This is my very first fanfic and will be a long story. Basically its Simba, Nala and all of their friends growing up together in the pridelands. The story takes place from when they are teens. I hope everyone reviews. Before the story their are some characters you should know about.

Runju: Nala's father

Hofu: Nala's little brother

Ajjali: Simba's little sister

Kudeka: Runju's sister

Tojo and Shinda: Brother and sister twins of Kudeka

Shani: Shinda and Tojo's little sister

Hariku: Kudeka's second mate

Zuri and Anjani: Hariku and Kudeka's twin daughters

Alex: Simba's cousin

Scar will not have a very big part in the story until the middle. More characters will appear along the way.