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He was relieved to get out of that place. Yesterday was total chaos, a.k.a: the "shower incident." (A/N: Kid somehow bribed Liz with money to go on a shopping spree just to get them to go away. It gave Kid enough time to clean up and replace the mirror in the bathroom. Yes, he had spare MIRRORS. Mirrors break so often he keeps god damn spares.) Thinking he'd spent all that time in that god forbidden freak show manor, it...bothered him tremendously. What good had come out of it; Soul had no clue whatsoever, but his heart ached to be around Kid. The stress was tearing him to shreds at this point.

He was confused.

Terribly bewildered. Not sure which path to take. You get the point, his life was literally turned upside down. And yes, he had just realized that once his emotional tension had caught up to his mental state, which at this moment was falling apart as well. Most days he'd spend half of class staring at the damned reaper, unable to control his wandering eyes, knowing that he wasn't any different than the schoolgirls that stare at him and drown their empty skulls with fantasies that will never come true.

And there were times when Kid had actually caught him staring, causing himself to "lose his cool" and start to panic, only to see the shinigami show such a smile, that only he has most likely witnessed. Maybe he was just going crazy...

He was surprised no one had noticed.


"Soul...? What's the matter?"

"Hm?" He redirected his attention to Maka, whom had currently put aside a very thick looking book.

"You really don't seem much like yourself today...I figured there was something bothering you..."

"I never said I had a problem."

"You didn't. And I know you well enough to tell there's something wrong, so are you willing to tell me?"

Soul sighed to himself, at a loss of what to say. She was right. Typical. What else could he do besides admitting what was bothering him?

"Look, can I please just tell you after school? I really just want to speak to you about it when there isn't anybody else around..." At least it let him escape the situation, temporarily.

"Sure, I'll do anything to help you out. You're my partner after all." Maka replied with her usual caring and big hearted smile, before opening that book she had recently put aside again. Which left Soul with nothing to do, except to be ashamed of himself for getting into this mess. Or stare at Kid some more.

After school, Maka stood out at the entrance of the school waiting for him, much to his despite. And the walk home, in which he thought, was very uneasy and awkward, until Maka had finally brought "it" up.

"So...What's this thing bothering you?"

"What? What thing?"

Maka pulled an unamused face before replying.

"Don't play dumb with me Soul, we both know what I'm talking about you idiot. Now hurry up and tell me or this book will make contact with your skull." The meister referred to the rather large, hard-covered encyclopedia in her hands.

"Alright alright, no need to get physical okay?" Soul took a deep breath and looked down at the sidewalk as he worded out how to go about this.

"Well...do you ever have those times where you know exactly what to do, but you just can't accomplish it? Like its nearly impossible, just because you're you, and you have no control over the situation at all?"

"A situation to where you just can't win? Is that what you're getting at?"

"I guess that explains most of it. But yeah."

"Well, I'm pretty sure I've told you millions of times, but still...you know how Papa was always seeing women behind my mother's back? How he became a lying, cheating bastard, just because he said he loved Mama but never showed it?"

Soul nodded, just as Maka took a deep breath.

"I wanted to confront him so badly, to show him how bad he was hurting the family. But I knew that I was just a little girl who had no power over the situation. And I regret not confronting him earlier, because look how everything turned out. Mama left him to obtain the happiness papa failed to fulfill. And not even me, his own daughter, trusts him. But it just shows there are things life wants you to wait out, no matter how bad everything might turn out, you know?"

"But...that's the thing Maka...I don't want to wait it out. I really wish it could go the way I want it to go, I mean, everything is just so confusing right now, and it has been since like, forever."

"By now I really can't help you if I don't know what the problem is Soul..."

"Shit." Soul had realized what "little" problem he's gotten himself into now, in which there's obviously no backing out, whatsoever. But its just like Maka said; you have to let it unfold, even if it doesn't turn out how he wants it, right? He took a deep breath before answering.

"I uh-sorta...you know...like somebody..." Soul looked off to the side to hide the apparent color rising to his cheeks. But what he failed to see was the smile on Maka's face slowly disappearing into a face of... Uneasiness? Disgust? Confusion? It could be a mixture of both for all I know.

"I have to say this is pretty weird, for the fact that you really never pay attention to all the other girls that fail to seduce you... What makes this girl different from the others?" Soul almost died. He never agreed to this shit... (A/N: Yes you did Soul.)

"Well, that's the other thing too... I-It's not a...girl." God kill him now.

"She is definitely mad. She is losing her cool, brace yourself for massive brain damage because there is likely chance Maka is going to flip shit."

"W-well...who is it then..?"

Soul refused to answer. He chose not to answer. He was not going to give all this information to Maka like a donation for the gossip department. We all know Maka can't really deal with keeping gossip worthy information, especially around Liz, who seems to have telepathic ability to find out whether or not people are harboring deep dark secrets. As soon as Liz pressures her to reveal everything, she just breaks down, spewing out ridiculous info she has stored up in that big, fat head of hers, just so the damn weapon will back off. Telling her his biggest crush was a fucking guy was already a mistake, but no. This is going too damn far.

"Well..? Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to get back to your idiotic senses and tell me who it is? You just can't fall in love with a random guy off the street can you? Unless its that stupid 'true love at first sight' thing, which is highly unlikely..." Maka studied Soul's expression and sighed in frustration.

"I chose to talk about what was wrong you today since I thought it was getting way out of hand... I'm just trying to help you Soul. You've been acting weird probably since...that week I kicked you out for the day for whatever reason I don't remember... I think I said you weren't helping around the apartment like you were supposed to...and then I believe you stayed at Kid's house..." Maka trailed off again and ruffled her eyebrows, thinking things out, and frowned in realization.

"...It's Kid...isn't it?"

Soul grumbled something uncomprehendable, (probably an insult not needed to be heard by anyone)

"Whoop-de-fucking-do, you finally figured it out. Now why don't you go yell out to the entire world what a pathetic loser I am for falling in love with a shinigami freak?" Soul turned his back to Maka, shoving his hands in his pockets. At least he didn't have to be the one to tell her...

"Now if you would excuse me, I'm going home to barricade myself in my room for a couple of days if you don't mind."

"Soul, the reason I'm here is to help you. How many times do I have to tell you that until you finally get some damn sense into your mind? And insulting yourself isn't the way to solve your problem. Solitary confinement isn't either. And if you expect help from me, you better start acting like it, or else solitary confinement in a hospital due to a cracked skull would be a requirement."

"So, you aren't mad..?"

"Of course not you idiot, why would I be mad at something you can't control?" Soul gave her a dumbfounded look. Maka groaned in irritation.

"I'm saying you can't control who you fall in love with Soul. Did you not listen to my advice back there?! Or did you listen but you were so stupid and dumb that you couldn't comprehend anything that I said?"

"There isn't a need to insult me you know..." Soul narrowed his eyes at Maka, whom did the same.

"Like you haven't been insulting yourself already you dummy. Now lets hurry up and get home. It was your turn to cook, but I guess I'll cook instead, you know...just because." The scythe chuckled to himself.

"What the hell is so funny?" Maka growled, gritting her teeth in anger.

"Oh nothing, it's just a little funny how sometimes you try to act like you don't care, when you clearly do."

Before he knew it, there was an encyclopedia embedded into his dented skull, which is physically impossible, considering the fact that he was still painfully conscious on the concrete.

"Who's to say you aren't the same yourself you idiot?!" Soul got back up and rubbed his head.

"Looks like someone's on her period..."


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