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Gala night

Danny P.o.v.

It was the night of the gala. I had come with Sam and James stayed home. I talked with a couple of colleagues, but there were mostly millionaires in this kind of events. Sam was stunning in a purple strapless dress that was cut by the leg. Besides her, there wasn't much interesting in here. I had tried mind-reading (it was a power that I had developed a decade ago) but it was mostly about millionaires hating other ones or their lives back home.

"I even wish there were ghost attacks so to have something exciting happen here." I glared at her and she quickly backed down.

When Ella had disappear and not a ghost was found having her, I got really frustrated to the point I destroyed the Ghost Zone portal at my parents house. Soon after, all natural portals closed since apparently that portal was what made them appear. I made my parents promise not to build another portal, so ghost attacks got fewer and fewer to the point of being eradicated completely. Therefore, Danny Phantom wasn't needed and I could stop being the town's protector. I began working for NASA and made my way up to finally being an actual go-to-space astronaut and went to missions and trained staff.

"Well, we've been here long enough. Let's go home, after all I need to start in my environmental campaign and publicity."

"Already leaving?" We turned around and were faced by another millionaire. He was in his late fifties and was wearing a black suit with a red tie. He seemed, familiar.

"Oh, yes we were about leave."

"What a shame. I wanted to have a word with you, Daniel, and your lovely wife."

"Well, we can stay a little longer." The
millionaire smiled (which kinda creeped me out) and said, "Very well, I wanted to introduce you to my daughter, Maddie."

"Not to be rude sir, but you haven't told us your name." Sam said it calmly but with a touch of demanding on it.

"Oh how silly of me. It's Blackheart, Todd Blackheart."

I suddenly heard Sam directing a thought to me. ~I don't like him, I think he's lying. Read his mind to check if it's true what he's saying~ I began reading his mind and he was saying the truth, at least that's what I've got. ~Mmh, his thoughts aren't saying otherwise but don't let your guard down, just in case.~

"So, Daniel, how's young James at home?"

"How did you now we had a son named James?" Sam said, always the guarding mother.

"Oh one of his colleagues told me."

"He's alright, he just couldn't come. And your daughter, Marcy was it?"

"It's Maddie, and she should be around here..."

"Looking for me?" A voice said behind us. Sam and I jumped and turned around. Behind us was a teenager girl. She had black messy hair with silver lights and was dressed in an elaborate fuchsia and black dress. It reached to the knee and had a Gothic/Renaissance style in the low half. It was strapless and looked really elegant. She had black gloves that reached to the elbows and black flats. As a last effect, she had a top hat that covered her eyes.

"This is my daughter I was telling you about, Maddie."

"It's actually Maxine, Max for short." She quickly said.

Todd frowned and noticed her dress. "That isn't the dress I had picked for you." He added in a whisper so low I had to use my enhanced hearing to hear it.

"Oh it is, only with a little improvements." She said in an equally low tone and a slight mischievous tone.

Todd looked irritated but quickly masked it. ~She's like you, Sam~ I thought to her in an amused tone and smiled. Maddie, I mean Max, really was like Sam when she was in Dora's kingdom only with fuchsia instead of purple. ~Yeah, she is. Try to read her mind to get any information since you couldn't get anything out of Todd."

I nodded slightly and directed my mind-reading power to her.

Max P.o.v.

Yes, I had 'improved' my dress so it could be more my style. You didn't think I would wear that abomination did you?! So anyways, I dyed it and added a few necessary details. After that, I just added the gloves and the top hat. Why a top hat you ask? Well let me explain.

The only times Todd let me out of the mansion was for his rich snobbish events. Then he would make me use contacts (don't know why, he's creepy that way) and of course I never once used them. I would use sunglasses or hats to cover my eyes. Yes it was a petty rebellion, but a rebellion none the less! So I decided to add my Slash (Guns n' Roses) kind of top hat for this time.

I had been bored out of my mind, so I decided to scare Todd a little. I looked where he was and saw a couple talking to him. Sneaking up, I went.

"It's Maddie, and she should be around here..."

"Looking for me?"

The couple jumped and turned around to see me. The man had piercing icy blue eyes and jet black hair. He was dressed in a black suit with a dark blue tie. Now the woman also had strait black hair. She had a pair of amethyst purple eyes and was dressed a simple purple strapless dress that was cut in the leg. I saw them quickly by glancing down my top hat without showing my fuchsia eyes. In the back of my mind, I had a sense of déjà-vu happen, like if I had already met them.

"This is my daughter I was telling you about, Maddie."

"It's actually Maxine, Max for short." I quickly said and a little annoyed too.

That's when Todd finally noticed my dress and frowned. "That isn't the dress I had picked for you." He added in a whisper so low I had to use my enhanced hearing to hear it.

"Oh it is, only with a little improvements." I said mischievously and equally low as him. The couple shouldn't have herd that, but the man snickered when I said that. Weird. Anyways, I was about to ask them their names, when I felt something creeping into my mind. Thanks to Spectra and her lessons of mind and emotion self control, I could not only feel the intruder, I could get rid of it too. I decided to play a little with him/her (I can't know who it is).

~You really shouldn't be sneaking on me like that you know~

I heard a gasp coming from the couple, but I couldn't tell if it was the man or the woman. Huh, so one of them was a mind reader.

~I'll let you go this time, but the next time I'll kick your ass out of here~

I felt the intruder backing down and I smiled.

"So what are your names?"

"I'm Danny, Danny Fenton and this is my wife, Sam."

I felt the déjà-vu sense again, only stronger. I decided to check that later, in the meantime I had an impression to make.

"So Mr. Fenton (it was way too weird calling him Danny) what do you do for NASA?"

"I'm the lead astronaut in my team when on missions and also the trainer to keep my team on shape."

Todd quickly made conversation with Danny about NASA stuff and environmental movements with Sam.
I was about to leave when Sam spoke to me.

"So where do you go to school, Max?"

"Oh, I don't go to school. I'm home schooled." That was the story every time someone asked if I went to school.

"Oh", she only said.

After that they asked random questions about me, like what was it like being home schooled or how was my life back at Canada. I answered them quickly, when Todd said one of the things I really didn't expect.

"We should go have dinner sometime. Is tomorrow good for you?"

"Yeah, and maybe James will come too."

"Excellent. Maddie will come too." He said in that calculating tone of his.

I was really confused. Why would Todd make dinner plans with a couple he just met and bringing me to it too?
I had nothing against the couple, it was just plain weird.

"Well, we should go to our hotel room, it's getting late." I was passing next to Todd to leave when I felt a foot tripping me. It left as fast as it came but I went stumbling to the floor. Thanks to my fast reflexes I didn't fell, but my hat did. And then I made one of the biggest mistakes that would come back to bite me.

I looked up to the couple and they stared in shock at my bright fuchsia eyes.


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