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While Loi, Lynn and Arianna slept, Rihn and Winter chatted long into the night at the bar. Ordering several rounds of fruit smoothies (Coffee isn't really a celebratory drink,) Winter invited Rihn into Wingless and she accepted. So now, here we are, the fourth day in the city.

Lynn rose as the sun did; it was part of her survivalist instinct. Following her regular routine of teeth cleaning and assembling clothes, Lynn just followed the motions until she left the girl's bunk room into the main room of their rented apartments. Winter was already up, wearing his gaudy purple cape and talking to an elder gentleman who was sitting with him. Winter waved to Lynn when he noticed her presence. "Mornin' Lynn!" He chirped. "Good morning, who is that?" Lynn asked without missing a beat. "This is-" Winter began but was cut off by the gentleman with a wave of the hand. "Oh now, now Winter m'bo- ...my friend! I can do this part! Harrison Lagaard the V. It's a pleasure to meet you, young lady." The man introduced himself, standing and offering her his hand. She reluctantly took it and bobbed it once. "So, what are you doing here this early Mr. Lagaard?" She asked politely. "Well-" He began but was cut off by Winter. "None of your concern yet Lynn! Now shoo! Go practice with your bow! I'll inform you all later, okay?" He said hurriedly, getting to his feet and shooing Lynn out of their room. Lynn stood in the hallway as Winter slammed the door behind her, awkwardly wondering what this new stranger would bring to their already unusual guild.

With smooth precision, Lynn released another round of arrows at the target in the training field. Multiple thwacks emitted from the wooden post as each arrow made an impact. The sun's positioning over the field marked it to be 7 a.m.-ish. Lynn had been out for several hours already, practicing tirelessly. After releasing several more arrows at the target, she took a short break to collect the arrows from the post. A whistling caused her to look back as she pulled arrow after arrow from the wood. "Nice shooting!" Rihn cheered from a shady spot under a tree. Lynn nodded once and continued collecting the arrows. Rihn rose from her spot and paroozed over to Lynn, wearing a sleeveless collared shirt with the collar pointed up and shorts that could barely be called 'short.' "You're reaaaaally good at archery though! What kind of fighter are you?" She said happily. Lynn returned the arrows to her bag and turned to face Rihn. "A survivalist, obviously. There aren't any other fighters in this region that uses bows like we do." Lynn said matter-of-factly. Rihn scratched her head. "Oh. Sorry if I seem oblivious to this stuff. This is the first time I've been out to a place like this. Before hand, I lived a far way away." She said slowly, as if picking her words carefully. "Pfft. You'd be slow regardless of where you came from." Jeered a voice from no where. Lynn whipped around, trying to locate the source of the new voice. "Who's there?!" She demanded. "A Bright one, isn't she?" The voice said dryly. "Shut up Hali." Rihn grumbled between clenched teeth. "Make me." The voice echoed. Lynn grabbed Rihn by the collar. "Who is talking?" She demanded. Rihn broke free of Lynns grasp, holding her hands up. "Calm down! It's nothing to worry about. Hali's just rude, Lani doesn't say much though so don't worry about him." She explained hurriedly. Lynn's eyebrow arched up and she put her hands on her hips. "And who are Hali and Lani?" Lynn asked slowly. "They're here." Rihn replied, pointing to a red locket that hung around her neck. Lynn had noticed the locket before but hadn't noticed the black circle that glistened across the surface. With a closer look, the black circle moved and blinked, like a human eye would. "Hali and Lani are... well... I don't exactly know what they are. But they've been with me a long time, so I guess you could call them my friends." Rihn said happily. "We aren't friends." Hali objected. "Quiet you." Rihn replied without breaking her grin. Lynn stared at the mysterious woman, and then simply shook her head. "If I knew there would be so many odd people like this in the city then I think I would've stayed home." She grumbled as she turned and headed back to the inn.

Arianna and Loi were up and eating breakfast at the bar together when Lynn returned. She forcibly wedged her chair between them, interrupting their conversation as she sat down. "Well good morning to you too." Arianna said mildly as she took a drink from her coffee. Loi rolled his eyes at his sister's dramatics and resumed eating his hash. "Winter and Rihn are getting on my nerves." Lynn groaned into the counter. "I haven't spoken much with Rihn, but she seems nice enough." Arianna speculated as Christine approached the three. "Good morning Lynn, can I get you anything?" Christine asked the petite Survivalist. "I'll have what they're having with a side of bacon and orange juice, please." Lynn relayed. Christine nodded. "Alright, I'll have that to you in a jiffy. But don't worry about Rihn and Winter, I overheard their conversation last night, both seem to be okay." She said confidently before going back to the kitchens. Lynn sighed. "I just get tired of Winter. He's just such a... such a... a drama queen." Lynn complained. Arianna and Loi both paused mid bite, took a look at each other, then at Lynn, then burst out laughing. "That, is entirely accurate." Arianna giggled as she wiped a ghost of a tear from her eyes. Loi just shook his head amid chuckling. "We're just flamboyant group, aren't we? Only three days together and we've fought off a giant monster in the streets, watched a pink haired stranger take down two dozen men without breaking a sweat and became the first registered guild in years." Loi contemplated with laughter. Arianna nodded and the two continued laughing. "I guess we did..." Lynn said, a hint of pride in her voice. Christine returned with Lynn's food. "Eat up. You have a day in the Labyrinth ahead of you, now don't you?" She said as Lynn began wolfing down the food at an inhuman pace. "That's right. Since we have Rihn with us, Winter'll let us go down now." Arianna said, a thoughtful look on her face. "Are you excited?" Christine asked. Lynn shrugged, amid eating. "I don't know what to make of it yet." She answered honestly. "The first floor of the Labyrinth is the easiest of course. And as a group who took down a Ragalope without even trying, I think you'll do fine. It's the lower floors that you have to worry about." Christine explained knowingly. "Christine, what do you know about the first stratum?" Loi asked curiously. The barmaid paused, thinking it over before starting slowly. "The first stratum is said to be a forest of new beginnings. Its like a reflection of an explorer's first hopes, or so I hear. There are a few code 3 monsters, such as the Ragalope, and there's a level 4 monster residing on the third floor. You can't imagine how many deaths have occurred because of these two creatures combined. Many beginner explorers lose their lives to one of these two things." Christine continued, drumming her fingers on the counter-top as she thought. "But compared to these monsters, I hear there is an even worse threat that has arisen on the fifth floor." She trailed off. "And that is..?" Lynn asked, enraptured by Christine's speech. Shrugging bashfully, Christine looked away. "I don't know. It's just a rumor, but there's been activity with the Senate's favoured warriors. I think there might be a mission announced soon for guilds to finish the threat off." She said apologetically. Arianna wiped her mouth with her napkin. "Then we'd better familiarize ourselves with the first floors so we can qualify for this mission. What do you guys think?" She asked the siblings. "I heartily agree, Miss Arianna. When do we leave?" Lynn said confidently as she pushed her cleaned plate away from her.

"Alright team, it's go time." Winter said mysteriously. "Never say that ever again." Lynn objected. Loi nodded in agreement. Pouting, Winter shook his head and continued. "Well, you guys will be going into the Labyrinth for the first time. It's really important that you stick together!" He said adamantly. "The monsters on the first floor might appear to be easy, but they're harder then you think! Your goal is to make a map of the first floor then come strait back, okay?" Winter finished, taking a moment to look each of them in the eyes. "Sounds easy enough." Rihn chirped, coiling and uncoiling her whip as Winter spoke. She stretched out, then blinked as Hali chided from the locket, "Aren't you forgetting something?" "Umm... Oh yeah!" Rihn shouted as she dug through the knapsack on her back. The other four looked on curiously as Rihn pulled four mirrored charm from her bag triumphantly. "Here! Everyone take one!" She cheered. "What are they?" Arianna asked as she gently laid one around her neck. "They're special charms Lani and I made for Winter. With these babies, he can see what we're doing down in the Labyrinth at any given moment cuz' he can't go down with us. Now we can still be together even when we're not!" Rihn explained happily. Winter stared at the mirror, amazed to see four reflections of himself from different angles. The four images were his friend's view of him. He grew deathly quiet. "Winter..?" Rihn began unsurely. Sniffling could be heard emitting from the purple hood. "I-I've never received such a nice present before..." Winter Chocked. Arianna looked like she was about to say something, but Winter continued, oblivious of her. "I just can't believe any of this. I've been back in town for five days and I've already got an amazing guild to back me up. I just want each and every one of you to know how much I appreciate you guys, and I'll do anything in my power to make this Guild the best it can be." He said, tears becoming visible as they slid down his face. Arianna smiled and offered a hand, Loi put his on top of hers, Rihn and Lynn followed the suit. They looked to Winter expectantly. Chocking down more tears and breaking into the widest smile any of them had ever seen, Winter put his hand on top of the others. "Wingless, because we'll reach the sky someday." He said as they drew out. "Now go have fun in the Labyrinth." Winter finished.

The path to the Labyrinth waited for them, beckoning them in. Arianna stood back, looking over the skyline and checking the mapping supplies she held in her hands. She had been put in charge of creating the map and was filled with nervous energy as they walked the path to the entrance. Rihn slowed down her quick gait to walk alongside Arianna. "How're you doing?" She asked excitedly. Arianna smiled nervously. "Alright I suppose. The last time I was actually out in the field like this though... something bad happened." She confessed. Rihn tilted her head. "Well, you have us to rely on now, and Winter, right Winter?" Rihn said as she tapped her mirrored pendant. Arianna nodded. "I know. Well, we'd better hurry up. Mapping is far easier when theres still light to write by." She murmured as they met the Knight standing guard at the entrance. The Knight looked them over, it was a different knight then the one Winter met on his first day. "You're Wingless?" He said knowingly. Loi nodded. The knight studied the four in turn. "Well, first let me say, Congratulations. It's not very often a new guild is accepted, you must be rather special and very lucky to accomplish this." He continued with a grin. "But now onto business. You were issued a mission by the Senate, it's a mission that all Guilds are bestowed to prove their worth. Your mission, is to simply make a map of the first floor." The knight explained. "There will be certain paths you can't access yet, we know this already, just put symbols like that one," he pointed to a symbol on the side of the empty map Arianna held, "when you reach a path you can't follow. Any other questions?" He finished with a quip. The four shook their heads and thanked the man for his advice as they proceeded forward. "Good luck!" He called as they walked down towards the entrance of the labyrinth.