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Chapter 2 - Greetings! And, The Battle?

Black*Star's jaw dropped, "you...know her?"

"Of course, silly!" Angel squeezed Chelsea tight after rearranging her glasses to her eyes, "we're cousins! Why wouldn't I know her?"

Chelsea pulled her away from the group and into a hallway where no one was in.

"What are you doing here?!" She hissed.

Angel frowned, "same as you! Checking out this world! I just happened to stumble into you in here!"

"But how did you get enrolled here?!"

"I should ask you the same question!"

"I asked you first!"

Angel sighed, "Lord Death sent some one-star meisters after me, but he ordered them to stop, after Ambrose had given him
a permission letter saying some of his students were visiting earth for a couple months, and that we're wizards and witches causing no harm, we're just exploring and learning new things."

Chelsea jaw dropped, "really? Headmaster Ambrose did that for us?"

Angel shrugged, "of course, we're his students! And since sadly he has been losing contact with some of us."

Chelsea's eyes widen, "HE HAS?!"

"OW! No need to scream in my ear!" Angel rubbed her ear, "I think you exploded an eardrum."

Chelsea didn't care, she grabbed Angel's shoulders and shook them back and forth, "since when have they been missing!?"

"U-u-u-u-u-uh! S-s-s-s-stop th-th-th-that, ple-ple-plea-please!"

She released her, "sorry."

Angel wiped imaginary dirt off her shoulders, "they're not missing, they just lost contact. By the way, you never told me how did you get here."

"Oh." Chelsea's shoulders slumped in relief to change the subject, "Black*Star had brought me here, saying I'd be safer
from the other meisters who were trying to make Death Scythes."

Angel smiled, "aw! So sweet!"

Chelsea raised an eyebrow, "excuse me?"

Angel patted her cheeks, "ah well...can I ask you something?"

Chelsea nodded, "sure," she smiled, "since I haven't seen my favorite cousin in a long time."

Angel patted her head, "aw! Your making me blush! But you know Pedric Seasword is our fav."

Chelsea giggled, "yeah, yeah. But what do you wanna ask?"

Angel smiled, a bit evilly, "a 1v1 PvP battle."

Her jaw dropped, "here? Now?"

Angel shook her head, "no, outside, in a few. Come on! I'll show you the perfect place!"

"Uh, you sure this is a good idea?" Chelsea asked.

"Non sense!" Angel smiled, and waved her hand in a goodbye
way, "its perfect!"

"Uh." The witch glanced around.

It was times square in Death City, but there was no people; either at work or in the academy.

"Okay, then." Chelsea said, unsure.

"Okay! Since we're not in our best armor and stuff, I'll let us prepare our robes and spelldeck!"

Chelsea smiled, "alright then."

Chelsea opened her backpack, in it layed many things, but she knew which we're which.

She grabbed a hat that had a curve point at the top, stars and a moon on it, and was dyed black and dark green, then she placed it on her head.

Immediately she felt herself get stronger.

She smiled as she grabbed a robe, and examine it closely.

It was the guardian's robe, but she had switched it's ranking to another for it would be stronger and better.

She equipped herself, then grabbed her favorite boots.

Bright red with black and white trimming Santa boots. She had also switched another rank into this one, it was to fool
other wizards.

Next she grabbed a gray scythe with a red aura moving around it, and grabbed a random ring and amulet and placed it
on her.

She smiled sadly as she looked at her pets category, so many she missed, loved, and good ones to chose. Finally she
settled with a lifezilla, hatching from her satyr and her friend's stormzilla.

She looked at her deck then quietly cursed. She grabbed a rather large deck then equipped it.

She placed her cards in front of her, she knew that Angel knows most of her cards...But not all.

She smiled evily then put her cards in her deck. It was always like this whenever she battled with friends or family.

After she got ready she looked closely at Angel's outfit.

She placed something that looks like a Wintergale's outfit but was dyed black and dark purple instead, and she held a wooden shield and sword.

Angel smiled as she pumped her fist, "let's do this."

"Hai." Chelsea nodded.

A duel-like arena appeared around them.

Kid stood up quickly, "witches. Two of them. In times
square(a/n: am just gonna keep saying that)." He muttered.

"Really?" Liz stood up as well.

Kid nodded, and looked at Maka, "you can sense it, can't you?"

Maka nodded, "let's go."

They left the cafeteria, after Black*Star and Tsubaki nervously glanced at each other.

"No fair! I thought no healing!?" Angel yelled.

Chelsea chuckled, "not my fault my pet heals me. Now is it?"

Angel pouted, then a ice spell appeared in front of her, then a large mammoth appeared in front of Chelsea.

Her eyes widen, "uh-oh." As soon as she said a gust a wind came out of Angel and all her dragonblades were activated,
including the hex's on Chelsea.

It landed a 2470 damage on her. But she had stun resistance.

Her lifezilla danced, using a unicorn on her 'mommy'.

Chelsea smiled, "thanks." She muttered, then summon a satyr, getting a critical as well, and healing with 3891.

Angel frowned, then used a scarecrow...

Kid ran in the Times Square and his eyes widen, "the witches were students?! How come I never notice?"

Party giggled for no reason what so ever.

Black*Star facepalmed, "I told her to not to do that. Didn't I?" He muttered to Tsubaki, but Soul have overheard.

"You knew this about Chelsea?" He asked, "and you never told us?!"

At the sound of her name, she turned her head.

Maka and Kid turn their own heads, "what?!"

'Uh-oh...' She thought.

She sighed then choose a spell, a gust a wind came from her as a yellow ring formed.

Angel summoned a Phoenix, almost taking most of Chelsea's health.

Chelsea groaned, then summoned her final spell, getting a critical, activated four life blades, five dragonblades, and
eight traps.

Angel eyes widen, "oh no."

She grinned as a large Spinosaur(forgot how to spell it :/) appeared, then attacked Angel.

Angel fell out her spot then the arena disappeared, she grinned, "you surprised me. Never thought you had the guts to obtain that spell." She said, as her normal clothes appeared on her.

Chelsea smirked, "look who your taking to, cuz." Her regular clothes appeared on her as well.

"Chelsea!" Kid shouted.

Angel looked confused then turned her head to Kid, then got a shocked look, "K...Kid-kun?!" Her eyes widen more.

Kid frowned, "you witches are coming with us."

Black*Star crossed his arms, looking embarrassed and angry.

'What if I told Kid his father already knew?' Chelsea thought nervously.

"Father!" Kid stormed in.

"Hiya! Hello, hello! What has brought you here?" Death turned around as he tilted his head.

"Two of your students are witches."

"Hmmmm. Don't forget the other eight."

"And-! Wait. You knew?!"

"Yup. Merlin Ambrose had informed me last week, when some of his students were losing contact. Expect one. What was her

"Chelsea LegendStaff?"

"Right! Her!"

Kid looked at his father, his mouth kinda opened(symmetrical), "you never bother to inform me at

"I thought it wouldn't matter, the students are on this planet just to learn new things that they don't have at Ravenwood."

"Wait. What? They're visiting?"

Death nodded, "yes, for a while more."

"Where are they from?"

"Their galaxy is called the 'Spiral' and-"

"I already learned this in Science."

Death sighed, "it's the name of their 'Galaxy.'"


He continued, "the Spiral is made up of a bunch of worlds."


"Don't make me Reaper Chop you."

Kid paled then gulped, he never got hit, but he knows it hurts... A lot... "Sorry, continue."

"The one they're from is named, 'Wizard City'."

"Mm Hmm."

"Some of the students are somewhere else in the world, but a few are staying in Death City, for meisters won't attack them. Merlin Ambrose fear for his students, that is why I'm protecting them. Yes, I know Black*Star has brought in a student, but he wonders if she is a threat, that is why he never told anybody."

"Huh. Explains why he seemed over protective of her this whole time."

Death nodded, "yup! Now, can you tell Black*Star that he won't be expelled? And the others about the students."

Kid nodded, "I will, father."


Kid sighed then walked out, "Black*Star, he says your not expelled, and I need to talk to everyone here, it's really important."

"Am not expelled?"

"What's so important?" Maka asked, interrupting Black*Star.

"Father already knew about these two. Also there are eight others for meisters won't attack them. Their Headmaster sent my father a letter saying they're no harm and are only here for a new experience. For a couple more months."

All their mouths dropped, expect Kid's, Chelsea's, and Angel's.

Guilt led into Black*Star's gut. He didn't believe her, but now does, how can he tell Chelsea that the only reason he made her came was for because they thought she was evil? Maybe he won't?

The gang walked outside in silence.

Angel's face brighten, "oh my glob! Pedric?!"

A teenager boy turned his head and smiled, "hey, Angel! Chelsea! Fancy meeting you guys here, isn't it?" He joked.

Chelsea's jaw dropped, were the other students her cousins or something?!

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