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Title: Wishing on a Star – The Snowy White Pooka

Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

RotG Disclaimer: All rights concerning the movie reserved to DreamWorks. The book said movie is based of though is property of William Joyce. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, xeno/furry, boy-turned-giant-alien-bunny, explicit intercourse, anal, hetero

Main Pairing: BunnyFrost

Side Pairings: JamieCupcake, ValentineHope

Rise of the Guardians Characters: Jackson Overland Frost, E. Aster Bunnymund, Nicholas Saint North, Toothiana, Sanderson ManSnoozie, Sophie Bennett, Jamie Bennett, Cadence 'Cupcake' Miller, Pippa Morgan, Monty Jones, Caleb Jenkins, Claude Jenkins

Own Characters: Hope (Spirit of Wishing Stars), Valentine (Spirit of Love), Independence (Spirit of America), Unity (Spirit of Germany), Eve Hallows (Spirit of Halloween)

Summary: Jack finds himself very much in love with a certain Easter Bunny, but he feels as if he – a mere human – wouldn't be good enough for the Pooka. How are the odds that Aster finds himself in the same predicament. Unbeknownst to each other, they both wish on a star. The Wishing Star feels obliged to help the two Guardians out. The only question now is; How will the five Guardians deal with having a hyperactive, snow-controlling Pooka hopping around...?

Wishing on a Star

The Snowy White Pooka

Chapter 4: Living at Bunny's and Scaring North

Jack gave a strangled gasp at the foreign feeling of Aster's paws running over his body, tenderly caressing every inch of his body, twirling the white fur fascinated.

"B—Bunny, what are you doing?", whimpered the Guardian of Fun confused.

The older Pooka had gone back to grooming him, his cunning tongue paying very close attention to Jack's cheek, wandering down over his chest and belly. He yelped surprised, feeling the heat rise in to his cheeks as a tickling sensation started to pool in his lower belly. But then, just as the sensation started to intensify and really feel awesome, it stopped and Bunny retreated. Long, gray ears laid flat against his skull, forest-green eyes shone with embarrassment.

"Sorry, Frosty", mumbled the Easter Bunny, palming the back of his neck.

"Why are you sorry?", frowned Jack, sitting up some. "I really hope you're sorry for stopping."

"What?", blinked Aster doe-eyed. "No. For, uh, starting."

"I was actually kind of fine with it, until you stopped and started giving me awkward glances", huffed the white Pooka with a frown. "What's wrong, Bunny?"

"I don't mean to push you into anything, it's just that you... you look amazing", sighed Aster, nervously fidgeting which would have made Jack laugh normally because it was so not Bunny, but the circumstances were not really a laughing matter. "And you just said you turned into a Pooka for me. No one has ever done anything even remotely special for me. And the way you smell. You're the cutest Pooka I've ever seen, with that silvery white fur and you're so fluffy and soft and the way you react—You just... woke very old instincts in me, ya know...?"

"Instincts?", asked Jack, cocking his head. "What instincts?"

"Mating instincts", hissed Bunny, obviously very embarrassed.

It took a moment for the Guardian of Fun to realize what the older Pooka was saying. Though then it dawned on him and his ears were suddenly also very flat against his skull, ice-blue eyes wide.

"Oh...", mumbled Jack, bowing his head slightly, before shooting up and staring at Bunny stunned. "W—Wait... You want to... with me...? You want me as your mate?"

Aster shrugged, as if he was unsure what to do with his paws. "Yer a beauty, Jackie. And I've been feeling kinda attracted to ya even before ya turned into a Pooka... But now...? It's hard suppressing the urge to pin you down an' claim ya..."

Jack had to giggle a bit, because he was pretty sure if Aster would be human, his whole body would turn the darkest red possible right about now. He looked so embarrassed at his own words. It was cute. Not as cute and the mini-version of Bunny had been, but still cute enough to make Jack jump him. His paws wrapped around the Australian's broad neck, his muzzle nuzzling against Aster's.

"Well, you know you shouldn't fight against your nature, right?", whispered Jack mischievously.

"Don't say things like those, Jackie", growled Bunny, his voice hoarse and raw. "If ya say things like those I won't be able to hold back any, ya know?"

Aster couldn't see it, but Jack's eyes sparked with so much mischief that they would have been able to lit a room. Jack licked his lips before turning to slowly, cautiously licking Aster's neck.

"I'm not the kind of bunny for loose making-out", hummed Jack, tilting his head some to bare his neck to Aster and coincidentally reach Bunny's neck better. "I'm all in for a... long-term commitment. So if you really want me, then you better put a claim on me. Or I may be hopping off with the next best kangaroo to offer a better deal."

A dark, primal growl rumbled through Aster's chest and Jack suppressed a chuckle. It seemed the kangaroo was of the jealous kind. The prospect of Jack 'hopping off' with someone else made the gray Pooka flip them over, pinning Jack's wrists against the mattress, scent-marking him and nibbling at Jack's neck, rubbing his whole body against the white Pooka.

"Mine", growled Aster possessively.

"You have no idea how long I wanted to hear that", confessed Jack with a soft smile.

"Only mine", purred the Guardian of Hope, trailing his path back down to Jack's crotch.

The new Pooka yelped surprised and slightly flustered as he felt himself... move, in a lack for a better word. Wide ice-blue eyes watched how his member extended from its hidden sheath. Gray paws were back to caressing him everywhere and he was thoroughly enjoying the attention and the soft touch. Despite Bunny's claims that his instincts took over, he was still tender and cautious, taking it slow because those new touches were slowly overwhelming him. He liked being the center of attention because of his pranks, but being the center of this kind of attention was about a trillion times better decided Jack as Aster's tongue wrapped around his member. A bazillion times better!

"A—Aster", gasped Jack, bucking his hips up into the warm cavern of Aster's mouth.

"Come for me", murmured Bunny against Jack's hot flesh. "Show me that I can please you, Jackie. Show me that you want me as your mate, that I am who you want."

The young buck moaned and jerked, his muscles spasm as he came hard. But it seemed the older guardian wasn't finished with him yet. While Jack rode his orgasm out, soft paws started to play with his entrance, messaging the tight ring of muscles. The Guardian of Fun would have given more reaction to it if he wouldn't have still been on quite the high. Before he could even realize what was going on, he found himself on his belly, his ass in the air and Bunny behind him.

"Relax, Jackie", whispered the Easter Bunny softly.

Jack nodded, unsure what was about to come, taking a deep breath. Aster's paws were shaking nervously, he was painfully hard. It had been such an incredibly long time since he had last had a mate, especially such a beautiful and wanton one. He took a calming breath himself, taking position behind Jack. The white cottontail was raised in anticipation and Bunny licked his lips in want. The Australian was tender, taking his time as he entered the younger guardian. Even though the warm tightness made Aster want to just mindlessly thrust and take and claim. But this wasn't some meaningless rut in heat, this was supposed to mean something. So Aster gritted his teeth and took it slow, enjoying the feeling thoroughly. Only when Jack started to move with him, did Aster pick up his pace. In a matter of minutes, they were rutting away like animals. The gray Pooka groaned as he thrust hard, nibbling Jack's neck while claiming his mate. Jack beneath him wasn't much better though, the Guardian of Fun was a moaning and begging mess already.

"Mine", growled Aster as he felt himself coming hard.

The bed squealed beneath them as their movement grew more frantic. Jack gasped strangled, covering the sheets beneath him with his cum as he could feel his lover filling him. If the two of them wouldn't have been so overwhelmed, they would have probably taken notice of the bed crashing beneath them. Someone else however did notice.

"Jack! Aster! Are you alright? I heard crash—What is going on here?!"

The door was nearly ripped out of its angles as North burst into the room, followed by Sandy who already had his whips out. Two sabers were pointed at Bunny as North processed that they weren't under attack, but that the Easter Bunny had been busy ravishing his innocent, little foster son! The glint in his blue eyes was not one of wonder but one that promised some cut-off limbs.

"Bunnymund", growled North threateningly.

Wide, forest-green eyes narrowed at the points of those sabers. Instinctively, he cradled his mate in his arms protectively at the threat. Growling slightly, he tapped the floor once and disappeared through the new tunnel within the blink of an eye, the hole closing before North could follow.

"Phil!", thundered the Cossack. "Get me a snowglobe! I want a new coat, out of gray Pooka fur!"

"North", chuckled Tooth softly as she fluttered closer. "Calm down."

"Calm down?! Have you not seen-?!", barked North enraged. "Have you not seen what that horny mammal has done to poor Jack?! He will pay! With his fur!"

"As much as I'm sure such a coat would suite you", laughed the fairy amused. "I don't think you'll make Jack very happy if you skin Bunny alive."

"What are you talking about?", frowned North, slowly lowering his sabers.

"Jack had wished to become a Pooka, for Aster", sighed Tooth, rolling her eyes in a manner that clearly said 'Do I have to spell everything for you?'. "They are in love, Nick. Both of them, very much so. Let them be happy, don't be stupid. If you're being stupid, you and me will have a problem, am I understood, Nicholas St. North?!"

"In... love...?", blinked North stunned, his sabers falling onto the floor. "B—But... is impossible... How could I not notice? Bunny and Jack? In love?" He whirled around to face the Sandman. "Sandy! Did you know about this too?"

The little yellow man grinned mischievously and shrugged before turning around to get back to his milk and cookies. Tooth chuckled, patting North's back and turned too, leaving the man alone with his thoughts and confusion.


"Ouch", winced Jack as he landed not very gracefully in a big nest.

"Sorry, mate", mumbled Aster, still looking a little panicked. "Had to get us out of there."

"Are you... afraid? Of North?", chuckled the white Pooka amused and got more comfortable.

"He had two sabers pointed at me. He would have cut ma bloody ears off before I even would have had a chance to reach for ma boomerangs", glared the embarrassed Easter Bunny.

"My brave hero", snorted the Guardian of Fun and leaned up to kiss him.

"Ah, rack off", huffed Aster, smoothing his ruffled fur and sitting down next to Jack. "Ya don't need me to protect ya, yer pretty good at that yerself. Besides, North ain't gonna hurt ya."

"I know", grinned Jack and snuggled up to his lover. "So... More sex, or do I get a private tour through the warren? Or do I get a private tour through the warren and we have more sex wherever it suits us best? I'm totally in for third."

"Eager much, Snowflake?", chuckled Aster amused and raised an eyebrow.

"Mh, no... It's more..." Jack frowned and shrugged slightly. "I don't know, some urge. I want to do something, to see the warren and... fix it... I've seen some parts when I've been here last and it could use some cleaning and ordering. You living here alone, you probably pay more mind to your googies than you do to keeping this place clean and tidy."

"I never took ya for a clean frea-", started Aster with a laugh just to shut up suddenly.

"What?", frowned Jack curiously and pocked his Easter Bunny. "What is it?"

"It's... uh... instincts...? Ya know, Pookas are very much like rabbits and the submissive takes care of the burrow, just like the does do. I guess when I took you... And now that yer ma mate..."

"What are you trying to say, Aster?", sighed the confused buck.

"Yer thinking of ma burrow as yer home already, yer instincts tell ya to take care of it..."

"You... make it sound like this is a problem?", mumbled Jack uncertain, his nose twitching. "I mean, if you don't want me here-"

"No!", interrupted Aster and shook his head hastily. "I just thought it may go... too fast for ya..."

"I'm three hundred and twentythree years old and you are my first relationship. Believe me, I've been moving way too slow for way too long", snorted the white-furred Pooka and rolled his eyes, grabbing both of Bunny's ears and pulling him close. "You're not getting rid of me again, mister."

"I'm not?", chuckled Aster with one raised eyebrow.

"Nope", hummed Jack and sealed his lover's lips.

"Sounds good", mumbled Bunny into their kiss, laying his arms around the smaller Pooka's waist to pull him closer. "How about we just rest for now and then I'll give ya the grand tour. There's a willow beneath which I'd love to take ya. And I want to see the sun paint on yer body in the colors of my river while I take ya at its shore."

"Sounds like a good start", murmured Jack and smirked mischievously. "We better get a full schedule, because I have a feeling we – or rather, you – should better hide from North for a while. Don't worry, I'll hide you and keep you... well entertained."

"How generous, my hero in shining armor", snorted Aster and kissed him. "I love ya, bugger."

"Love you too, kangaroo", giggled Jack pleased and stretched.


Tooth chuckled amused as she landed at the small garden she had visited only one day ago. The sight that greeted her was not all that surprising. The silver-haired spirit of Wishing Stars sat on her lover's lap, the two of them so busy making out, they wouldn't have noticed if the world would have fallen apart beneath them. The other three spirits were playing cards and by the look of it, Eve Hallows was winning. Which was kind of astonishing seeing as both Unity and Independence were using their eagles as spies. The white-headed one sat tall and proud behind Eve, staring into her cards and signaling the spirit of the US what cards the witch-clad spirit held, while the brown eagle of Germany sat behind Independence, spying on the blonde surfer girl.

"Girls", chuckled Tooth amused and landed.

"Toothy!", exclaimed Independence, Unity and Eve, lowering their cards.

"You've been up to no good, huh Hope?", grunted the fairy with one raised eyebrow.

Valentine and Hope parted, both out of breath and flustered. Hope's blush deepened some more.

"What can I say? He wished for something I could fulfill, why shouldn't I?", smiled the spirit of Wishing Stars with a wink. "Ever since Val and I got together, I feel obliged to help those who think they are hopelessly in love. Especially when they're in love with the guardian of Hope who loves him just as much. Don't tell me my plan packfired, Toothy!"

"If you wouldn't be so busy snogging, you would have seen that your plan worked", spat Independence and rolled her eyes, adjusting a flat screen in front of the three gambling spirits, motioning for Hope and Tooth to take a look. "See? Two happy Pookas."

Hope had an interested look on her face as she leaned in and Tooth too joined them, pulling another chair up to look at whatever it was Independence wanted to show them. She squealed high-pitched as she saw Bunny and Jack curled together on Bunny's nest, closely cuddled together.

"You have cameras in the warren?", gasped Tooth and clasped one hand over her mouth.

"And in the workshop", nodded America smugly.

"Y—You mean...?", drawled the Tooth Fairy in utter disbelieve.

"We thoroughly enjoyed the show, yes", purred Germany and sprawled herself all over her chair, leaning her head against Independence's shoulder. "Best idea our fifty states over there ever had."

"Fifty states think better than sixteen", teased Independence and ruffled Unity's hair.

"We're currently playing poker to bridge the time until the next session starts", drawled Eve and shooed the noisy birds away. "But they're currently doing nothing but laying and cuddling... disgustingly domestic. I had hoped we'd get more porn out of this."

"You are a perv", exclaimed Hope scandalized.

Valentine coughed slightly and slipped away from beneath his girlfriend. "If you'd excuse me, I think I better take my leave. Pookas are territorial. If Aster learns that I've seen anything about his mate, he'll tear me apart and I'd love to avoid this."

The girls nodded absentmindedly, all five of them focused on the screen, where Bunny was quite busy groping Jack, who leaned into the touch. Tooth squealed delighted, everything was perfect.

~*~ The End ~*~

Author's note: Sorry for taking so long to conclude this story. But I hope the ending was pleasant. ;) I also hope you had as much fun with this story as I did! Thanks for all the lovely reviews, my dears!