Author's Note:

Okay guys this is a new story that I'm working on and it's the first M rated that I've done so you have to be patient with me. Also this is an MxM or Slash story so if you don't like that kind of stuff don't read. This will also contain cussing, sex, drugs, stripping, prostitution, and other things. The main characters in this will be Scott (of course), Stiles, Jackson, Danny, and Isaac. The minor characters will be Derek, Allison, Lydia, Matt, Erika, Boyd, Melissa, Sheriff Stilinski , and Chris. And the recurring characters will be Peter, Gerard, Dr. Alan Deaton, Victoria, Mr. Lahey, Kate, and Laura. I also will be adding oc's in the story, so I hope you enjoy it.

(Scott's POV)

I was just leaving from my first night job and heading home to get some rest before I leave out for my last job of the day. Work really takes a toll on me but I have to do what I can to make money for myself and my mother, who's letting me live in her house. I'm nineteen years old and still living with my mother, I must be pathetic. Actually it's not that bad of a thing a lot of people still live with their parents at my age but not with the kind of jobs I do. My day job is okay because I'm a vet's assistance, but it doesn't pay as well as I like it to, which is why I have the two night jobs.

The first job is where a work as a stripper at a club called Blue Moon. The club is opened all week, except Sundays from nine to two, but I only work on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from nine to eleven. In this job we are required to wear costumes every now and then. I also have to entertain men and women here so every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; it's men's night and every Tuesday and Thursday it's women's night out. But on Saturday it's a mixture of both men and women, which means more dough for me. The bad thing about it though is that you have to be twenty-one to work there, so I got a fake ID to get the job. The boss couldn't resist hiring me because I'm young, hot, and new.

The other job however is worse than being a stripper; I'm a prostitute. I work as a prostitute every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at midnight. I find a way to seduce anyone that can afford my time, but I only have a limit of five clients. My first client is Adrian Harris, who was my chemistry teacher before I graduated high school. Next is Erika Reyes, she had a crush on me since tenth grade and when she found out about what I did she still couldn't resist me. My third client is a boy name Petey, its short for Peter. Brian is the fourth client and he was a guy on my lacrosse team back in high school, so sometimes we talk before or after sex, which is why he's my favorite. Lastly and certainly the least is Chris Argent. The bad thing about him is that I'm dating his daughter. He never liked me from the beginning but when he found out what I did, he blackmailed me into pleasuring him or he would tell Allison, so I had to give in into his demands.

Out of everyone that I know no one knows of my secret, except of Chris and my best friend Harley, who always try to get me to quit. She always tells me that there is a better way of making money, but I always blow her off. The main fact is that she doesn't want me to hurt Allison and I don't want to hurt her either.

I turned on the street where my house is located and she my mom's car in the drive way. She's usually at work about this time, so something must have happened. I hurry up the stairs and open the door.

"Mom, what's going on", I called out loud, entering into the house, awaiting my mom to reply. "Why are you not at work?"

I sit down on the sofa and realized that I missed the boxes that were sitting by the front door. I went over and opened one of the boxes and saw that it was all my stuff in it. I turned and saw my mom entering the room with another box in her hands with all my precious items.

"Mom, why are you packing up all my things?"

"Because Scott it's time for you to go", she simply stated.

"What do you mean go?"

"I mean that it's time for you to leave the nest", she put one hand on my cheek. "And fly away my little birdy."

She walked away from me and went into the kitchen, with me pursuing her. She grabbed herself a cup of water from the hydrant. She was looking at me cautiously waiting for me to object to the idea, which I surely was about to do.

"You know most parents would hate for their children to leave home for the first time." u

She simply smiled before responding, "I'm not most parents. And besides I let you live here for one year after you graduated. At least I didn't kick you out when you entered college. Speaking of which why didn't you want to live in a dorm again?"

"Because I don't like sharing a room with a complete stranger I don't know", I lied. The truth was that I wouldn't actually mind living in a dorm and getting away from my mother, but I can't have my roommate questioning me about what I do and plus I wouldn't make it to curfew on time with the jobs I have. "So when exactly do you want me to move out?"


"Wait, what?" I strolled over to my mom giving her pleading puppy dog eyes. "But mom that's not enough time to get another place. That's going to take all day to look for a place to stay."

"Well it's a good thing that you don't have to work tomorrow", she said, kissing me on the forehead. "Now get some sleep you have a busy day ahead of you." She left the kitchen and all I hear was the front door slam shut as she went to work. I couldn't even bring myself to move as she just left me shell-shocked.

For the next thirty minutes I got prepared for my night out to go see Mr. Argent, which is what he likes me to call him. I took a quick shower before heading out to meet Chris. The worst thing about today is that I was supposed to spend this time with Allison but instead I have to be with her father because of his demand, I mean how selfish can a person get.

I walked six blocks over to a new burger joint that I liked named Burt's Burgers. The place really isn't new, I've been going here since I was little but I was freshly painted. When I entered the restaurant I was greeted by Burt himself. Burt is one of the most nice, happy, fun, and generous man I've ever known. Burt placed his arm around my shoulders and maneuvered me over to the counter, so that I could sit in a stool.

The burger joint isn't really that big but it's enough to fit maybe twenty people at a time. A new waitress that I didn't recognize was about to hand me a menu but Burt held his hand In front of her to dismiss it.

"He'll take a huge burger, large fries, and Dr. Pepper, with a slice of apple pie before he leaves. "

The waitress nodded her head as she wrote down the order and sent it to back to the cook. Burt laughed as the new girl scurried over to another table.

"So, why exactly do you have my order memorized?" I asked him playfully.

"I don't know?" he smirked. "Maybe because you order the same thing every time"

"Maybe it's because I'm not big on change"

"So I'm guessing you didn't take kindly on your mother kicking you out then?"

"How did you know about that?"

"I'm the one that gave her the idea", he said proudly.


"No", he admits. "But she told me about it when she came over here earlier and I tried to convince her to let you stay a little longer but she wasn't having it."

"Thanks anyway." See this is what I mean about Burt. He has always been there to help me out and even if he doesn't say it I know he did everything he could to persuade my mom to let me stay. He has been more of a father to me than my actual father. He was at all my lacrosse and soccer games, he came to my graduation, attended father and son camp with me with I was little, and even help me get my first date in middle school. He has always given me wise advice, which is why he is awesome.

"So do you know where you going", he ask concern.

"No", I shook my head.

"Well it's just so happens that I looked into some building and find the perfect one for you", he said as he handed me a piece of paper with an address on it. "Look at the place and if you like get it."

"Thanks Burt", I said slipping the paper into my back pocket. "I don't know how to repay you."

"Well", he laughed. "Whenever this place goes out of business and I need to retire you have to pay for an old forks home for me."

"I personally think that you're too good for an old forks him", the waitress came back with my order and placed it in front of me. "And I'm pretty sure that this place will never go down."

Burt laughed even more and I and he talked until it was about time for me to leave and meet up with the devil's son himself. I leave the burger joint and walked down to a motel that was not far away. When I see Chris's car in the parking lot, I knew that he was ready for me and been waiting for a good ten minutes, which I delayed on purpose. I refuse to let him have complete power over me.

I walk over to room ten and opened the door, which a soft creek was heard as I entered the room. There was nothing special about the room and it only had one lamp, a TV, and a bed, which Chris was sitting on facing me, with a scowl on his face.

"You're late", he stated the obvious.

"I know, but not everything is on your terms", I said with bitterness in my voice.

"Well apparently I am since you're missing the night with my daughter."

I hate that he could use Allison as a way to get under my skin and shut me up. He motions for me to come over to him and I slowly did. When I was in front of him I lowered myself onto my knee and prepared myself for the worse. I swallowed and took a deep breath before unzipping his pants and pulling them down. He lowered his boxers to reveal his pulsing seven-inch penis.

I closed my eyes before putting the mushroom shape head of the penis into my mouth. I began sucking on it softly, causing the older man to whimper slightly. I lowered myself onto his dick and took the whole thing into my mouth. I open my eyes and see that he threw his head back in the lustful event, so I continue sucking harder. I took my mouth off his dick to catch a breather but he was quick to keep me performing for him so I complied. I licked my tongue up and down his dick and took his balls into my mouth, sucking on the sacks. I covering his whole dick in saliva before putting it back into my mouth and letting it hit the back of my throat. It's a good thing that I've practice deep throating or I would be choking right now. I started playing with is balls, rolling them in my hands, until I felt them tighten, so I ready myself for the impact. Chris put his hands to the back of my head to hold me into place with his whole dick in my mouth as he exploded. All the white goo exited his dick hole and entered my mouth. I swallowed all his white cream because he likes it when I do, but the taste of him is just too horrible for me to enjoy it and it always leaves a bitter taste, which is why I eat before I meet him. His dick begins to soften again but I continue licking it until all the cum has disappeared off him and into my mouth.

Chris lay back on his back on the bed as I finished. I stand up wiping my mouth and chin of the reminding foul stinch.

"You know you get better each time", Chris said using his elbows to keep him propped up.

"Spare me the 'that was amazing' and give me my money."

"Wow feisty", Chris grabbed a twenty and five dollar bills out of his pocket. "Here you go." He mocked.

The worse thing is that he gets the pay half the price of my other client, but I'm grateful that all he wants each time is a blow job and not fuck me. In all honesty I have never been fuck in the ass because I think that it's disgusting. I'm glad that no one has asked for actual sex, other than Erika, but she's a girl so I will do that one. I'm actually straight and like girls, but I give boys blowjobs and let them touch me because they pay more than most girls.

"So same time next week?" he asked knowingly.

I nodded my head but all I could think about was 'fuck you, asshole'. I left the room and made my way back home to finish the packing that my mom started and get ready for the home searching. My life is started to be a bummer.