"Room…. 227… " Kagami Taiga stopped at the dark wooden door beside Room 227 and tried to make out the number plate. The light beside the door was broken, but he guessed that it was his room. He stuck his keycard into the slot, but the red light flashed and beeped.

He stepped back and ran a hand through his hair and sighed. Kagami didn't want to be here, in the first place. After the drinking party with his friends from the University's basketball club, he had passed out and woken up somewhere unpleasant.

Kagami had woken up in a girl's apartment, with her prowling on top of him, ready to… He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the memory. He didn't even know who she was, and how the hell he had ended up there. Kagami had bolted out of the flat as fast as he could, only to realize that the last train had already left, and he was stuck in the middle of nowhere. It was too far to walk back to the dorms, so he had opted for checking in at a random hotel.

He was irritated as hell.

Kagami cursed and turned the door knob just to give it a shot. To his surprise, it opened, and he pushed the door open. There was a small light open near the bed, but otherwise, it was pitch black. He shut the door behind him, and peeled off his jacket. He tossed it onto the sofa in the corner of the room and peeled off his shirt. He was so tired that he could fall asleep standing.


Kagami almost let out a girlish scream at the voice that had suddenly spoken. He turned around to see a figure sitting on the bed.

"Holy fuck! You scared me!" Kagami said in a loud voice. He hadn't noticed that there was anyone else in the room. Kagami took a closer look, and saw that it was a small blue-haired male dressed in a dark indigo yukata. His face was expressionless, and his slender neck gave way to a small patch of bare skin on his chest. His limbs were fragile and thin. Kagami wondered how such delicate people existed.

Why was he wearing a yukata anyways? This wasn't a ryokan.

"You're wondering why I'm wearing this right…?" The boy said quietly, "It was in the closet, so I thought…"

He stood up and Kagami looked down at his small stature; he was extremely short as well.

"…This is my first time…" He muttered and bit his lower lip nervously. Kagami felt even more confused at the situation. Suddenly, he placed his hands on Kagami's bare chest, and ran them over his muscles.

What the hell was going on? Kagami gaped at the boy as he continued to feel his way up Kagami's hard chest. His thumb brushed against a nipple and Kagami twitched. If he were to burst into a fit right now, the guy would probably be scared out of his wits. Kagami lightly grasped the boy's wrists (how were they so thin?) to stop his hands. Instead of stopping, the boy tilted his head up and stared at Kagami's lips.

Kagami really wasn't tired anymore.

Instead, he could feel his pants growing tighter at the tension in the room, and his heartbeat was pounding through his ears. No, no way. He didn't want this. He didn't even know who this was… but on the other hand, he really hadn't had sex in a long time. Kagami ground his teeth together in an effort to control himself.

"Don't worry…" The boy noticed Kagami's unease and misinterpreted it. "I've cleaned and everything… and I don't have any diseases…" He said all this in a sullen and quiet voice.

All this time, his expression hadn't changed, but a light blush now dusted his cheeks.

"I-" He tried to say something, but he stopped himself. Kagami's erection was getting way too bothersome for him to just walk away from this situation. His eyes dropped to his pale neck, and the expanse of skin that he could now see underneath the yukata.

He let go of the boy's wrists, and they went straight around Kagami's head. He felt himself being pulled down, and their lips met in a clumsy and embarrassing kiss. Kagami's hands went around the boy's slender waist and brought their bodies closer. He could feel that he was hard as well, and Kagami tilted his head to deepen the kiss. They stood there for a while, giving each other nervous and open-mouthed kisses. The only thoughts running through his head were yes, and more.

The boy was kissing him back with an almost feverish eagerness, and Kagami slipped his tongue in. He jerked back at the contact, but slowly relaxed and let his tongue run across Kagami's. He smelt so damn good and his hair felt soft as Kagami ran his fingers through his blue locks.

He wasn't sure how long they had been kissing for, but they had somehow moved to the bed, with the boy underneath him wrapping his legs around Kagami's hips.

Kuroko considered this as a confirmation of his sexuality. He knew that he was attracted to men, but he didn't dare admit it to himself until he had some sort of concrete evidence. Kuroko didn't have the guts to approach any men, and after mulling over the situation for several weeks, he decided to do something dangerous.

He had called up an agency and asked for a male escort. As he waited in the appointed hotel, he didn't expect himself to be so calm. Kuroko had sat on the bed for a good hour before someone had even walked in. Then, he had started to get nervous.

Funny enough, he hadn't even noticed Kuroko sitting on the bed, but that was to be expected. What wasn't expected, was how hot he had turned out to be. How the hell did he have that six-nearing-on-eight pack? He had an intimidating expression but Kuroko made sure to show no signs of emotion.

We really are worlds apart, huh. Kuroko thought to himself.

Now that they were kissing on the bed, all his rational thoughts were flung out the window and he could only focus on the head gathering at his crotch and the hard lips moving skillfully over his own. A pair of strong hands groped over his chest and pulled the yukata aside.

At that moment, Kuroko felt desired. It was such a strange feeling, receiving so much attention, when he usually got none at all. He didn't mind being invisible half the time, but the feeling of someone's attentions focused solely on his body was extremely refreshing.

The lips left his own and he nearly gasped at the loss of sensation, but they soon attached themselves to his neck and started moving down. The man started to lick, bite, and suckle his way down to his chest. He untied the yukata and pulled it roughly off. Kuroko shivered as the cold air came in contact with his skin and reddened when he remembered that he wasn't wearing anything underneath. He pasted a neutral expression on his face when the man started to take in every inch of Kuroko's bare body.

Kuroko noticed the guy's erection, and breathed a sigh of relief in his head. The attraction was mutual.

He seemed completely comfortable with taking the initiative, so Kuroko leaned his head back into the pillow and closed his eyes. He heard the rustle of clothes and when he opened his eyes again, the guy was stripped down to the bone. Kuroko gaped at his muscular thighs and arms, wondering how he managed to land a night with this guy.

Oh right. Money, of course. It was a pity that this guy sold his body for a living.

"Did you bring the lube?" The man asked.

"There's a bag on the floor near the foot of the bed." Kuroko pointed. He closed his eyes again and there was the rustling of plastic and a plastic cap being popped open. He felt his legs being spread apart and Kuroko almost gave up.

I don't think I can do this. Kuroko's breath hitched as a finger slick with cool lube probed his behind.

"Relax." He said gently.

Kuroko clenched his jaw tightly and tried to will his body to calm down.


The feeling of someone else's finger entering his behind was foreign and strange. He worked his finger around until Kuroko felt slightly more relaxed. He felt a second finger slip in without much difficulty. They began to work deeper and Kuroko wondered why this was making him even harder and hotter. After a few silent minutes, he withdrew his fingers and Kuroko's heart began to beat even faster.

Here it comes.

He felt his hips being lifted up, and his eyes flashed open when a wet tongue ran around the rim of his hole. He clamped his mouth shut despite that moans that were threatening to bubble up from his throat. His tongue was creating amazing sensations that were causing Kuroko to twitch involuntarily.

He allowed a single breathy groan to escape and he felt his hips being lowered back to the bed, legs still spread wide open. Something large pressed against his behind again, and started to enter.

Kuroko was trying to chant a mantra in his head to relax, but he knew he was clenching down hard.

When he thought that he couldn't take anymore, he took a peek and saw that he wasn't even halfway in.

Oh god.

Kuroko tried to adjust to the feeling of something large filling him up from his behind, but it somehow aroused him too to think that he was actually going through with the sex.

He felt the guy's hips against his bottom and he knew that he was entirely filled. He started to move against Kuroko and his cock, slick with lube, slid in and out easily. The raw feeling of the length moving inside of him made him gasp and his breath was caught in his throat. The man was moving slowly, and when it stopped hurting, a different sensation took over.

With every hard thrust, a bolt of pleasure travelled down his own cock and up his spine. Strong hands took a hold of his hips and Kuroko hooked his legs around the guy's waist. His eyelids fluttered open and he saw the red-head watching him with huge and dilated pupils. He had a tortured expression on his face.

"What's your name?" Kuroko whispered.

There was a beat of silence before he replied.

"Kagami," He said in a low voice, "You?"

Kuroko never took off his eyes off Kagami's for a single second.


Kagami began to move his hips again and he threw his head back. He didn't know anal sex could be so pleasurable. Kuroko's neck began to feel stiff as he tensed up from the pleasure. Kagami increased his strength and a moan slipped out of Kuroko's lips.

"Why are you so quiet?" Kagami said hoarsely, without stopping. "Ungh…"

"Hah…" He breathed, "Don't want the neighbours to hear, right?" It was a lame excuse, but he accepted it anyways.

He wasn't how long it was, but Kuroko was on the verge of a climax, but just couldn't reach it. He lifted a hand to grab his own erection, ran his fingers over the tip, and pumped in time to Kagami's thrusts.

He gave up trying to keep quiet, and incoherent words began to spill from his mouth.

"Mmm… God… Oh god…" Kagami's rhythm grew erratic and the loud slap of skin on skin grew in volume.

"Shit." Kagami cursed as he began to spill himself.

"Kuroko…" He leaned his head back as he climaxed and Kuroko jerked at the sensation of cum filling up his inside. The feeling grew to be too much for him, and he felt himself spurting onto his own hand. Kagami continued to thrust through their climaxes and eventually slowed.

They stayed in that position for a few minutes, allowing their breathing to slow.

Afterwards, Kagami had carried Kuroko into the shower and cleaned him off, but it had turned into round two against the tiled walls. Kuroko knew that his muscles were going to be sore as hell tomorrow after they had sex a third time on the bed, and he marvelled at Kagami's endurance and how he never seemed to get exhausted.

The next morning, he left the money on the bedstead when he woke up, and slipped out of the hotel room as fast as he could. As he left the hotel room, he knew that he would never be seeing Kagami again, but he silently thanked him for a night of amazing sex… As Kuroko made his way back to the university, he felt as if his legs were about to give way any moment. When he finally got on the train, he plopped down on the closest seat he could find and tried to massage his thighs.

"Kuroko!" A voice approached him and he turned around to see Hyuuga Junpei standing beside him. Kuroko was surprised that he was even noticed. Maybe he was exuding some sort of post-sex aura that made him have more of a presence.

"Where were you last night?" He inquired curiously.

Kuroko carved his expression in granite and said in a light tone, "What about last night?"

Don't worry. He can't possibly know.

"The party! The first meeting of the basketball club, of course." Hyuuga said exasperatedly.

"I forgot," Kuroko said, "And why is the first meeting of the basketball club a drinking party?"

"It's the only way I could get everyone… but you… to come all at the same time," He crossed his arms and suddenly froze at the sight of something.

"…What is it?" Kuroko said blankly.

He lifted his hand and pulled Kuroko's t-shirt down an inch.

"What is that?" Hyuuga tapped an area on his chest and Kuroko looked down to see a dark patch of skin standing starkly in the midst of his pale body.

"I'm not sure, actually." Kuroko said honestly.

Hyuuga gave him a gaping look.

"Are you… serious?" His mouth hung open, "Are you honestly telling me… you don't know what thing is? Or how you got it?"

The train started to slow to a stop and Hyuuga sat down on the seat beside Kuroko's to avoid falling over. Kuroko rubbed the skin and stared at it for a few seconds.

"Yes. I'm serious," Kuroko looked at Hyuuga with a dead set expression. The other boy frowned and tapped Kuroko's chest.

"That, is a hickey. And something tells me that there's more down there," Hyuuga said blatantly. Kuroko was silent for a few minutes while he took this information in.

"It's complicated," he said.

Hyuuga turned towards him again.

"I won't pry, but if you need someone to talk to…" Hyuuga trailed off and took his phone out of his pocket to check an incoming message.

Kuroko took a glance at the Hyuuga's phone and saw that it was a picture SMS from Aida Riko. Hyuuga opened the photo in full-screen and Kuroko saw that it was a group photo from the drinking party last night.

"You all look dead drun- Wait." Kuroko grabbed Hyuuga's hand and brought it closer to himself.

"Who is that?" Kuroko pointed to a figure in the photo.

"Oh. That guy, he's new. Coach says that he has huge potential." Hyuuga shrugged.

"What's his name?" Kuroko swallowed with difficulty.

"Kagami, Kagami Taiga."

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