Friends Reunited

A Spooks/MI 5 fanfiction

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I have come back to this story to re edit/polish it up at bit because it really bugs me. If you've been kind enough to read it before please take another look.

Chapter 1

It was almost dark as she looked out the window. She sat at her desk, thinking. She had no idea what had happened at the hotel. only that the bomb had gone off. Her gut twisted as she thought of what may have happened to Harry, Ros and Lucas - not to mention Andrew Lawrence and the other occupants of the doomed hotel.

Sighing heavily Ruth turned her attention back to the computer in front of her, trying not to worry about the people she cared about. Harry had been right when he had described Section D as family. She knew from experience that the loss of one felt like the loss of a brother or sister. Shaking her head sadly she tapped a few keys on the computer, only to find the journalists had already started to add details she knew could not be further from the truth.

How long had she been back? She wondered? Sometimes it felt like a few weeks, sometimes like she'd never been away. In a lot of ways nothing had changed - Harry was still the Section Head, she was still the Senior Intel Analyst. The coffee in the coffee machine was still disgusting and the hours they all worked were never ending. However, in many ways everything was different. Tariq was there now - young and bright - full of enthusiasm for the job. But no Malcolm, no Adam or Zaf- no Jo. God no Jo, the thought of that young girl still brought tears to her eyes. Lucas, Ros and Harry had all carried on. It was what you did in Section D - kept going but while Ruth was all too painfully aware of the fate of Jo, and other long lost colleagues and friends such as Zoƫ, Tom, Fiona and Danny no one even mentioned Zaf and Adam. After all, they were the two that had helped when she had to escape on that dockside not so long ago, yet it was as if their very existence had been wiped from Section D's history.

Coffee, from the same disgusting machine that had always been there seemed the only option to occupy her mind. Just as Ruth rose from the chair - nearly knocking the desk lamp to the floor the phone rang. With a quick curse as she grabbed the handset the lamp hit the floor. Pushing all thoughts of Jo, Adam and Zaf to the back of her mind she waited for the caller to speak.

"Ruth, it's me"

"Harry. Where are you? Any news?" Ruth garbled, the same sense of dread and fear in the pit of her stomach as when they had heard about the explosion. She closed her eyes in relief as Harry's voice washed over her.

"Still at the hospital. Tariq with you? Lucas needs a few stitches. Broken a few ribs too - but should be ok. Ros, um, Ros, well.."

Ruth went cold. The news Lucas would be ok took the grip of fear from around her heart. Lucas had been through so much and had genuinely been a friend to her since her return and Jo's death that she was delighted to hear he would be back on the Grid in no time. But Harry's broken voice at the mention of Ros' name was almost too much to bear.

"Harry, talk to me. What's happening with Ros?" the knuckles gripping the phone now turning white.

"The Doctor came to talk to me, I'm down as next of kin you see, after her parents and well that business, and Adam.."

"God, and you say I babble!" Ruth tried to lighten the atmosphere, anything to get Harry to spit it out. She could almost feel him pacing down the phone.

"Ah yes , um sorry. Ruth, she's in theatre. Internal bleeding, head injuries, nasty wounds to her leg. The Home Secretary is slightly better. Regained consciousness long enough to threaten me with the sack! Cheeky sod. He's broken ribs, got multiple wounds and a head injury. Seems Ros took the main force of the blast."

There was silence down the line as Ruth absorbed what she'd just heard. Suddenly the Grid was too quiet, too far away from the people she cared about. The flickering lights of the various monitors doing nothing to appease her nerves. "Ruth?" She snapped back to reality "Yes Harry, I'm still here. I'll come to the hospital now, just wait for me."

"No Ruth" Harry gripped the phone. Why was it that hearing her voice suddenly made everything seem that much better ? he thought to himself. "No Ruth, you go home. Send Tariq home too if he's still there. I'm going to take Lucas home and then go and feed Scarlet and come back here."

"I'll go and feed Scarlet and the cats, you see to Lucas. I've still got the key remember? And then I'll come to the hospital. I don't think I'll find anything more on Nightingale tonight. Well, nothing new anyway." With that she replaced the handset. Lucas would live and it seemed that while Ros and the Home Secretary would be out of action for a while, this was so far one nightmare that ended with everyone living. Well, so far anyway. There were still too many questions around Nightingale. Sarah Caulfield was in no position to fill in the blanks anymore, courtesy of her employers at Nightingale, no doubt. But someone must know what and who they are? What the agenda really is? Nuclear war between India and Pakistan had been averted largely by Lucas and Ros' quick thinking and reactions, but what if they had a plan B? What if there was a plan B that they hadn't discovered?

"God, I miss the old days." Ruth mumbled to herself as she shut down the computer for the night. "Everything was so much simpler - feed the cats, work, talk to Harry, laugh with Adam, Jo, Fiona and Zaf and still save the world on a weekly basis, if we were lucky. What happened to those boys?"

Collecting her belongings, checking Tariq had indeed gone home and wasn't stuck in the Registry Ruth began making her way to the main doors. She'd promised Harry she'd take care of the pets and meet him back at the hospital. There were questions she needed answering, and as far as Ruth knew only one man could answer them. The only problem was would he want to.


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