Tailgate/Cyclonus slash... I regret nothing.

Set in MTMTE comics.

rated MA for sticky interface

There were quite a few things that annoyed Cyclonus. There were the obvious things; dirt in transformation seams, public displays of affection, people judging him on who he used to be despite the fact that The Lost Light was meant to be a neutral ship.
And then there was the newest addition to his list; chatty roommates.
Tailgate wasn't the worst 'bot on board - far from it. It was just the incessant chatter that grated on Cyclonus' nerves.
Currently, they were both in their shared room. Tailgate was chattering on about something that didn't seem relevant to Cyclonus in the slightest, and said purple mech was glaring at the wall.
"-don't you think so?" Tailgate looked expectantly at the single-horned mech. Cyclonus, who hadn't been listening, didn't even glance over at him. Tailgate shifted on his berth and frowned slightly. "Cyclonus? Are you listening?"
"Oh. Do you want me to start again?"
Cyclonus pinched his nasal ridge. "Why would I want you to start again?"
"Be-because you didn't hear me the first time..?" Tailgate trailed off uncertainly as he gazed at the moody purple mech. He had been trying to get the ex-Decepticon's attention for days, but Cyclonus had barely even looked at him. Tailgate drooped slightly. Maybe his efforts would be better focused elsewhere.
Cyclonus noticed Tailgate's change in demeanour and rolled his optics. "How have you been doing?"
Tailgate's optics lit up behind his facemask at the simple question. "I've been alright. Rewind's been telling me about all the things I've missed, and Swerve's been showing me all the 'fun' things I've missed. I guess I have missed a lot, and it's been a long time since I've had fun, and sitting through Ultra Magnus' monologues just aren't enjoyable-"
Cyclonus tuned him out as he babbled away. He had actually almost fallen into recharge when someone knocked on the door. Tailgate stopped his chatter for a moment, and Cyclonus took the opportunity to swing himself to his feet and walk over to the door. He swung it open and scowled immediately. "What?"
Swerve grinned at him nervously. "Hey, buddy! Uh... Is Tailgate there?"
Cyclonus was tempted to tell him no and slam the door right in his grinning face, but Tailgate appeared behind his waist. "Swerve?"
"Hey!" The red and white minibot looked relieved. "I was wonderin' if you wanted to go up to my bar for a while? Everyone's up there and talking and stuff... I'll give you free energon."
Tailgate laughed a little at the bribe. "Sure, I'd love to. Just gimme a sec." He retreated back into the room.
Swerve opened his mouthparts to say something to Cyclonus, but this time Cyclonus actually did shut the door in his face. Cyclonus scowled at the closed door, then glanced behind him at Tailgate, who was quickly polishing himself with an old rag. "You're going."
Tailgate looked up. "Um.. Yeah. D'you wanna come too? 'Cause that'd be great! I could continue the story in the bar!"
The thought of being discriminated against by dozens of Autobots didn't sound too good to Cyclonus at that moment. "No."
"Oh. Another time, then." Tailgate nodded.
Cyclonus said nothing, turning back to his berth and laying down. He thought he heard Tailgate sigh, but when he turned around, the little guy was gone. Cyclonus shifted on his side, trying to figure out why he felt so bothered by Tailgate leaving to spend time with someone else. It wasn't as though he particularly enjoyed the minibot's company, but he wasn't bad to look at. Cyclonus would readily admit he had admired the friendly little mechs pert aft more than once. The thought of someone else having access to that aft made his hands clench angrily.
He vented harshly and sat up as he felt a low throb behind his interface panel. He retracted the panel and huffed as his spike half pressurised. He gripped his length and gave it a few firm strokes, holding back a moan as he stroked himself to hardness. He couldn't help but think of Tailgate.
Tailgate set down his empty cube of energon and waved at Swerve. "Hey, I'm gonna go to berth."
Swerve looked dismayed. "What? Why?"
"I'm tired." Tailgate shrugged. "I'll see you tomorrow."
Swerve nodded and moved off to get Chromdome another cube of energon as Tailgate moved off his chair and walked out.
Tailgate hadn't been able to get Cyclonus out of his head. Even though the purple mech had never made any show of interest towards him, Tailgate couldn't stop himself from feeling somewhat attracted towards him. It was probably because Cyclonus was the only mech he recognised from before the six million years he had fallen into stasis.
Tailgate keyed in the code to his shared quarters, and trudged in tiredly. He glanced over at Cyclonus' form on the berth, and tilted his head at the sight of the purple mech squirming slightly.
Cyclonus had barely noticed Tailgate walk in. He was so focused on chasing his overload. It was so close...
"Cyclonus? Are you okay?"
Cyclonus onlined his optics with a snap and turned. He growled in frustration as the approaching overload faded. "Damn it!"
Tailgate jumped at Cyclonus' snarled curse. "Cyclonus? What's-?" He broke off as he caught sight of Cyclonus' spike. "Oh. Oh. I'm sorry, Cyclonus, I didn't know, I should have knocked, I'm sorry-"
Cyclonus scowled, before looking over Tailgate appraisingly. "Come here."
Tailgate stopped his babbling and stared. "What?"
"Come here."
Tailgate stepped forwards awkwardly. "Um.. I'm sorry. I didn't know you were.. Er, busy. I'll knock next ti- whoa!" Tailgate yelped as Cyclonus grabbed his arm and pulled him up to straddle purple hips. The white mech's faceplates heated up as he felt Cyclonus' spike stiffen against his interface panel. The spike wasn't overly thick, as Tailgate had expected it to be, but it was rather long and slender. Much like Cyclonus himself. "Cycl-"
"Shhh." Cyclonus muttered, grinding his hips against Tailgate, who sucked in a breath as he felt his body heat up and react to the touch. Cyclonus reached down and fingered Tailgate's interface panel. "Open."
"I-I-I haven't been touched in s-six million years." Tailgate whispered nervously. "I think I'm a bit out of practice. The last time I interfaced was-"
Cyclonus growled. "I don't want to hear about who you last interfaced with."
Tailgate fell silent, and couldn't help but shift his hips against Cyclonus to get more friction. "O-okay." He winced slightly as his interface panel retracted. "Ow. It kinda hurts. Maybe I should see Ratchet-"
"You're not going anywhere." Cyclonus internally delighted at the effect his voice had on Tailgate - the little mech shuddered and leaned in closer to Cyclonus' touch.
It took a few moments, but Tailgate felt his valve begin to lubricate. Cyclonus dipped his finger inside, and Tailgate gasped and offlined his optics as sensors that hadn't been stimulated in so long lit up.
"Take off your mask."
Tailgate onlined his optics in surprise. "My... mask?" He asked, even as he retracted the mask.
Cyclonus sat up and pushed Tailgate to his knees on the floor. Cyclonus pushed himself to the edge of the berth and spread his knees. "I trust you know what to do."
Tailgate's optics drifted to between Cyclonus' legs. "Um.. Been a while." He said sheepishly, crawling towards Cyclonus. He had to stand up in order to reach Cyclonus' spike. He dipped his head and wrapped his small hands around the length. He moved his hands up and down tentatively, glancing up at Cyclonus to see if he approved.
Tailgate nodded and tightened his grip, moving his hands more vigorously. He leaned his head down until his mouth was level with Cyclonus' spike, and his glossa slid out to tease it slightly.
Cyclonus growled. "Suck me off."
Tailgate only paused for a moment before obeying, wrapping his mouth around Cyclonus' spike. He couldn't take all of it, as it was too long, so he settled on sucking the amount of spike he could fit in his mouth.
Cyclonus cursed again, but it was more from the waves of pleasure rolling through him than from any anger. He had never been particularly fond of minibots, but if he had known they were as talented with their mouths as Tailgate, he would have taken one to berth a long time ago. Well, he could have tried. Rewind was taken by Chromedome, and Swerve was annoying... Tailgate was the only one who gave him a chance. He supposed he respected the little 'bot for that.
Tailgate's glossa teased the slit at the tip of Cyclonus' spike, causing the larger mech to throw his head back and groan. Tailgate smiled excitedly and ran his glossa from the base of the spike to the tip.
Cyclonus couldn't wait any longer. He wanted Tailgate's valve. "Come here." He growled, lifting Tailgate roughly and setting him on his pelvis again. This time, however, Tailgate wasn't nervous. Anything but, in fact. He grinded against Cyclonus' erect spike, leaving thick smears of lubricant.
As Cyclonus lifted him slightly and prepared to drive his spike into the clenching valve, Tailgate whispered "Will you be gentle?"
Cyclonus stilled and looked up. "What?"
"I haven't done this in a long, long time. Will you be gentle?"
Cyclonus wanted to say no, and then dominate him as hard as he could, but then Tailgate wouldn't let him do this again. And if Tailgate's valve was half as good as it looked, he would definitely want to do this again. "Sure."
Tailgate took the half hearted growl as reassurance, and relaxed. Smiling, he took the still stiff spike and guided it to the edge of his valve. Cyclonus growled as Tailgate's valve circled his spike teasingly, before Tailgate began to lower himself onto it. "Oh!"
Cyclonus rumbled as the little white 'bot stiffened slightly. "Relax." He growled in instruction. Tailgate obeyed, and his valve relaxed as well, allowing the spike to slide in further.
"Ah! Oh..." Tailgate moaned as Cyclonus stimulated sensors that had long been forgotten. "Cyclonus..."
Cyclonus ignored him, beginning to slide in and out of the clenching valve. He realised that having Tailgate be on top was not the most ideal position, and so shifted, rolling over so the minibot was on the bottom. He doubted Tailgate even noticed the change in position, as he was too busy mewling underneath him. For once, Cyclonus was grateful that he didn't have an overly thick spike - if his spike was any thicker, he wouldn't have been able to squeeze into Tailgate's valve. The little 'bot was so tight, Cyclonus could have sworn he was a virgin.
Tailgate moaned and wriggled and Cyclonus slid and out, stimulating sensors and nodes as he went. "Cyclonus.. It feels so good... Primus.. Faster.. Please? Please go faster.."
Cyclonus smirked as Tailgate begged, and obliged, speeding up his thrusts. Tailgate whined and clutched at the purple shoulders above him. He wanted to wrap his legs around Cyclonus' thin waist, but he wasn't big enough. Cyclonus didn't seem to care much about the size difference. If anything, he was getting a kick out of it as Tailgate squirmed underneath him.
"C-Cyclonus... I'm going.. I'm going to.." He stopped talking as his blue optics abruptly went white, and his valve clenched sporadically. He let out a keen and buried his head in Cyclonus' shoulder as overload shook his frame.
The clenching of Tailgate's already tight valve bordered on severe pain and intense pleasure, and it was just what Cyclonus needed to overload. He bit back a moan as his transfluid spurted out in streams, hitting deep seated nodes at the back of Tailgate's valve and triggering another valve-clenching overload, which in turn milked Cyclonus' spike completely dry.
Cyclonus almost crushed Tailgate as his arms gave out, but managed to roll to the side at the last minute. It wouldn't do to squash his new toy. The ex-Decepticon lay back on his berth, completely spent, and shuttered his optics to recharge.
He was not expecting a certain minibot to cuddle up to him. "What are you doing?"
Tailgate smiled dazily, seeming lost in an after-coital haze. "That was great."
Cyclonus rolled his optics as Tailgate snuggled closer. He lifted the smaller mech and set him on the other side of the berth, so that he was trapped between the wall and Cyclonus. "If I had known your valve was that good, I would have taken you a long time ago." Cyclonus murmured in Tailgate's audio.
Tailgate shivered and moved closer, feeling safe with the bigger mech. "I forgive you, by the way."
Cyclonus onlined his optics and stared down at the little 'bot, who was snuggled into his side. "For what?"
"For hitting me. And being mean. And being rude."
Cyclonus thought about that for a very long moment. "I shouldn't have hit you." He conceded at last.
Tailgate glanced up in surprise at the closest thing to an apology he had ever heard from the purple mech. "It's alright. I think you just made it up to me."
Cyclonus rumbled slightly - the closest thing to a laugh for him. "I'll be making it up to you plenty more, if that's the case."
Tailgate smiled. "I'm fine with that." He was quiet for a moment, before he abruptly sat up and kissed Cyclonus hard on the mouth, before settling back down beside the now-bewildered purple mech.
"What was that?"
"Well, we didn't kiss while we were interfacing. Usually, I kiss when I'm interfacing... Otherwise it's weird.. So I thought we should kiss." Tailgate blushed as he explained.
Cyclonus frowned, but said nothing. He silently saved that piece of information for next time. "Hmm."
"Sorry." Tailgate said sheepishly.
Cyclonus turned his red optics on him. "What for?"
"Um.. For kissing you without permission, I guess." Tailgate said, silently wondering if this was the longest conversation he had ever had with Cyclonus.
Cyclonus snorted. "I could have killed you any time I wanted if I hadn't wanted to do something."
"So you wanted to kiss me?"
Cyclonus frowned. How in Primus' name had he gotten that from Cyclonus stating that he could have killed him? He didn't have time to say anything before Tailgate straddled his hips and leaned up to kiss him again. Cyclonus internally rolled his optics, but kissed back to make Tailgate happy.
When they broke apart, Tailgate was blushing. "Can I sleep in your berth tonight?" He whispered.
Cyclonus frowned and glanced across the room to Tailgate's berth. "What's wrong with your berth?"
"You're not in it." Tailgate said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
Usually, Cyclonus may have been annoyed at Tailgate for curling up on his torso and settling down to recharge without his permission, but he was simply too tired. And so he simply lay back and went into recharge with Tailgate on top of him.