Transfer Trouble

A/N: i just got the idea in math class -.- wondering: what if Black*Star was over protective of a "Witch" like Maka? BUUUUTTTT(lol i said butt xD) this one was a Ravenwood student? And later on this student had a problem with the Earth witches saying their to "Sweet". This student have to find all the level 60-90's students that had traveled to Earth like her, but instead had no contact with Ambrose? Let's see what will happen~

Summary: Maka is overprotective of Chrona(Crona), and Black*Star is overprotective of ... Chelsea? Black*Star finds a witch to destory for Tsubaki can finally be a Death weapon, but they soon figure out the witch was just a Ravenwood student from WizardCity looking for her friends. Couple days later she is enrolled, but soon faces a problem that means she is needed back home ASAP! (I suck at summaries, sorry).

Disclamer: Sadly I don't own Wizard101 or Soul Eater. I have great ideas for both :/ lol.~


Chelsea Legendstaff ran as quickly as she can away from the man that seemed to try to kill her for no apperant reason.

"Why won't he leave me alone?" She whispered to herself, she was glad she called in Sir Duke, her forest pet, she didn't want her pets to get hurt, espically her mounts, Good thing i bought those x20% boots, sadly they took my advange points in this match, Chelsea thought.

The man struck too quickly for Chelsea to use her Gnome spell, she even barely had time to use her: Satyr, Pixie, or even Spirit! Or that spell that made a hand come out the clouds(She forgotten the name, but not the spell, does that happen to anyone else around level ninety?).

She summoned a centaur then hid behind a tree catching her breath, but she wince at the sound of the creature she summoned shriek. She tried to slow her breath down a bit. When she heard nothing around, she summoned Bartely, which healed most of her wounds and placed a ABSORB around her, which she made sure no one was around she started to move more swiftly and quietly than before, hoping the man wouldn't find her.

She sighed, thinking everything was clear and she can leave, but that all changed when she heard her absorb breaking into shreds. She turned around, and saw a spikey, blue-haired ninja with a black sleeveless shirt that had a gray string tied around his neck, white puffy shorts, boots that looked like metal with a star on them, and a star tattooed on his shoulder. He raised a small knife looking sword to her face.

That's when Chelsea screamed.

(Black*Star's P.O.V.)

We stayed where we last saw the witch, which summoned a guy with a the torso of man, and the waist of a horse's body, Tsubaki said it was a centaur, personally i didn't care what the witch could do or what was in my way, i promised Tsubaki that i will turn her into one of Death's personal weapons!

I heard something that sounded like something big game out the ground then went back in, we slowly made our way towards the noise, then stopped when i saw the familiar green-haired witch with a green shield that had a helmet floating around her.

"e careful, we don't know what's she's capable of, Tsubaki spoke in my mind.

Chill Tsubaki, i responded, your talking to the guy who'll surpass god himself! When i defeat this witch it will turn you into a Death Weapon! Then we'll head back to Death City and get some tacos with the gang.

Okay, she said unsurely.

I stepped up to her then with one slash of Tsubaki's weapon form the shield broke. The witch stopped moving then turned to me with her widen blue eyes, when she glanced at Tsubaki she screamed in terror.

I would've never expect a witch to scream like a little girl then cower on the ground saying, "PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! I DON'T KNOW WHAT I DID! BUT I PROMISE I'LL MAKE UP THE BAD THINGS I HAVE DONE! JUST PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" she screamed.

I stared at the witch confused, "your not gonna runaway or even put up a fight?" i asked. Man, i thought it would be harder! It took Maka a long time to make Soul a Death Scythe!

The witch shook her head, "I JUST WANNA LIVE! AND MY FEET AND LEGS WON'T BUDGE!"

Tsubaki got out of weapon form then kneed over the girl, "um, are you even a witch?" she asked polity, leave it up to her to even ask those questions to a stranger.

The girl nodded, "i am. A level 90 life wizard straight from Ravenwood, we're just here on a field trip that'll last a couple months."

Me and Tsubaki blinked, "Ravenwood?" we asked at the same time softly.

The girl looked up at us both, tears strimming down her cheeks, "Yes! Ravenwood! From WizardCity in the Spiral, listen, i don't know what me or my fellow classmates had done, but we'll make it up!"

We both looked at her confused for a long time.

I broke the long silence, "Wait a minute, level 90 life wizard? Field trip? What are you from? A school?"

She nodded slowly, "Ravenwood is best known for being the top magic school since Pigswick Adcaenmy, who knew they cheated at tournaments from the start?"

"wait, your here with your, Classmates?" Tsubaki asked.

The girl nodded again, "as i said, we're from Ravenwood, The Top Magic School Ever Known."

Me and Tsubaki glanced at each other, since our souls were connected for so long, we can practically read each others minds.

Black*Star, you thinking what am thinking?

If your thinking about enrolling her in the DWMA, your crazier than i am.

But, -

We don't know if she's accutally telling the truth, she's a witch, they always lie.

I have a strange feeling she isn't though.

She was attacking back, she probably thought up a story to tell us while we were trying to find her.

Then ask her about Ravenwood, then we'll see whose right.

Alright, alright! You always get it your way, don't you?

She smiled sweetly, I sighed, guess she does.

"Hey, um...-"

"Chelsea, Chelsea Legendstaff."

"oh, okay, um Chelsea, what's Ravenwood's main purpose?" I asked.

She looked at me like i said, why do babies come out of the mommies and not the daddies?

"What do you mean, main purpose?"

"Why was it created?"

"It was created to teach us young wizards and witches spells we can learn to help protect the Spiral whenever in need, and a few years ago, it always did."

I stared at her, "how many are there of you guys?"

"Um, Ambrose is still counting, but there's around, um, i don't know, Four million?"

I felt like i was gonna faint, FOUR MILLION?!

"Not all are high level though, there's like a couple thousand level 60-90's, we all chose to go to Earth for a while."

"O-Okay." i stumbled.

Just a couple thousand, no biggie right? WAIT! What if she's just bluffing to just scare us?

"Of course, we all stayed close at the start of the year, but weeks later we all spread out, we wanted to see the wonders, learn different cultures, and even new languages! I haven't seen any of my friends for a while though, i hope their all right."

I sighed, maybe if we tried Tsubaki's plan, maybe we can get the real stuff out of her, MAYBE LIKE CHRONA(CRONA)!

I swore i felt a mental slap behind my head, i glanced at Tsubaki who was glaring at me, i shrugged as to say, what?

Don't talk about Chrona(Crona) that way! She (A/N: yes i believe Chrona/Crona is a girl because the manga said so! So there! xD lol) Spilled Medusa's plans because she didn't want to cause anymore trouble like that!

But what if we made Chelsea guilty enough to tell the truth?

Tsubaki looked like she had a million thoughts going threw her head, main one was: Maybe he's right for the first time.

First time? FIRST TIME?! She had a point...

"Hey Chelsea, how about we give you a deal?"

"hmm?" she looked at the both of us, about ready to shed tears.

"We'll take you to the DWMA and get you enrolled for the next semester, if you tell us more about this Ravenwood, how 'bout it?" I asked.

She cheered up, "Yes! Yes! Oh, I wanna see everything! The people! The food! The houses i could buy!-" I prayed she was just pretending, "-oh! i wonder if any of my friends are there, are there witches in the DWMA?! Oh, i can't wait to go!"

"Umm, Chelsea." Tsubaki started to say, but Chelsea didn't hear a word while she kept going on about all the stuff she wanted o learn and see, and i hoped she didn't mean all at the same time.

"Hey, Chelsea." I tapped her shoulder.

She turned around to me, "Yes?"

"Listen, to answer one of your questions, there's no witches or wizards at our school. The students pretty much hunt them down."

"Then why would i enroll?!" She asked angrily.

"Only when they get 99 kishin eggs, which is really hard to do. All you have to do is pretend you hunt down kishin souls every once in a while, then you wouldn't have to hunt down your own kind."

Her face relaxed a bit, "oh. Oh! I didn't get your names."

"Am Black*Star." I smiled.

"Am Tsubaki." Tsubaki bowed, "it's a pleasure to meet you."

Chelsea smiled, "and something else."


"What are kishin eggs/souls?"