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"Kurt, you look fine," Rachel insisted for the third time, looking at her best friend and roommate as he tried desperately to make his hair do what he wanted it to.

"Fine?" He repeated, grabbing the hairspray. "Rach, this guy is 22. He's gorgeous, talented, and British. Do you really think 'fine' is going to cut it?"

She grabbed the hairspray out of his hand before he could use any more. "Stop. You look amazing, okay? Adam's a lucky guy. You're just as gorgeous and talented as he is, and so what if he's British?"

Kurt turned to look at her as if she was crazy.

"Okay, you're right. The accent is... Nice. But do you seriously think Adam is going to care about how tall your hair is, because if you get it any higher, you won't fit through the door." she laughed, but Kurt only sighed. "Look, this guy really likes you. It's obvious. All the times he 'ran into you' - come on, Kurt, he's got it bad. And you look hot. So go get him!"

This time Kurt did laugh. "You're right, I'm being stupid."

"I know I'm right. Now hurry up, he's picking you up in five minutes!" she hugged him tight for a second, then bounded off to call Brody.

Turning to the mirror, Kurt gave himself one last look over. He'd borrowed the jacket from Isabelle - who had still been calling him every day - she had brought it over earlier, insisting that it was a cast-off from work. The label reading $300 had told him otherwise.

There were circles around his eyes from nights spent studying - circles that were barely discernible, but they were there. His skin was pale, his eyes unspectacular. How could Adam like him?

And then he remembered the not-quite coincidences, the bumping into each other in hallways, the texts that he had been receiving several times a day since Adam gave him his number, the looks that he thought he was imagining.

He could do this. He deserved this.

"Kurt! Adam's here!"

He gave his reflection one last, fleeting look, grabbing a scarf Adam had complimented yesterday and winding it around his neck. "Coming!" he called back, his voice coming out steadier than he expected. Had he been this nervous for his first date with Blaine? Yes, but now wasn't the time to be thinking about his ex-boyfriend.

Kurt walked out of his room and to the front door, where Adam was standing. His hair was swept to the side, and he was holding out a bouquet of burgundy roses. He felt his breath hitch in his throat as, ever the hopeless romantic, he remembered the meaning. Unconscious beauty.

"Hi," he said finally, if a little breathlessly. "You look... Gice. I mean, nice. I was going to say good, but then I started to say nice, I..." he trailed off, flushing scarlet red. Great. Not even five minutes in and he'd already made a fool out of himself.

Adam chuckled. "Okay, well you look 'gice', too," he said, a cheeky sort of smile on his face. "Here." he held out the flowers.

He took them, blushing even harder when their fingers brushed. "Thank you. These are lovely, you shouldn't have-"

"Well, I saw them when I was walking here, and I thought of you. And I remember you saying you liked roses, and the ribbon matches your eyes." He said, while Kurt looked for something to put them in. He grabbed a vase - Rachel's, but he deserved some sort of payment for putting up with Brody constantly being over - and carefully filled it with water.

He turned back, smiling widely. This guy was... Unbelievable. Of course, Blaine had done plenty of romantic things for him, but it was months before he was interested in Kurt. Two weeks. He'd known Adam two weeks, and he really seemed to like him.

"Ready to go? There's a great place I know not that far away from here. I can't vouch for the coffee, but I promise that their tea is fantastic." he winked, and Kurt almost dropped the vase.

"Yeah. Just give me a sec-" he put the vase safely on the counter, ducking his head into Rachel's room. "I'll be back soon, okay? No sex on the couch!" He ducked, avoiding the pillow she threw at him with ease.

Still grinning, Kurt practically skipped back to Adam. "Let's go, before I suffer caffeine withdrawal."

Adam laughs loudly, and Kurt's heart flutters.

They'd ended up in a cute little café that wasn't too busy, and had a playful fight over who was going to pay. Kurt had insisted that he'd asked him out, so he should pay, but Adam countered that it was him who'd suggested they should come here and actually set their date. In the end, Adam won, only because he warned Kurt that if he didn't let him pay, he'd sing him a reprise of Baby Got Back right there.

Kurt had given in immediately, laughing as Adam looked rather pleased with himself.

They'd got a little table in the corner, and Kurt had barely sat down when Adam instantly started questioning him.

"Where are you from?" the older boy asked, adding sugar to his tea while he spoke.

"Uh, Ohio. Just a small town in Ohio. I would ask you the same thing, but..."

"It's pretty obvious, yeah," he finished with a grin. "I grew up in London, and came over here for college."

"I've always wanted to go to London... What's it like?"

From there on in, they chatted constantly about everything, their families, friends, favourite James Bond... And Kurt knew it was only a matter of time before Adam asked him about his ex that he mentioned more often than he should.

"So, this 'ex' you keep mentioning..."

Ah. There it was.

"Was it... Long ago?" Adam rested his chin in his hand as he talked, looking intently at Kurt.

He shrugged. "It's been a few months. I'm over it. We had a great thing, he cheated on me. It hurt a lot, but I've finally forgiven him and moved on."

Why was that so easy to say? Kurt had been so worried about talking about Blaine again, but why? Saying it, he realised it was true: He was over Blaine. Yes, he still loved him, but not like that anymore. And he was sure they'd always be friends, and he'd always remember their relationship. Blaine was his first love.

But that was over now, and he was moving on. There were other guys that were actually interested in him - guys that looked at him appreciatively in hallways when he was wearing a particularly tight pair of jeans, or his hair was styled to perfection.

And then there was Adam.

Adam, who definitely liked him. There was no 'maybe' anymore. He wanted to be with him, he wanted Kurt - and that was unbelievable. But it was also amazing.


Adam's voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and he looked up suddenly. "Sorry. Sorry, I was just thinking."

The older man's gaze seemed to soften as he tilted his head, smiling that smile that Kurt was beginning to come to know. "About what?"


It slipped out before he could stop it, and he ducked his head in embarrassment. But Adam just reached across the table, grabbing his hand.

He didn't let go, not even when they'd finished their drinks and left the café, walking out into the streets of New York together.

And God, Kurt was not complaining.

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