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Ruth closed her eyes, exhausted from keeping even more secrets than usual. She knew Harry was in his office while Malcolm had railroaded a still unwell Ros into getting something to eat. Sighing heavily she opened her eyes when she realised she wasn't alone.


"You should go home. Get some sleep." He rested his hands on her shoulders and began massaging her neck and shoulders. Ruth groaned slightly.

"Harry." She paused. "I have spent the last month worried sick that Nightingale would come back to haunt us. Worried that Ros and Lucas were hurt, that Tariq and Lucas would get injured in South America and we would lose contact with them. That Dolby would work out what was going on and kick you out. That Ros would collapse, we all know she should have stayed in hospital."

"You really are a worrier." Harry stilled his hands. "And they are all nearly home."

"I can't believe Adam, Zaf and Zoe will be here in a matter of hours." She turned to face him. "In two hours we can be at Gatwick to see them arrive."

"Yeah." Harry sat down in Lucas' abandoned chair. "I already spoke with Eleanor, she knows Adam is still alive but I thought she deserved to know he is on the way home."

"Tell me Wes hasn't been grieving for his father for all this time?" Ruth held his gaze. Harry took a deep breath. "Harry." He knew she had lost her own father at a similar age.

"The day after the explosion I went to his school. There was a rugby match that Adam had supposed to attend. When I got there hardly any parents were around. It was freezing. Of course Wes spotted me immediately. I've known him since he was born but that conversation was the hardest I have ever had in my life."

"You told him Adam was dead." Ruth felt the tears spring to her eyes.

"No." Harry covered her hand with his own. "No, he came up to me and knew something was wrong."

"His parents are spies and his gran has been a sleeper agent all of Adam's life. How could he not know something was wrong?" Harry smiled as he conceded Ruth's point. Fiona and Adam had been consummate spooks. He prayed Adam still was.

"I told him Adam was sorry he couldn't attend the match. That he really wanted to be there but he couldn't." Harry paused as he remembered the young boy's face as he had listened to him. "I told him Adam had gone to help a friend but it was dangerous. It was so dangerous that no one must know what happened so we were all pretending that he had died in a terrible accident."

"How did Wes take it?"

"He was angry. But then I told him Adam would come home. As soon as he found Zaf. Wes loved Zaf and once he knew Adam was trying to help his best friend he calmed down a little. I promised I would let him and his Gran know the moment I knew he was coming home. I've kept in touch, he is my godson." Harry paused "So when I got Tariq's email I went to see Eleanor."

Ruth turned her hand over so she could link her fingers with his. She smiled slightly when she heard the Pods whoosh open. "One day." She smiled as he nodded once, lost in her eyes for a moment. Ros raised an eyebrow at the scene in front of her but stayed quiet. She had more important things on her mind than the state of Harry and Ruth's non relationship.

"Malcolm wants to know should we meet them at Gatwick?" Ros limped slightly as she made her way down to the workstations.

"No, we're not supposed to know they are alive, let alone back in the UK. We wait here. Lucas knows to bring them home." Ros nodded as she slipped into her chair, wincing as her body protested at the movement.

"They'll be here."

"And when they are I'd like you to remain Section Chief." Harry watched as Ruth smiled. Ros' face remained impassive. "Even if Adam chooses to return."

"Ok." Ros quirked her lip into a slight smile. She knew Adam would be furious that she had even been made Section Chief in his absence, she knew he'd hate the fact she was to retain the title. Ruth glanced at the clock and began to wonder what would happen when her friends returned home.

"One thing." Malcolm stated as he handed Ros a mug of coffee. "How do we tell Dolby that two dead officers, one disgraced spook and two that are supposed to be on leave are back?"

"Oh bugger Dolby." Ruth ran a hand over her face. Harry smiled slightly.

"Rather not." Harry stated as Ros smirked. She looked exhausted but as Harry observed her he had no doubt she wouldn't rest until those responsible for her injuries were accounted for or until her friends were home.


"Ros is Section Chief?" Zaf smiled. "Nice one. She deserve it."

"Yeah." Adam closed his eyes as he tried to imagine what type of boss Ros would be. He knew there was very little chance of Harry returning him to his former position. He had only ever been there to help with the Tom problem. He smirked slightly remembering how Ruth constantly got his name wrong and how Danny resented his very presence. It had taken him a while to settle in but now he knew there was no way he would want to work anywhere else. "She deserves it."

"You mean that?" Lucas asked.

"She worked for it. Harry obviously feels she can do the job. First time a woman has been Section Chief in anti-terrorism."

"He does and she can. Best Section Chief I've ever worked under. Sorry, no offence." He winced as he realised what he had said. Adam smiled.

"None taken. How is she? Ros?"

"Ros is." Lucas paused trying to find a way to describe the woman he counted as his best friend. "Ros."

"That about sums her up." Zaf laughed before falling silent again. He glanced at Zoe who was running her fingers through her daughter's hair.

"Ros Myers from 6? Ball breaker, from what we heard in my day."

"Yeah." Adam smirked, remembering the Ros Myers that had been forced to join Section D and hated every second of it.

"No." Lucas stated. "Ros cares. She just wants things done right. As Section Chief no one has more responsibility that her, other than Harry. It's why she sent me out of the building the day the hotel blew up. It is why she still hates herself about what happened to Jo and Ruth."

"Ok." Zoe smirked slightly. "You haven't changed. Still ready to defend people you care about." Tariq raised his eyebrows as Lucas looked away.

"We're friends."

"Ros has friends?" Adam asked, clearly unused to the concept. "Colleagues yes, but friends?"

"Yes. Friends." Lucas looked Adam directly in the eye.

"Nothing more?"

"Guys." Zaf watched as Lucas shook his head.

"Nothing more." Lucas sighed, knowing Adam and Ros had a past. One he didn't hope to be able to compete with, despite the feelings he found himself having for her.


"Message from Tariq." Malcolm stated happily. Ros and Ruth glanced at each other before turning to listen to him. Harry was still pacing the floor of his office with his phone to his ear. From what Ruth could make out the conversation was not going well.

"Another email?"

"No Ros." Malcolm pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket. "A text message."

"They're in the UK." Ruth suddenly felt a rush of energy. She had been about to fall asleep at her desk until Malcolm had spoke.


"Thank God." Ruth smiled and turned to catch Harry's eye through the glass.

"What is it?" Ros was almost afraid to ask.

"Put the kettle on, we'll be home in twenty minutes."

"Cheeky sod." Ros smiled before turning and heading out of the Grid. Adam would be in front of her for the first time since the day he had blown himself up. Or the day they had believed that to have happened she corrected herself and for the first time since she had taken over his job she had no idea what to do.


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