There is a great mystery that plagues our lands. Hundreds of years ago, something happened that changed the entire world. Where a large, prosperous town happily stood is now a gaping pit. The villagers, obliterated. What remains of this once happy place is a swirling vortex to another world. A world of mystery, and of monsters; beckoning to all who came near. Explorers, Adventurers, Warriors and Scholars traveled from far and wide to explore this mysterious place. Merchants, Buisness Owners, Smiths and many other people came, and a town began right near the edge of the portal. Maps have been made, monsters fought, lives have been lost, but still none know the truth behind the Labyrinth that took place of that once happy place. But that still won't deter our hero.
A Man dressed in... Wait.. no... A Woman in... Uh... Huh?

A Hero stands atop the hill, overlooking the town of Largeon, which is the city over the portal (Much better.) Dressed in a purple cape which covers their face, our Hero carries nothing with them but a confidence that will rock the world, and a cocky grin that shows no fear of this place. Yes, an adventure will soon begin!

1: Winter

Our Purple hero walks through the crowded streets. We shall, for now, refer to him with a male pronoun because our Narrator is getting confused over how to address this odd person. "This place sure has changed." He murmurs to himself with a grin. But even if it has changed, he walks around like he knows the place like the back of his hand. ...Okay, maybe not QUITE like the back of his hand. He ran into quite a few dead ends. Eventually, he reached his destination, a quiet wooded path. The foot prints of his predecessors mark up the path, inviting him to stroll in. With a calm air, he steps forward- "Oi! What do you think you're doin' here?" Growled a Knight standing guard right nearby. "Who, me?" The Purple hero asked in confusion. "No, the tree right next to you- OF COURSE I MEANT YOU. You can't pass here without the permission from a guild master or sponsor!" The Knight barked with impatience. The Purple hero glanced at the tree, then back at the man. "But the tree doesn't have a pass. So why would you yell at it like that?" He asked, with curiosity. The Knight was unsure whether the oddball in purple was making fun of him or honestly that dumb, he sighed. "Look, just go to the Guild plaza and look for the Dungeon Master. He'll get you step up, and then you can come back and get killed in there to your heart's content." The Knight said, pointing the way to the Guild plaza. The Purple hero shrugged, turned and walked to the plaza without another word.

Roy was a busy man, especially during the spring. Unfortunately for him, it just so happened to BE spring! Papers and young warriors streamed through the open doors to the Guild house, hoping to get a taste of adventure in the mysterious Labyrinth that has stood near the town for Centuries. And as the Dungeon Master, it was his job to sort through the paper work and let the guild masters decide who is in and who is out. It was... tiring work, to be certain. But this spring seemed to be slightly different. For one thing, many women registered for Guilds. This by itself wasn't all that unusual. Women usually worked as healers, and were in high demands in Guilds. But there were far more women warriors then what he had ever seen before. It was very tricky, assigning women to guilds. Not all Guilds were kind to their members. And stories of women who were assaulted by fellow Guildsmen, or made a mockery of, or discriminated against were spread all over the city. Roy sighed as he finished another interview. All of these hopefuls would soon learn what it's truly like to be the lowest of the low, for that is how most Guild masters treated their underlings nowadays. Another person entered through the doors, Roy prepared himself as he looked up to greet another hopeful. A Woman with a shock of pink hair walked through the doors with a lopsided grin on her face. "Hello hello!" She practically sang as she took a seat. Roy couldn't help but stare, this woman seemed... Crazy, would be a good word for it. She offered him a hand. "I'm Rihn, pleased to make your acquaintance!" She said happily as she clutched his hand and pumped it up and down vigorously. Yes, definitely crazy. Pink hair; short, indecent clothes; and a lopsided grin; There was no way this woman would be accepted into any guild as anything but eye-candy. Roy prepped up the 'letting them down easy' talk, clearing his throat as he looked over her application form. Something caught his eye though, the application sheet was empty. "Miss, you do realize you're supposed to fill out the information before the interview?" He asked, looking up at her with his one good eye. Fidgeting in her char, Rihn's gaze slid across the floor and away from Roy. "Weeellllll... Yeah, I guess. But I don't exactly want others reading my information... Sorry." She said nervously, giving a quick shrug and breaking back into her grin. Roy sighed and set the paper down. "Miss Rihn, no guild will take you if you don't have your information down." He explained slowly. Rihn cocked her head. "Why not?" She asked. "Well, how else will the Guild masters learn your strengths if they don't know them?" He answered. "I'll just tell them!" She said happily. "It's not done like that!" Roy groaned into his hand. "Well whats it done like then?" Rihn asked, sounding slightly exasperated. "It's really simple! I read your information and talk to you. Then I give your information and picture to the Guild masters. Then they select the ones they want in their guild!" Roy said, losing his temper. "That's ridiculous! How am I supposed to fight for a master who will probably only glance at my picture, look over how strong I am, and pick me without a second thought? How am I supposed to follow masters I never even meet?" Rihn exploded. Roy sat there, unable to think of an answer. Rihn stood back up. "Uh, Thanks for your time, but unless theres a Guild that isn't run by the proud, I won't be interested in joining." And with that, she left. Roy sat, staring at the door, thinking deeply about the words the mysterious woman, Rihn, yelled as she turned from the trap everyone else fell into.

The Guild Plaza is a loud and bustling place. Located in the very center of town, the plaza had all kind of different attributes that people brought from all over the world! Swordsmen from the dessert sit outside the smithy, the warmest place in the city, and relate stories of their adventures. Knights and Soldiers often visit the square, not to keep the rowdy in check, but to have a grand old time with warriors of all ages. It's a beautiful, yet twisted place. Orphans and street urchins swim in and out of the crowd, trying to find a generous man or woman to donate a meal for them, only to be yelled at or beaten by 'higher knights.' A courier is cornered by three rookie Dualsmen, eager to pick a fight. Dark hunters glare at whoever dare pass them. The Townspeople avoid this place when they can, and yet, it's still the busiest place in the country. A woman with long golden hair rests against the side of a building, watching people enter and exit the square. She watches one person for a while with interest, and then seems to frown and look for a new person. This pattern replays, she herself catching quite a bit of unwelcome attention from passing men. But she can't help it, she tried dressing discreetly, but still her appearance catches people's eyes. Not that she understands that, to her, what always caught other peoples attention was the armor she wore. And without it, she's still confused as to why shes receiving stares. A group of unsavory men look as if they're about to approach her. The woman inhales, preparing herself for the worst when another voice breaks her thought. "Oi! Ma'am! Can you tell us where we can find Sparrows inn?" The woman turns her head to see another woman, more like a girl, and a solemn man beside her. The girl crossed her arms, waiting for the woman to answer. The woman looks at the two for a long moment and offers a shrug. "I'm afraid I wouldn't know. I myself am rather new to this place. My apologies." She offered, nodding her head to them. The man looked back over to the other group of men, and back to the woman. "Well, we could use some company. Would you care to join us?" He said quietly, the meaning of escape quite obvious. The woman looked relieved, but quickly masks it with another nod and a smile. The girl looked between the two and shrugged, pushing her sunglasses upon her forehead. "My name's Lynn. This here is my older brother Loi." The woman breathed a sigh of relief as the trio left the plaza. "It's wonderful to meet you both. My name is Arianna, and thank you, for saving me back there." Arianna smiled again. Lynn shrugged cockily. "It's no problem ...But we seriously need to find Sparrows. I heard it's the only decent inn in this city." She explained. "Well then, I'll do everything in my power to assist you. Maybe we could ask one of the locals?" Arianna suggested as they walked.

We go back to our Hero once more, who is currently sitting in a waiting room filled with hunting trophies and paintings and all sorts of weapons. He doesn't really get a chance to admire the relics of adventure, because he was given a stack of papers to fill out. Unfortunately for him, he's really bad with paperwork. As he stares at the papers, our purple hero eventually is the last to be seated in the waiting room. In fact, He is the last applicant of the season! Finally, a man enters the waiting room from the interview room and nods his goodbye to our hero as he leaves both rooms. Taking this as a symbol of his turn, our purple hero enters the interview room.

Roy glanced up at the clock; it was the last applicant of the entire season. He could already feel the stress ease off as he waited for the last applicant. The door opened, Roy looked with expectation as... some weirdo in a flamboyant purple cape sheepishly entered the room. "Hey there!" The weirdo said with a sheepish grin. Roy sighed. No, the day just couldn't end quietly... He cleared his throat. "Name?" He asked tiredly. "Winter. My name is Winter." The purple weirdo, Winter, stated clearly. Winter took this as an invitation to sit down, so he did. "I didn't get a chance to really fill out these.. paper thingies. Sorry chap, but I'll happily tell you anything else I might've missed!" He chirped. Roy nodded hesitantly, accepting the slightly crumpled papers from Winter. Slowly, he browsed over the answer. Most of them incomprehensible, for Winter's writing was large and loopy. Even in circle pre-made answers, it was impossible to tell which he actually circled, which made it very puzzling for Roy to try and figure out Winter's Gender. Roy glanced at Winter from over the papers. Winter seemed... Calm, yet out of place. It made Roy feel uneasy as he set down the papers. "What kind of talents do you have, Winter?" Roy asked, mostly out of politeness, for he knew that there was no way this mysterious stranger would make his way into any guild. "Well, I've learned all sorts of skills in my travels! Swords, healing, archery, botany.." He paused for a moment, looking at Roy's face. Winter seemed to look up (Or at least it seemed, it was hard to tell with his hood over his face) and sighed. "...Theres no getting in, is there?" He contemplated, then looked back down at Roy and smiled. It unnerved Roy to the core. Even though he couldn't see Winter's eyes, it felt like the stranger was staring at his core. Like ages of battle, and no experience to prove it; or the strength of a Lion. Winter was impossible. Roy looked down. "I'm afraid not. They... they wouldn't want people like you in their guilds." Roy choked, but somehow laughed. "They want people who are too green to join, too desperate to say no... Too proud to realize their errors." Roy froze; did he really just say that? It was like that girl Rihn all over again. But this time felt different, instead of frustration, Roy felt angry. He knew, Winter knew and Rihn all knew the corruption around them, but there wasn't a thing they could do. Except, maybe... Roy interlocked his fingers and took a deep breath. "Tell me, why do you want to join a guild?" He asked Winter. Winter nodded and began slowly. "..I made a promise, as well as a mistake. And to fix it, I have to prove my strength. The only way I can do that is through the Labyrinth. I've looked all over the world, for different battles, different worlds... But the Labyrinth is different. It's called to me over and over again. And this time, I'm going to take it." Winter finished. Roy studied the flamboyant, purple caped stranger. Although his appearance defied it, this person was strong and knew what had to be done. Roy smiled, he had an idea. "Well, like you said, the odds of you making one of these other guilds are next to nothing." Winter sighed after hearing that. "..But, there may be a way to avoid this problem entirely." Roy finished with a flourish. "Really?" Winter asked, excitement in his voice. Roy nodded, standing up and riffling through his desk. "Meet me at Sparrows in an hour. They have a bar there, we'll discuss business." Roy stated as he pulled out papers and ink. Winter stood up, a broad grin stretched across his face. "Thank you, thank you sir!" He laughed as he offered his hand out to Roy. Roy took it, "The thanking should be done by me. I'll see you in an hour then!" He exclaimed.