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Baby years

It had been 5 years after the Disasteroid incident. Tucker soon gave up to being mayor of Amity park to give in to his all time passion: technology. Sam and Danny had started dating soon after and were rapidly moving in their relation. By the time they were 16 they got 'the talk'. Needless to say, Danny had to convince both his parents and his sister that he would wait till they were ready and Sam was forced to use a chastity ring (I don't know if it's the correct term but you get my point) by her parents. They were patient enough to wait, even though there were times when they almost slipped. Finally when they were 20, Danny proposed and Sam didn't hesitate to accept. After 3 months of a lot of planning (courtesy of Jazz and Sam's mom, Pamela) the wedding was ready. It was simple and classy. Sam's dress had been beautiful, with a white corset with a black rose in a side and the whole dress had hints of light purple all over it. Danny's suit was traditional only with a silver tie. They traveled across Europe for their honeymoon. When they returned, Sam was pregnant with twins. They were a boy and a girl. Danny soon became a little too protective with Sam which sometimes caused her to get annoyed. Danny's and Sam's families got thrilled by the news. Jazz, which got back from Harvard to help Sam, began researching all she could about pregnancy and raising twins. Pamela made Sam stay with them till labor and had a watchful eye on everything she did. Tucker and Valerie, who began dating before their wedding, announced that Valerie was pregnant and she joined Sam in baby showers and other pregnancy stuff. Valerie was pregnant with a girl and was due on September while San was on October. Months passed on quickly and September soon arrived as Valerie's daughter was born. She was named Roxanna. Sam got nervous as she realized how little time was left for her labor day. She was supposed to be due the 15th but as days passed nothing happened. She began to get worried but the doctors said she was fine, only that they would come late. Danny suggested that maybe it had to do with his ghostly DNA since during her pregnancy she had some very ghostly symptoms (kinda like in "Doctor's Disorders"). Finally on the 30th she went into labor. After a whole night in the hospital, the twins were born, the girl being the oldest one. They both had jet black hair and pale skin. She had a unique pair of bright fuchsia eyes and he had his mother's amethyst purple eyes. Danny looked at both his children and said "I'll never let anything happen to you. Never". Sam looked exhausted at Danny and smiled before she said "What should we name them?"

"Mmh, I don't know. There were (girl's names) Jane, Allyson, Lisa, Ella..." Sam looked up and practically shouted "That one! Let's name her Ella." Danny scoffed and said "Well if you're gonna name her, I choose James for him" Sam raised an eyebrow "Well, for once you got something right. James it is".
Soon, everyone came to see the twins. Jack beamed and said "I can't wait to teach them about ghosts!"While Maddie only smiled at the sight of her grandchildren. Tucker came and soon began playing with them. Valerie had stayed at home taking care of Roxanna. Jazz started giving them lectures about raising kids but after getting death glares from Danny and Sam, quickly shut up and settled on holding the babies. Even Dani came and gave each a matching pair of bracelets with a DP amulets on them, only that Ella's had contrasting colors (I really hate how that sounded but oh well). Sam stayed a couple days in the hospital but soon came home before a week had passed, much to Danny's annoyance.

Unaware that they were being watched, a silent figure retreated to the shadows of a dark alley. "Finally, after almost 6 years, I'll only have to wait just a few more days". Then it disappears as silent as it had come.

Line break

In a hotel at the outskirts of the town, a man came to his room at midnight. He searched between the papers on his desk until he found it. The birth certificate of Ella Fenton. "You may not be the little badger, but you will do".
After the Disasteroid incident, Vlad hadn't died in space. No, he had been drifting through space till he found a portal to the Ghost Zone (check the beginning of Phantom Planet and you'll see how they explain portals in space are possible, only they aren't used much). Once there, he quickly found a portal to Earth before any ghost could alert his return to Danny. The portal he found led him to Canada, near the border with Alaska. He stayed there and began making his way up to a millionaire and changed his name to Todd Blackheart. He still kept tabs on Danny and when the twins were born, he began forming a plan in his mind. He quickly took a plain to Amity Park and watched Sam in the hospital, without getting near Danny so his ghost sense wouldn't go off.
Now, his plan was complete and ready to go. That night he checked that Danny and Sam were sound asleep. It took a while, but near midnight they were both asleep. He quickly flew up to the twins bedroom. It was painted a baby blue with wallpaper that had little ducks on it. The two cribs were side by side and Ella was on the right, near the window. He floated to where she was and picked her up. She too was asleep so she didn't cry nor made a single sound. Smiling, Vlad/Todd flew out the window and made his way, not to his hotel but to the next neighboring town to book the next flight to Canada.
The next morning Danny was in his famous dead like sleep. Nothing could wake him up except for one thing: Sam screaming. He jerked awake and ran to where Sam was. He found her crying in the twin's room. He practically shouted with panic "What's wrong?!". She only pointed to Ella's crib and he approached it and found it empty. Empty. Realization hit him hard in the face and he searched like a maniac through the room as if he would find her hidden. He called his sister and parents in the remote case they had her. When he verified no one knew where she was and practically searched every inch of the house, he called the police and began a search party. Sam had stopped crying and joined the search party. They spent all day searching for her, putting posters of her and even making announcements if someone had seen her. Nightfall came and the police insisted on them going to sleep and that if there was any news they would call immediately. The drive home was silent but once they got there, Sam couldn't hold it anymore. She went to their room and cried till she fell asleep. Danny on the other hand was restless. He expected someone to call and say that they found her but deep down he knew nothing was going to happen.

Line break (From now on Vlad will be called Todd)

Todd soon arrived to the next town's airport. He left in the next flight to Canada. By the time he was on the plane, Ella had woken up. Confused by the sight of a not-so nice stranger she started crying. He tried to calm her down, but each time she only cried louder. Everyone on the plane now began to get really annoyed at Ella, making Todd go to the bathroom and zapping her with a really low voltage electric shock. She fell unconscious instantly and had a restless sleep. Finally the plane arrived, and Vlad flew with the baby and the bags to his retreated mansion in the wood near a lake. The mansion was like the one he had in Wisconsin before the Disasteroid incident, only this one was built in a much more sturdy material to hold down the freezing temperature. He didn't mind the cold since he was half-ghost, but he had to maintain appearances since it would arise suspicion if his mansion was a freezer in the inside. Inside there were many collections of art, from paintings to statues. He tried to get a decent collection and 'bought' a lot of them from other millionaires. Inside, he had made a special room for Ella, only it was incredibly creepy considering it was painted in dark colors and the crib had a strange glow coming from it. He had put a ghost shield in the crib and the room in case Ella had some ghost powers of her dad. Aside from that there was a mobile made entirely of Maddie's face and other fighting postures (O.o). There weren't many toys in the room if you consider the ball (also with Maddie's face) and a wood horse that look more ghostly than playful. In all, the room sure didn't reassemble Ella's room. Ella, now wide awake, stared at her new room. She couldn't understand why she was taken to this new and bad room.
She looked at the man that had taken her from her crib. The man put her in the glowing crib and stared at her, not with love and caring like her daddy, but with an ambitious and a calculating look. He had plans, oh yes, many plans for the baby girl. He wasn't going to let the same mistake happen like it did with Danielle and Danny. This time he would make sure
his new apprentice would obey him and only him. "Yes my young Ella. Mmh, I'll have to change that. You can't go running with the name your father gave you. No, from now on you will be Maddie, Maddie Blackheart." The baby girl looked up with her bright fuchsia eyes when he said that. Todd soon left, leaving her in the creepy bedroom where she wouldn't come back to Amity Park and where she wouldn't see nether her parents or her brother again.

Line break

It had been weeks since Ella's disappearance. At first search parties were constant as were press conferences. But after 3 weeks, people started to lose hope and search parties were getting less and less frequent. At the end, only family and friends were searching. Jazz went back to Harvard while saying to keep her updated in case something happened. Tucker and Valerie couldn't come all the time cause they had to take care of Roxanna. At the end it was only Danny and Sam's parents and Danielle. Danny and Sam soon became protective of James and wouldn't leave him out if site. Sam was in his room, no their room since they would find her. She was sobbing again while watching James. James cocked his head; he couldn't understand why his mommy was so sad. Danny soon came, knowing he would find her here with James. "I know who did it." She snapped her head at him "You know?!" He slowly turned at her and calmly said "Isn't it obvious?" She shook her head dumbfounded. He sighed "After all of this there's only one option left. Te only reason we haven't found her it's cause the kidnapper is a ghost. Think about it, any of my enemies could have taken her. We hadn't put up the ghost shields, so they could have snuck in without us knowing" Sam only stared at him and sighed "I think you're right. That's the only other option left" He only nodded "I'll ask Dora, Wulf and Frostbite to join the search party in the Ghost Zone"

"What about Clockwork?"

"I'll personally go to visit him. I don't care if he can't be involved; he has to help find my only daughter."

His eyes flashed a menacing green and he flew to the ghost portal in his parents' house. He didn't even bother using the front door and intangibly flew down to the basement. He opens the ghost portal and made his way to Clockwork's tower and lair.

Clockwork saw all of this and shook his head "This is going to be harder than I thought". And right on cue, Danny crashed into his tower "Where is she?!" His eyes flashed red momentarily. Clockwork was a little disturbed by this and quickly said "Now Danny..." Danny got even angrier and shot an ectoplasmic blast to him. Clockwork was sent flying to the wall and smashed against it hard. He barely stood up when Danny was at him again. "I SAID WHERE IS SHE!" Clockwork looked up pitifully at Danny who just enraged him even more "I can't tell you as much as I want to, you know time is something extremely delicate..." I DON'T CARE! I just want my daughter back! I don't care if it changes the course of time or if the Observants have my head cause of it! I simply don't care!" By now Danny was between sadness and anger. He felt like he had failed on his duties as a father. I mean come on! He couldn't protect his baby girl. He shook his head and fell to his knees. He started sobbing and Clockwork approached him slowly. "Danny, I'm really sorry I can't help you as much as I want to. I know how it's devastating to you and Sam. The only thing that I can tell you is that your daughter will grow up strong and she'll make you proud."

Danny only nodded and slowly rose to his feet. He stopped sobbing and went back to being his usual strong self if only a little sad. "I must get back to Sam, she needs me right now and I can't let her down."

Clockwork let him go and returned to his viewing portal (it IS a viewing portal if you think about it). He could see baby Ella/Maddie in Todd's mansion. He only smiled slightly and watched over her.

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