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"SHANE UP! LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!" Helga Gray yelled up the stairs in an attempt to wake up her eldest son and only child of fifteen, Shane. Something in the bed stirred then a hand shot out from under the covers, hitting play on the laptop on the bedside table.

A song started playing, vocals done by none other than Shane Gray himself. Accompanying him were guitar chords done by Jason White and keyboard by Nathan a.k.a Nate Black. Together they were know as Connect Three.

The bed stirred once more and a body rolled out from under the covers. It was Shane, still clad in his pajamas and wavy hair. He walked into his closet and came out a few minutes later with blue skinny jeans, grey and black stripped t-shirt and black and white hi-top sneakers, plus his ebony hair still in waves.

Shane then proceeded to go into the bathroom, turning on his mother's hair straightner and flat-ironing his onyx hair.

"And I've been to the year 3000, not much has changed but they live underwater, and your great great grand daughter is doin fine. " Shane sang along to the last song on Connect Three's "album" as he straightened his hair after brushing his teeth and putting on his contact lenses. He continued to straighten his hair while doing his own little dance in front of the mirror, humming the rest of the song.

"OW!" He exclaimed, putting his burning finger into his mouth as the song came to an end. Meanwhile, Helga was prepairing her son's breakfast when she heard him yelp.

She immediately rushed to the bathroom to see what had happened to her "miracle baby".

When she walked into the bathroom Shane was standing there with her straightner in one hand and his finger in his mouth.

"What happened sweetie?" She asked in her sweet motherly tone. Shane took his finger out of his mouth to show his mother. The tip was bright red indicating that it was indeed burned.

"Want mommy to kiss it better?" Helga asked, just to see his reaction. At this question Shane had a look of total disgust and horror on his face. Instead of saying anything else, Helga took her straightner from her son, turning it off, and proceeded to turn on the cold water and running it over Shane's finger. Soon it was back to normal and he and Helga were seated at the kitchen table.

Shane was trying to eat his breakfast and trying to watch Hot Tunes. Todays story was no different from the rest, just another popstar with an attitude and an ego the size of the Europe. (A/N:I mean to offend no one, it was the only continent that came to mind at the moment)

"It seems like the summer might change drastically for those of you with tickets to a Mitchie Torres concert. Thanks to her newfound attitude and pouring hot coffee on her manager, her summer tour has been canceled." The reporter said. Shane rolled his eyes, sure Mitchie was pretty and all but he never listened to her music, he didn't even know what her voice sounded like! Plus, he was more into the down-to-earth types of girls.
Helga sat down next to her son and dropped a colorful pamphlet on the table.

"Look what I found in the freezer, a Camp Rock brochure, wonder how that got there." She said.

"I know right! I do too!" Shane said, faking surprise. Helga knew he was faking, that was the 16th time this week she found those brochures everywere, LITERALLY, and it was only Tuesday.

"Sweetie, I know you've been dreaming about going since you heard about it, but we can't send you especially since I just opened my catering business and with your father expanding the line of hardware stores, we just don't have that kind of money right now." She calmly explained to her easily angered son.

"That's cool, I understand. Well, gotta go, don't wanna be late." Shane said through clenched teeth, a small frown on his face as he left, without even touching his breakfast.

Shane walked into school and everyone didn't even seem to notice him. He was invisible, literally. Well, that's just the treatment you get when you're an underdog. As Shane was closing his locker his two best friends, his only friends, Nate and Jason, desided to appear.

"Dude, spill, how'd it go?" Both guys asked in unison.

"Does the look on my face explain anything?"he simply asked the guys.

"I'm guessing you're not goin' to Camp Rock then." Nate stated.

"Yeah..." Shane responded.

"Well, hope you enjoy spending the summer in small town New Jersey all by yourself. "Jason spat out randomly. At this comment Shane's eyes widened. His best friends were leaving him alone for the entire summer!

"You guys are leaving?" He asked. Both Nate and Jason nodded their heads in a yes.

"Seriously, you're just gonna leave to go were, exactly?" He asked.

"I'm going to Europe." Was Nate's answer.

"South America." Was Jason's response. To say that Shane was disappointed was an understatement. He spent the rest of the day enjoying the little time he had with his friends instead. Maybe, just maybe, some luck would come his way.

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