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Ch. 1

A few days ago, a game called aliens extermination was plugged into Litwaks arcade, it was a big hit. It was almost as popular as hero's duty. But after the arcade closed something was happening. Late at night when everyone was sleeping the alien queen from the game was escaping and laying xenomorph eggs all over the arcade, mostly sugar rush because it had more food. No one was noticing this until now.

In sugar rush, Vanellope was sleeping under a candy tree when an egg on the tree fell on top of her head

"That's weird, I've never noticed something like this here before" said Vanellope

The egg started to hatch and out of it came a facehugger

Vanellope screamed and began to run with the facehugger following fast behind her. She made it onto the track when the facehugger jumped onto her head and stuck itself to her face

"Somebody help me, I'm being attacked" screamed Vanellope as she struggled to get the creature off her face

Taffyta, Rancis, and Candlehead drove up and saw her struggling to get the creature off

"Ms. President, are you alright?" asked Candlehead

"Does it look like I'm alright Candlehead? Get this thing off of me" screamed Vanellope

The racers watched in horror as their leader was being attacked by this creature. The facehugger was pushing its embryo into her body. Vanellope fainted and the racers got her

"We have to get her back to the castle, quickly" said Rancis

Rancis put Vanellope on his cart and drove off towards the castle hoping she wasn't dead

That's the end of this chapter, sorry if it was short. I came up with this from some game I saw at cici's last night. Vanellope has now been affected by a facehugger, what's going to happen to her? Please review