Here's chapter 30 and please review . Also, some reviews have asked if their parents will know about the cub. A couple chapters ago, Nala and Simba decided that they wouldn't tell anyone about the cub, so NO their parents will not know about the cub. It has been mentioned in a couple chapters. And I forgot to put Chumvi in the last chapter, but just to let you guys know, he survived and will be alright. This story's almost finished, and I plan on writing a sequel.

Simba and Chumvi were resting by a shady acacia tree. It had been a week since his father had talked to Simba about getting a mate, and Simba was still nervous. Like Kula, Nala and Simba, Chumvi had also survived and made a full recovery, and now had no cuts, burns or wounds on his fur.

"Chumvi?" Simba asked, suddenly.

Chumvi looked at his friend. "Yeah?"

Simba took a deep breath. "Have you considered getting a mate yet?"

Chumvi sat up. "Well, my parents were talking about that to me a couple days ago. I want Kula to be my mate, but I still didn`t ask her yet. Why do you ask?"

"My father said that I need to choose a mate to be my Queen when I become King." Simba said. "And you know I want Nala to be my Queen, but I'm too nervous to ask her. I mean, if she is my mate, she has to be the Queen of the Pridelands, and I don't want to put any pressure on her."

Chumvi nodded thoughtfully and said, "I understand what you mean, but I know Nala very well, and if being Queen means being your mate, I know she won't say no."

Simba looked at him, feeling relaxed and reassured by his words."Your right. I'll ask her."

Chumvi grinned and said, "Good,"

Simba was about to say something else, when he heard voices. He turned his head to see Nala, Kula, Tama, Shinda, Shani, Shari, Kareena, Alex, Moraan, Tojo, Thresh, Amri and Tonal walking towards them, and they settled down under the tree. They seemed happy about something.

"Why do you guys seem so happy?" Chumvi asked.

Tama smiled and said, "Why don't you tell them, Alex?"

Alex smiled at Shinda, but he seemed a bit embarrassed.

"Well, I asked Shinda to be my mate.." Alex began but his voice trailed off.

"And I said yes." Shinda finished off for him, smiling.

"That's great news!" Simba exclaimed.

"Thanks," Alex replied, smiling at his cousin.

"So, when are you going to ask Rafiki for the blessings? And how about Kudeka's blessings?" Kareena asked.

Shinda and Alex thought for a minute. "When we're ready to." Alex said.

Everyone nodded, and the group of friends continued their conversation.


A few days later Simba and Nala were taking a walk. It was night, and there was a full moon illuminating the meadow. The two of them lay down under a tree. Simba knew this was the perfect time to ask his question.

"Nala, there's something I've been meaning to ask you." Simba began.

"What is it?" Nala asked, looking at him lovingly.

"Nala, you're the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of before I go to sleep. You're my whole life. I love you more than anything." Simba said, smiling at her.

Nala smiled at him and opened her mouth to say something, but before she could, Simba spoke.

"Nala, I want you to be mate, and my Queen, to be with me for the rest of my life. Will you?" Simba asked, looking at her hopefully.

For a minute Nala was speechless. The Prince of the Pride was asking her to be his mate and his Queen. She finally found her voice.

"Yes, I will." Nala said, smiling at him, feeling happier than she had ever been.

Simba looked happier than he had ever been, as he pulled her in closer, and licked the top of her head. Nala buried her face into his mane, unable to describe how happy she was.

"Words can't describe how happy I am." Simba whispered into her ear.

After a while they pulled back, but Simba was still holding her.

"When are we going to tell our parents? We need their blessings first." Nala asked.

"I'll tell my father tomorrow, and he'll speak with your parents." Simba said, gazing at her lovingly.

Nala nodded and said, "My parents won't say no. I'm sure of that."


A few days later, Runju and Sarafina were together at the pride's resting place. Sarabi and Mufasa approached them.

"Runju, Sarafina, "Sarabi began, after they settled down near them, "There's something we have to ask you."

Runju smiled. "What is it?"

"Well, I was talking to Simba about finding a mate for himself, and I told him that he could choose since we never intended him to anyone." Mufasa began. "Yesterday, he told me that he asked Nala to be his mate and Nala agreed. They have mine and Sarabi's blessings. What do you think?"

Runju was speechless for a minute. Simba asked his daughter to be his queen?

"He asked by daughter to be his mate?" Runju thought.

"Have they had an affair for a while?" Sarafina asked.

"I don't know, he didn't say." Sarabi answered. "But they were best friends ever since they were cubs, and they've been through a lot together."

Sarafina nodded and thought for a couple minutes. "They have my blessings." she said."Runju?"

Runju was still silent. His daughter was getting a mate? She was going to be mates with the Prince of the Pridelands, the future Queen. He knew Simba would take good care of Nala and keep her happy. That was all that he wanted.

"Yes, they have my blessings." Runju said.

"Good, then we can make the announcement that they are engaged." Mufasa said with a smile.


A few months passed. Simba and Nala were mates, but they hadn't taken the throne yet. Mufasa said that a few months after their mating ceremony he would step down, and let Simba and Nala rule. The day finally arrived.

Animals were gathering at the base of Priderock. Rafiki was there and the whole Pride was present. Nala was nervous, but nowhere near as nervous as Simba was. He had been waiting to be king all his life, and now the moment was so near. Nala approached her mate.

"Simba, calm down. We can do this together." Nala said, nuzzling him. Simba nodded and nuzzled his mate back. They heard Rafiki shake his stick and they knew it was time to begin.

The whole Pride was standing in a circle. Mufasa and Sarabi were standing with Simba and Nala beside them. Rafiki waved his staff over Sarabi and Mufasa's head, murmuring a chant. Then he waved the staff over Simba and Nala's head's, murmuring a chant. Then he opened one of his fruits, and rubbed the juice over Simba and Nala's forehead, and bowed to them. Sarabi and Mufasa began their way forward to the edge of Priderock, with Simba and Nala behind them. The whole Pride bowed to the new King and Queen. The four reached the edge and looked down on their subjects. Mufasa looked at Simba and Simba nodded. Mufasa roared, announcing that he wasn't king anymore. Then Simba roared, announcing that he was King. Then Simba, Nala, Mufasa and Sarabi all roared, to the cheering animals.

Nala gazed at her new kingdom, that all belonged to her and Simba. She felt Simba nuzzling her, and she returned his nuzzle. She could feel her ancestors looking down on her, proud. She heard a whisper in the wind.

"Well done."


A few months passed by, as her and Simba the rulers of the Pridelands. Nala was happy as ever could be. Shinda and Alex were mates. Tama and Moraan were also mates, and had twin sons who they named Ari and Tanabi. Shari was mates with Amri and her sister, Zakia was mates with Karan. Tojo and Shani were still single, and they planned to stay that way. Kareena and Tonal were mates, and they had a daughter named Lena. Thresh was still single, and Nala was pretty sure he would remain that way. There was also a bit of sadness, like a death of a cub, or a Pride mate. But she always had Simba to help her get through the grief.

There were still times when Simba got headaches and was hostile for a while, from the memories he got from being exiled. Nala still woke up sobbing from nightmares sometimes. But Simba was always there to comfort her.

They had each other, and that was all that mattered.


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