Author: khay
Category: Victorious
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Victorious and all related characters do not belong to me.
Summary: Something old; Something new; Something borrowed; Something blue; And a silver sixpence in her shoe.
Continuity: Set in the Three Signs that He's Going to Propose and One Sing that He's Not Universe.
Author's Notes: Written for Bade Prompt's Save the Date: The Silver Sixpence Challenge.


Slice of Life


With a Little Help
(Something Borrowed)

"No, I think it would be better if-" Beck Oliver paused mid sentence when he felt the phone inside his jeans vibrate. "Excuse me, I need to take this call."

It was his first day back to work since Jade gave birth to their son, Lucas, four months ago.

During those four months, Beck refused to work, choosing instead to stay at home and enjoy his family.

However, after three and a half months of family bonding time, Jade had enough. She begged Beck to attend the pre-production meeting of his next movie so that she could get a break from him shadowing her every move and asking what she needed and if she felt alright.

Beck, smart man that he was, agreed. (Jade pushing him away hurt a bit, to be honest. He was enjoying his new role as a dad and as a full time family man. But Jade was Jade and she needed time alone, even if it meant time away from her doting husband.) He knew Jade had everything under control. However, he made Jade promise that if the slightest thing go wrong, she was to call him immediately.

Therefore, Beck had to take that call which might be from his wife.

Beck frowned when he went out of the room they were meeting in and saw that it was Sinjin Van Cleef who was calling him.

That was a first.

Not that Sinjin wasn't a constant fixture in his life, because he was. Sinjin was Jade's right hand. Beck didn't know how that happened, but somehow, Sinjin made himself so indispensable to Jade that she constantly needed his help.

Beck shrugged and took the call, better to ask Sinjin what he wanted rather than to keep guessing (because with Sinjin, one can never be too sure). "Hello?"

"First of all, don't panic, everything is under control." Came the man's high-pitched tone without so much as a hello.

"What's wrong? Is Jade okay? Luke?" If there was a statement guaranteed to make Beck panic, that was it.

"What part of don't panic and everything is under control did you not understand?" Sinjin demanded.

Yep. Sinjin was definitely spending too much time with Jade.

"Will you just spit it out?" Beck's hands were cold and clammy. He started walking to the parking lot without thought to the people he was leaving in the meeting. He was only half-listening to Sinjin, the rest of his attention devoted to figuring out the fastest route home.

"Well, according to Jade, Luke started crying about a fifteen minutes after you left and refused to stop since. She said she tried everything: feeding him, carrying him, changing his diaper, nothing worked."

"So she called you?" Why not me? Beck thought as he slid into his car and gunned the engine. He set the phone on handsfree mode and slid it into the car holder.

"Yeah, after an hour of non-stop crying." Sinjin said.

Beck's car peeled out of the parking lot as he stepped on the gas. He knew he was tempting fate, talking on the phone and going over the speed limit but his wife and kid needed him.

"So I called Trina." Sinjin continued.

"What? Trina?" Was Sinjin out of his mind?

Wait. This was Sinjin. Of course he was out of his mind.

"Yes, Trina." Sinjin said as if it was the most logical thing in the world to do. "I tried your mom and Jade's mom but they're both not answering their phones."

Beck remembered that Jade's mom, a lawyer, was in a high-profile hearing while his own mother probably forgot her phone inside her car again.

"So I called Trina because she's the only one we know who's got a kid of her own."

Alright, so maybe Sinjin wasn't as crazy as some people thought him to be.

"So how are they now?" Beck asked.

"Luke fell asleep, and we all thought, that's it, crisis averted. Then Jade started crying. She lost it, Beck, she really lost it."

"I'll take care of it, Sinj. I'm almost there. Thanks."

"Sure, Beck. Oh, I see your car now. You know, you shouldn't be on the phone while driving. That's dangerous."

"Uh, yeah, thanks."

Beck came tearing out of his car the moment it came to a complete stop. He gave Sinjin a nod of thanks and tossed the car keys to him so that he can park it properly.

Sinjin's blue eyes twinkled in excitement at the chance of driving Beck's precious vintage car.

"Jade?" Beck called out once he entered the house.

"Oh, thank God you're here!" Trina Morrison nee Vega met him at the receiving room. "Jade's fine. I mean, she's still crying, but Robbie's with her and he made her tea."

"What happened?" Beck asked. "Why was Luke crying?"

"Beck, sometimes babies gotta cry, you know." Trina said with a wave of her hand. "Don't worry, my husband checked out Luke and declared him to be fine. He's sleeping like a little angel now."

That was one thing off Beck's list of worries. He smiled at Trina. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it." She said as a car honked outside. "Oh, that's Drew. I gotta go. We have a lunch date with his surgeon friends. Bye!"

Beck escorted Trina out of the house and into her husband's luxury car. It was, after all, the least he could do.

(Trina met her husband at the lowest point of her life. After graduating from Hollywood Arts, she skipped college, fully convinced that she didn't need it and she was talented enough to make it big in show business. However, after one failed audition after another, she decided that it was her looks that was hindering her from the fame she so rightly deserved. So with her college tuition money, she went to the highest-paid and most popular doctor in Hollywood, Drew Morrison, Surgeon for the Stars. They fell in love and the rest, as they say, was history. He was the best thing that happened to her. Not only did he convince Trina that she was perfect the way she was, he helped Trina discover her calling in life-to be a doctor's wife.)

Beck then hurried into his house.

After having been reassured by Trina that his wife was alright, Beck decided to check on little Luke first.

At first, he thought that Trina left music on to lull Luke to sleep. When Beck peeked in, however, he was surprised by the sight that greeted him.


As one, the trio who were softly singing a lullaby version of Make It Shine turned around and stopped their singing.

"Beck!" Tori greeted him with a smile.

As soon as the singing stopped, Luke began wailing.

"Oh no!" Cat gasped.

"Start from the beginning, ladies," Andre told them.

On cue, both Cat and Tori began their singing, but Luke was still crying.

"Andre, I told you, it won't work unless a boy and a girl sing at the same time!" Cat hissed while Tori continued her serenade.

"Sorry, lil' Red." Andre said as he jumped in the song, just like old times.

True enough, Luke immediately quieted down.

"Luke likes his lullabies." Cat said simply. "We got it here. Now, go to Jade."

"Wow. Uh, thanks, guys." Beck said, overwhelmed.

Tori and Andre waved him away.

He left his son in his friends' capable hands and searched for his wife.

He found her in the kitchen, hunched over a cup of tea, with Robbie as sentry.

"Finally!" Robbie said in relief as he stood up. "Talk to your wife." He hissed at Beck as he made his way out of the kitchen. Much louder, he added, "I'm off to Luke's room to relieve Uncle Andre from singing duties."

After Robbie left, Beck approached Jade and removed the cup of tea from her hands. He knew the tea was more for Robbie than for Jade. Making tea, Robbie discovered, soothed him. So every time there's a problem, Robbie made tea.

"What happened?" Beck asked her gently.

And just like that, Jade started crying again. "I'm a horrible mother!"

Beck's eyes widened as Jade buried her face in his chest. "No, you're not." He told her firmly.

Jade's response was muffled by Beck's chest, but he got the gist of it. He resisted the urge to shake some sense into her. Instead, he took her by the shoulders and forced her to meet his eyes.

"You're a wonderful mom."

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are. And I have proof."

Jade sniffed and eyed him suspiciously. "What?"

"See that tea? I'd bet a million dollars that you never drank from it."

"Of course not. I'm breastfeeding."


Jade waited for him to explain. "That's it?" She demanded when he didn't elaborate. "I don't drink tea so therefore I'm a good mother?"

Beck chuckled. "No. It's the fact that you don't drink tea or anything with caffeine because you're breastfeeding that makes you a great mother. It shows that you're willing to sacrifice for Luke. So you may not know everything there is to know about child rearing, but you're willing to learn. That makes you better than a lot of other mothers out there."

Jade mulled that over in her mind. She nodded. She got it.

(She also finally got Robbie's speech about how if Luke was Harry Potter, he would also survive a killing curse because of Jade's love for him.)

"You're alright now?" Beck asked.

Jade nodded. "Thanks, babe."

Now that Jade was alright, it was time to go into the things that bothered Beck so. "Why didn't you call me when Luke wouldn't stop crying?"

"Because I don't want to disturb you from your meeting. They're giving you a chance to direct this really huge project, Beck, I don't wanna screw it up!"

"You do know that you and Luke are most important to me, right?"

"I know." Jade covered her face with her hands. "I wasn't thinking clearly. The lack of sleep and the exhaustion-" she paused. "I have no excuse really. I'm sorry."

Jade seldom apologized, so that was enough for Beck.

"Next time call me. We're partners, remember?"

Jade sniffed and nodded before throwing her arms around her husband.

"Now, should we rescue our friends from the evil clutches of Baby Luke?"

Jade thought about it. "Nah. Robbie told me that him and Tori are thinking of finally having kids. Let's leave them be for a bit so they'll know what exactly what they're getting into."

That was his girl. Motherhood may have softened her, exhaustion almost broke her, but she was still the Jade West he had fallen in love with.



(Something Blue)

It wasn't easy being Beck Oliver, but he was willing to work hard to get what he wanted and to achieve his goals.

Some days, though, were much harder than others.

This was one of those days.

It had started good enough: he was gazing at the complimentary copy of a magazine that featured him, Jade and Luke on the cover. It was their first public photo shoot as a family, for Jade was fiercely protective of their son and refused to unnecessarily expose him to the harsh glare of Hollywood.

However, both Beck and Jade had long ago chose to live in the public eye, so the public was naturally curious about their son. The more they tried to protect and hide him, the more determined the paparazzi became to get a photo of Luke Oliver. Both Beck's and Jade's managers and publicists suggested that they simply give the public what they want: a family picture. And so they did the shoot with an understanding with the publishing company that a certain percentage of its profits would go to Beck's favorite charity.

Gazing at the magazine, people would think that Beck Oliver's life was perfect. It almost was, in Beck's opinion: the love of his life was his wife, his son Luke was perfect and adorable, his acting career was taking off, and he had the house with the white picket fences (he was still working on the dog and the additional one point five kid, but he believed it was only a matter of time).

Then came the phone call that almost sent his world crashing down.

"Beck! Have you heard?" His manager Rick Wayne demanded without preamble the moment Beck picked up the phone.


"There's this woman on the morning show claiming that you got her pregnant but refused to acknowledge her daughter." Rick explained.

"What? That's not true!" Beck denied with a frown. "What woman are we talking about?"

"She has photos to prove your affair, Beck, and her daughter looks just like Luke."

"She's lying!" Beck snapped.

"Alright, I believe you, but Beck, but there's this added problem that the woman is twenty-two years old and her little girl is only five. That would make her seventeen when she allegedly had your baby. If that's true, then-"

"Call me again later. I need to talk to my wife."

"But, Beck!"

Ending the phone call, Beck strode out of his office. "Jade?" He called out. He was determined to be the one to tell her, so he can do some damage control.

When he reached the living room, however, he knew that he was too late.

Jade's PearBook was on the coffee table, its screen flashing the photo of a little girl who had a striking resemblance to their Luke with an inset of a pretty, blond woman barely in her twenties.

"Jade!" Beck shouted for his wife, desperate to see her.

Beck found his wife on their balcony, the very place where he proposed to her. She was leaning against the railing and gazing up at the sky.

"Jade?" Beck hesitantly stepped into the balcony. "Babe? It's not true, I never met that woman in my life!"

Slowly, Jade turned to face Beck.

"I never cheated on you, I swear," he told her desperately as he grasped her hands in his.


Beck braced himself for the accusations, the threats and the screams.

Surprisingly, none came.

"I believe you."

With those three words, the weight that threatened to crush Beck miraculously lifted.

He sobbed in relief as he embraced his wife. "Thank you."

"Yeah. I know you better than anyone, Beck. You wouldn't do that to me, or to Luke, or to that little girl."

Beck smiled down at the woman that knew him best of all and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

"And I also know that you know me enough that if you try that stunt on me, I will cut off your balls with the bluntest pair of scissors I own."

The wince was automatic, the smile that graced his face was not. "I know I don't say this enough, but I love you. So much."

"Yeah, yeah." The words were dismissive, but she smiled back at her husband. She pulled down his face for a kiss, part reassurance and part fortification. They had a long day ahead of them.

"Now, call your manager and your publicist and I'll call mine. We'll show that grunch that nobody messes with the Olivers."

Beck Oliver was once again awed by her: Jade West, loving wife, super mom, award-winning actor/director/scriptwriter, recording artist, avenging goddess.

Once again, he thanked God that he met her and her merry group of friends years ago in that clearing in the park.

It was not easy being Beck Oliver, but he had long ago learned that easy's boring.



*I was trying to distract myself from the sad goodbye tweets and posts in my timeline. It didn't quite work :(
*Something Old was inspired by Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet.
*I think that the fic for Something New could also fit the prompt for Something Old because Beck and Jade are old in that fic. Lol.
*In Something Borrowed, the theme had something to do with their circle of friends and borrowed happiness, so I threw everyone in there. And yes, Sinjin is their friend! (Jade, btw, is suffering from post-partum depression, hence, the waterworks.)
*Something Blue was brainstormed and written in, like, an hour or less, so sorry for all the errors. I will go back and reread what I have written sometime after when the hurt is not as palpable :(