her hand while Brittany shot her a smile.

Rachel enters the room, her hands twined in front of her. Santana recognizes the nervous look on her face straight away and she feels her heart clench at Rachel ever feeling uncomfortable.

Sugar and Brittany greet her first, followed by Quinn and finally Santana. She takes a seat next to Brittany when Sugar moves into the blondes lap.

"This is awkward..." Sugar says, breaking the thick silence of the room and Brittany's shoulders shake with silent chuckles.

Tina laughs. "I agree. How about we order a pizza and then you guys can pick out a movie or something?" She suggests.

"Hey Q, is the xbox down here?" Brittany asks, leaning around Sugar to look at her best friend.

"Uh no. It's in my room." Quinn says confused, because Brittany knows she's not allowed to bring her 'mess' as her mother calls it anywhere outside of her room.

"You and Rachel should go get it while we pick out some games and stuff." Brittany says, cocking her head and glancing subtley at Rachel.

At the sound of her name, Rachel perks up but casts a worried glance at Santana at the informal of helping Quinn alone.

Santana glares at Brittany. "I can help Quinn get the xbox, B."

Brittany shakes her head, giving her a glare back. "No you need to help me pick out a game. You know I get confused with the titles."

Quinn watches them glare at each other silently before getting up from the couch. "Come on, Rachel. It won't take long."

Rachel nods stiffly, casting Santana another nervous glance before following after Quinn.

Santana watches them and looks like she's about to get up to follow them when Brittany lands on top of her. She lets out a squeak of surprise. "What the hell are you doing?"

Brittany plants herself firmly on Santana's thighs, wrapping her feet around Santana's ankles. "I'm immobilzing you." She says like its obvious.

Santana pushes at her back but she doesn't budge. "Brittany! What the hell!" She snaps, she doesn't even bother struggling out of the grip because she knows Brittany is stronger than her.

"You have to let them talk this out Santana. They need to get over it so they can be friends and then we can all hang out together!" Brittany explains.

Sugar shakes her head at them. "You guys seriously have no sense of personal space with each other."

Santana laughs quietly. "Sounds like someone is in the dog house." She whispers quietly to Brittany.

The blonde scowls. "Shut up."

"You have a very lovely room, Quinn." Rachel says honestly as she surveys the various pictures hanging around the walls.

"Thanks." Quinn says. She walks over to her TV and unplugs the cables connecting her xbox.

Rachel watches her. "So what exactly should I do?"

Quinn stands up, surveying Rachel quietly for a second. She walks over to her shelf and pulls out a hidden year book. "Turn to the F's." She says, tossing the book on the bed before busying her hands with the cables again.

Rachel frowns, feeling a sinking in her stomach as she sees the familiar logo of the book. "I used to go here." She laughs nervously.

"I know. So did I."

The brunette swallows thickly and with trembling fingers opens the book and goes to the F's. She skims through them, her eyes immediately locating a source of so much guilt. She traces her fingers over Lucy Fabray's picture. Her finger dances over the name. Then realization hits her.

"Quinn..." She says weakly, and her lower lip trembes. "I don't-"

Quinn tenses but is not surprised. She should have known Rachel would put together the pieces quick enough. "That was me, years ago. After that the bullying got worse and I wound up switching schools and changing myself." She explains. "You want to date my best friend Rachel, but I hate you for what you did to me." Quinn says angrily, though her voice doesn't carry more than a whisper as tears slip steadily down her cheeks. "And yes, I understand that that probably wasn't your intention but it doesn't change the fact that I was bullied almost my entire youth."

Rachel takes in a few shuddery breaths, trying to keep her sobs under control. She presses her fist to her mouth to stifle herself. "I-I am so, so sor-ry!" She cries.

Quinn watches her, expecting to feel some type of joy at Rachel in tears but all she feels is sick to her stomach. She bites her lips and moves towards Rachel slowly. She places a hesitant hand on Rachel's shoulder as the brunette cries. "Rachel," She whispers. "It's okay. I forgive you." She says quietly, before deciding to be bold and wrap her arm around Rachel in a hug.

Rachel turns into her and cries. She cries for the guilt she feels, the relief she feels. "Q-Quinn, how could you-"

Quinn laughs quietly. "Because Tina makes me a better person."

Rachel returns the laugh tremulously. She calms herself after a few minutes. Quinn hands her a tissue with a close mouthed smile. She takes it with a roll of her eyes and cleans herself up.

The two sit in silence for awhile. "Are we friends now?" Rachel asks hesitantly.

Quinn lets a radiant laugh, suddenly feeling lighter than she has ever felt in a long time. "Yeah, I think we're friends."

"Somebody should go check on them. They've been gone a long time." Santana says worriedly from under Brittany.

The blonde rolls her eyes. "They're fine, San. Just relax."

Santana huffs and crosses her arms across her chest as best she can in her limited amount of space.

"Maybe someone should go and check on them." Sugar says honestly, "It has been awhile."

"Fine. I'll go check on them." Brittany says, getting off Santana and moving towards the stairs.

"Well I know who wears the pants in your relationship." Santana smirks.

"I'm wearing pants right now." Birttany responds, looking down at her sweats and casting Santana a confused glance.

Santana is just about to respond when Quinn descends the stairs carrying the xbox console and cords while Rachel trails behind her with an armful of controllers and headsets.

"No need for reenforcements. We're right here." Quinn smirks, placing her items on the coffee table.

Santana and Brittany look at Rachel for reassurement.

"We're fine." She tells them honestly and Brittany nods and takes the controllers and headsets from her and moves towards Quinn.

Rachel takes the seat next to Santana and offers her a smile.

Santana tosses her arm around Rachel's shoulders and drags her closer after a breif moment of hesitation. "You sure everything is all right? You don't want to talk about it?"

Rachel shakes her head, alonging herself to melt into Santana. "No I'm fine. Thank you for asking though."

Santana nods and presses a kiss to her temple.

The two sit in a comfortable silence before Rachel turns and looks up at her. Santana quirks an eyebrow in question.

"We need to talk about this Santana." Rachel says seriously, keeping her voice low so their friends don't over hear them.

"What are you talking about?" Santana asks, face scrunched in confusion.

"Us." Rachel answers, looking right into Santana's startled eyes. "Because I can't just be your friend. I love you too much." She finishes, sucking her bottom lip in between her teeth.

Santana watches her silently, staring Rachel down. Rachel doesn't break eye contact, hoping Santana finds whatever she's searching for. The silence between them is unnerving but Rachel powers through.

"You broke my heart. And I mean fucking shattered it." Santana says monotonously.

Rachel nods. "I know."

"And I don't trust you yet." Santana adds.

"I'll do anything to win it back." Rachel says simply.

Santana watches her intently. "I still love you."

Rachel smiles slowly. "I love you too San."

"But I want to do this right, I want things to go slow until you're used to people knowing about us. You have to tell me what you're thinking and feeling." Santana continues, ignoring Rachel's statement.

Rachel allows a grin to slowly creep up her face. "Does that mean your my girlfriend?"

Santana snorts and brings a hand up to her face. "That means you get to take me on a date and woo me." Santana says with a smirk.

Rachel nods vigoriously, grin full spread now.

"I'm going to hug you now." Rachel says in warning, shifting so she's sitting up and not slouched into the Latina.

Santana responds by rolling her eyes and lifting her arms with a smile.

Rachel grins brightly and wraps her arms around Santana's mid-section tightly, sighing in content when Santana's strong arms wrap around her shoulders. "No games Rachel. I can't take anymore, if you're not serious, just let me go." Santana whispers against her hair.

The closeness between them allowing Rachel to hear her loud and clear.

"No games, San. I promise." Rachel says against her shoulder, gripping her tighter.

Santana squeezes her eyes shut tightly and nods, hoping she's not making a mistake.

"I think they're going to be okay." Brittany tells Quinn quietly. She fiddles with the cables in her hand as she watches Rachel and Santana.

"I think so too." Quinn says with a small smile. The smile grows into a grin when Sugar and Tina pass through the living room with their food.

"C'mon guys. Get it while it's hot." Tina calls over her shoulder, tossing a wink at Quinn.

"I think we're all going to be okay." Quinn says.

The two best friends trade secrets smiles, both lucky for what they have found and happy that everyone is at peace for once.

"I agree." Santana adds, having heard the last bit.

"Aw guys, I'm proud of us!" Brittany squeals, wrapping her arms around both of them and drawing them in for a tight hug.

The three of them laugh before pulling apart.

"C'mon our ladies are waiting for us."

Author's Note: Omg, I know I suck. I waited waaaay to long to finish this. I even had to go back and read it before I wrote again but this was the final chapter. I know there was some loose ends to tie up but at this point they just might stay loose lol Thanks to everyone who followed, favorited and reviewed, I appreciate the love! And thanks for those that stuck with this all the way. It was my first multi-chapter fic and I had no idea where it was going and I know it was far from perfect but it is what it is lol I do have something else I'm working on and I promise there is actually plot. But anyway, thanks guys!