Author: khay
Category: Victorious
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Victorious and all related characters do not belong to me.
Summary: Something old; Something new; Something borrowed; Something blue; And a silver sixpence in her shoe.
Continuity: Set in the Three Signs that He's Going to Propose and One Sing that He's Not Universe.
Author's Notes: Written for Bade Prompt's Save the Date: The Silver Sixpence Challenge.


Slice of Life


Of Heroes and Princesses
(Something Old)

The man only known as Gambit stealthily moved from behind one tree to another. The Brotherhood was in his sight and the last thing he wanted was to be spotted.

He had to be ready, though, he may be attacked at any moment.

When he got close enough to the clearing, Gambit bent his knees, poised to attack at any moment. He gripped his trusty bo staff tighter, its weight a reassuring presence. There might be four of them and only one of him, but he had the element of surprise on his side.

Operative word: had.

One of the Brotherhood, a mutant covered and fur and had a mouthful of very sharp teeth, lifted its huge head and let out an inhumane sound of alarm.

His companions lifted their heads, forewarned that something was amiss.

Gambit's eyes widened. So there were four of them and one of him and he didn't have the element of surprise anymore, but he was still Gambit, master thief and best hand-to-hand fighter the X-Men had ever produced. He could still take them.

Unfortunately for Gambit, he failed to take into consideration the speed the furry Brotherhood mutant fur possessed.

Quick as lightning, the being bounded to Gambit's location. Before he knew what hit him, the thing had Gambit pinned on the ground in three seconds flat.

This was not good for Gambit.

Soon, not only was Gambit pinned to the ground, he was also surrounded by the enemy.

The furry mutant sniffed once. Twice. Then attacked Gambit with its hot, thick tongue.

"Ew!" Gambit cried out as he struggled in vain to dislodge the thing on his chest. "It's eating me alive!"

"No, it's not." Gambit heard a voice, too light and too sweet to be one of the Brotherhood mutants. He looked up and saw a tiny little girl with an explosion of dark curls framing her smiling, dimpled face. Maxie's just trying to make friends."

"Yeah, by slobbering all over you." Another voice joined in the conversation, deeper but no less sweet. It was the second mutant, another girl who reminded Gambit of bedtime stories with his mother, something about a poisoned apple and a gross kiss that woke her up from her sleep.

"Maxie, heel!" The last of the brotherhood, a male mutant with coffee-colored skin muttered. "Get off the boy!"

"I'm not just a boy," he grumbled. "I'm Gambit!"

"What were you doing, spying on us?" The pretty girl with the blue eyes crouched, peering suspiciously at the fallen X-Man.

Startled, Gambit looked up and his breath caught in his throat. "Are you Snow White?" Gambit managed to ask.

"He likes you, Jade," the other girl giggled and placed her hand on the neck of the furry mutant, attempting to pull it off Gambit.

"Off, Maxie," the boy with the coffee-colored skin repeated, trying to help the giggler.

"Jade, help us!" The Giggler said.

Snow White rolled her eyes as she straightened up. "Fine. Maxie,up."

"I don't know why Maxie only listens to you. She's my dog," The Giggler chattered as Gambit felt the weight on his chest lift up. "Well, my brother's dog."

"Because she knows what's good for her." Snow White replied. She eyed Gambit suspiciously before probably deciding that he's not worth her time. "Let's go!"

Obediently, Maxie and the boy trotted after Snow White back to the clearing, leaving behind Gambit and the Giggler.

"Is your name really Gambit?" The Giggler asked.

"No." He replied. "It's a codename."

"Cool. I'm Caterina. I think my codename is Cat."

Noooo. Her codename's The Giggler.

"My name is Beck Oliver." He didn't want to answer, but manners drilled to him by his mother prevailed.

"Sorry, about Maxie, Beck Oliver. She tends to get a little overexcited." The Giggler told him. "That's Andre and Jade. Wanna play with us? You could take Robbie's place. It's his turn to play the prince but he got sick."

Gambit a.k.a. Beck Oliver was surprised when The Giggler grabbed his hand and started dragging him to the clearing.

"What are you playing?" Beck asked suspiciously.

"We're playing wedding." The Giggler giggled again.

"No way!" Beck protested. "That's for girls!"

"It's not so bad." The one The Giggler called Andre told him with a big grin. "All you have to do is stand there and smile. Then, we get to eat cake after."

"We better hurry up." Snow White suddenly said. "Maxie's getting impatient."

True enough, Maxie, tired of sitting still, barked and ran after a couple of squirrels who investigated the nearby table which had their cake and soda.

"No! Heel!" The Giggler called out but she was ignored by the furry mutant known as Maxie.

"Well, that's that!" Snow White said triumphantly as she began removing the veil on her head.

"No!" The Giggler cried out. "It's your turn to be the princess!"

"Yes!" Andre (who seemed cool enough not to warrant his own codename, much like Jean Grey) pumped his fist in the air. "I get to be the dragon!"

"A dragon?" Beck asked, curious in spite of himself. He wanted to be a dragon, too!

"Yep!" Andre replied. "The prince has to battle the dragon before he gets to marry the princess. Then we get to eat cake." He patted his tummy for emphasis.

"I'm not a princess!" Snow White protested. "And I wanna be the dragon."

"How come you always have to be the dragon?" Andre protested.

"You have to play nice, Jade." The Giggler admonished her.

"Then I want to be the vampire!"

"You can't!" The Giggler said in horror. "You said there were no vampires in the middle of the day."

"Well, I can't be the princess because my prince is out there chasing squirrels." Snow White declared, pointing to Maxie who was running and barking with joy.

"I'll be your prince!" Beck found himself hollering. If he can't be a dragon, he could be the next best thing.

"Yes!" The Giggler gasped in joy.

"You're outvoted, Jade!" Andre declared gleefully.

"Fine." Snow White pouted prettily. "But tomorrow, I get to be the dragon."

That was how six-year old Prince Gambit found himself marrying Snow White, the vampire princess dragon, one summer afternoon.


Once More, With Feelings
(Something New)

The seventeen-year old boy ran a nervous hand through his thick, dark hair, the object of envy/affection of many. His heart, however, firmly belonged to only one person.

Who was about to meet some of his family.

"Relax," he told his companion with confidence he didn't really feel. "You're amazing. I know she'll love you."

The girl at her side squared her shoulders and gave him a small, brave smile as she gazed upon the big, intimidating mansion in front of her.

"I know." She told him with equally false bravado.

A delighted grin graced the boy's face. His girl was amazing.

He grabbed her (much smaller) hand and gave it a squeeze. "Ready?"

When she nodded, the boy bravely pushed the doorbell.

"Baba!" The boy laughed in delight when the door opened to reveal his beloved grandfather.

His baba grinned down to a face so much like his own (only younger). "No hug for baba?"

Reluctantly, the boy released his hold on his girlfriend before throwing his arms around his granddad. He stepped back after and proudly indicated to the girl by his side. "This is her, baba."

The grandfather grinned. If the stories he had heard from his son and daughter-in-law were true, then this girl would lead his grandson around a merry chase.

He approved.

"Uh, good morning, Mr. Oliver." The girl said, making an effort to be polite.

"None of that Mr. Oliver nonsense. Call me baba." He said. "Come in, come in. Now give baba a hug!"

"Baba!" The boy groaned.

"Watch out for that lecherous old man." A voice joined in the conversation. "He refuses to believe that he is now a card-carrying member of the Senior Citizen Club. Still thinks he's in his prime."

It was the boy's grandmother, descending the steps like a regal queen. She may be advanced in years but (unlike most of her contemporaries) she had aged gracefully and could pass for someone years younger than she actually was.

The boy and the love of his life winced in tandem. It was not the grandfather that scared the two of them so, it was the grandmother.

"Nana," the boy started. "This is-"

"I know who she is," the grandmother interrupted. "Now, give me a kiss."

The boy did so, but his grandmother never took her eyes off the girl by his side.

"Her bark's worse than her bite," baba tried to reassure the girl.

The grandmother's sharp eyes turned to her husband. "I may be old, but my hearing's still sharp."

"We're not old, dear. We're like fine wine, we get better with age."

The girl's eyes widened as her boyfriend's baba grabbed his wife, dipped her and kissed her like in the movies.

"Stop it!" The teenaged boy groaned. "We have a visitor. This is not the time and place!"

Baba brought up his wife, but kept a possessive (loving) arm around her.

The boy was thankful for his baba's attempt to distract the regal woman, be he knew that his grandmother would not be deterred.

"I have heard a lot about you," the elder woman told the girl. "Not all of them good."

"Nana," the boy began ready to defend his love, but her hand on his arm stilled him.

The look the girl gave her boyfriend told him that she can handle it, and that she refused to be cowed by an old lady.

"You of all people should know that you can't believe everything you hear, Mrs. Oliver." The girl told the grandmother. Her voice belied her nervousness; she was proud that she didn't buckle, but she can't quite meet her elder's piercing gaze.

A moment of charged silence before the grandmother dipped her head in acknowledgement. "Very well. It's time for dinner." She turned to her grandson. "Lead your guest to the dining hall."

The boy gave his grandmother a thankful look as he grabbed his girl's hand and started to drag her to the dining area, before his grandmother could change her mind and start the inquisition.

The grandmother watched her grandson and the girl who had captured his heart walk away. She then turned to her husband who was watching her.

"What?" She demanded.

"Go easy on them, babe." He told her. "They're in love."

"At that age?" She scoffed.

Her husband laughed. "Don't they remind you of someone?"

"No." She denied. Her face softened, etched with worry. "They're too young."

"That's what they said about us, too." He reminded her. "And now look at us: together for fifty years, married for thirty-nine. Hey, we should totally do a big shindig when we hit our fortieth year to thumb our noses at those who said we wouldn't make it past our second anniversary."

"Most of those people are now dead."

"Yeah." He paused, disappointed that his excuse to party was shot down. But, "We should still do it, you know, to serve as inspiration to young people all over the world, showing them that true love triumphs in the end."

"Ugh, Beck, don't be a sap."

"Yeah, I love you, too, Jade." He laughed. "Now, let's go to the dining hall before our beloved grandson decides to make out with his girl."

"Now you're just trying to make me lose my appetite."

Beck Oliver laughed.

It had been quite a wild ride, all those years with Jade West, but he wouldn't exchange any of those precious seconds with the world.