Ch. 4

The group landed on the alien planet with pulse rifles in hand ready to kill any alien that came their way. Along with the colonial marines they made it down into the Nest. The marines activated the signal and the Xenomorphs that were all over the arcade rushed back to the base.

"Alright, now that the signal is set, can we get out of here?" asked Vanellope

She heard a growl right behind her

"Wow, I must be hungry again" said Vanellope

"I don't think that was you kid, I think it was them" said Felix pointing behind her

She turned around and saw the alien queen and hundreds of aliens from the arcade standing over her. She shot the queen and a few aliens, but that just made the queen angrier.

"Don't worry kid I'll help you" said Ralph

He aimed his rifle at the queen but she knocked Ralph into another room filled with boxes. He opened one marked Power Loader and put the suit on

(Back in the nest)

The marines and Felix were shooting at any alien that came their way and trying to help Vanellope, but there were too many of them to help her

The queen held Vanellope down and opened its mouth. Vanellope screamed as she knew she was about to die. Suddenly a door busted open and Ralph came out wearing a robot suit

"Hey you alien bastard, leave her alone" shouted Ralph

The queen hissed at Ralph and ran straight at him. Ralph used the arms on the suit to wrestle the creature to the ground. The queen snapped its second mouth at him, but ralph was able to avoid it. He wrestled the queen, grabbed her and threw her at the oncoming aliens.

"There's too many of them, there's only one thing left to do" said a marine as he pushed a button on the wall

'Emergency, self-destruct sequence activated. Base will detonate in t minus 5 minutes'

"What are you crazy?" asked Vanellope

"It's the only way to defeat these things, Ralph, leave the suit it won't go through the firewall" shouted a marine

"We'll be vaporized" said Felix

"Not if we make it out, get on the platform" shouted another marine pointing to a platform by the nest

Everyone boarded the platform and began to move up towards the surface when suddenly the alien queen ran towards them

"Keep the creature away, it'll slow us down" said Calhoun

Everyone began to fire at the queen. They made it onto the surface and ran for the ship. The queen tried to follow but was stopped by the firewall, preventing it from escaping. Everyone boarded the ship and blasted off before the base blew up in a nuclear explosion, killing the queen and all the aliens in it.

"Mission accomplished team, well done" said a marine through the radio to the other ships

"I'm just glad that's over" said Vanellope

"Yeah, me too" said Ralph

Unbeknownst to them a few aliens survived and were crawling outside the ship. Tearing apart the back of the ship, ready to board. Everyone on the ship didn't know what was about to happen

(The end?...No not yet)

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