Chapter 21 – Titans Complete


Finally he was back in Jump. Finally fighting crime again instead of running drills with Bruce. Finally ready to take his new uniform and alias- all conceived by himself with help from Alfred and Bruce- for a spin.

That's right. With Jason doing boot camp with Bruce now, a few decisions had to be made. Should Robin continue to be Robin and have Jason get his own identity? Jason had come up with Red Robin on his own. It was a nice portmanteau of the Red X identity and the Robin identity, and part of Robin wanted to cling to the green, red, and yellow. But it wasn't right anymore.

So, he passed the suit on to Jason. Jason, of course, made a bunch of cracks about dressing like a stoplight and going by a girl's name (it wasn't!) and the nice-boy cape instead of the usual tattered ends. Not to mention complaining about relinquishing his villain status in favor of a good-guy, a sidekick, no less.

Upon returning, Robin- now Nightwing- had to show his friends his new digs. Cyborg made fun of him for the symbol ("Can't ditch the bird-brain insult, huh?") and Beast Boy commented on the new shape of his mask, and he asked if he had any extra Robin uniforms laying around and if the position was open, adding something about a Beast Boy Wonder. Raven didn't have much to say, except that now he looked like a bruise instead of streetlight. His friends really knew how to be supportive.

He was antsy. Because he was helping out with training Jason, he couldn't come back as soon as he wanted. It'd been a month since the Brotherhood of Evil had been frozen (they were unfrozen now, held in secure prisons around the world, kept separate on purpose), and Robin was getting worried that the Titans didn't need him. They were relieved he was back, though, so that was good.

The holdup with Jason meant that Starfire had been back for a while, while he'd been stuck in Gotham. He'd asked and the rest of the Titans hadn't heard from her. She hadn't been active and the others didn't know where her penthouse was, so they couldn't even check.

Cyborg made a big dinner celebrating Nightwing's arrival back at the Tower, so he had to stay for that, and then Beast Boy and Cyborg guilted him into playing video games for an hour or two. By the time he got out of there, it was past eleven. He took the N-cycle. He loved the N-cycle. He designed it after the bikes he'd seen on his trip into the future, although of course he couldn't copy all the tech. He'd painted it black and blue to match his uniform, with silver accents because it looked awesome. He didn't go so far as to call the bike his baby, but he wasn't very far from that.

He rode into the wealthy part of the city, then tested out the grappling hooks that were stored in the gauntlets on his wrists, swinging up to roof.

He landed on the flat roof and he took a deep breath. He couldn't just go in there and kiss her senseless. First of all, he was Nightwing. She might not recognize him. Second, she hadn't actually kissed Robin, so even if she did recognize him, she would still be confused.

He didn't have to worry about that, though. Her penthouse was empty and all the lights were off. Empty! He'd waited weeks for this, and her penthouse was empty. He was about to try the beach when his communicator rang. Cyborg's face appeared when he flipped it open.

"What's the trouble?" Nightwing asked, annoyed at the interruption.

"Your welcoming committee," Cyborg answered with an amused smirk.

"Huh?" That could be any number of people. Professor Chang, who'd had a grudge against Robin since the whole xynothium thing, Mumbo, Mad Mod… Slade…

"Hot alien chick's trying to get your attention. She's at the jeweler's on Main."

"Oh. I'll meet you guys there in-"

"Uh uh," Cyborg interrupted, shaking his head. "Me, Rae, and BB are stayin' outta this. Well, I mean, we got a pool goin', but other than that-"


"It's all you, Romeo. Go get 'er."

He felt himself blush and he scowled at Cyborg. "Um… thanks?"

That was unpleasant. He slid the communicator into a hidden compartment on his suit- he wasn't quite used to not having a belt yet- and grappled away to Main Street.

The jeweler's looked inviting. The door was swung all the way open. Which was unusual, to say the least. He approached the open door and examined it. Lock picking classes from either Catwoman or the Brotherhood's villain classes showed- the door wasn't damaged at all and the windows weren't broken.

"Starfire?" he called stepping into the shop. Nothing was broken or taken as far as he could tell. It was all very neat. "Star?"

He was tackled into the wall by orange and… purple? Shaking his head to clear it, Nightwing almost bumped noses with Starfire. She was squinting at him, head tilted. "Robin?" she asked, confused.

She was thrown by the outfit. She was supposed to be. The switch between himself and Jason was supposed to be seamless. The story was, Robin quits the Titans for good, Nightwing joins as the new leader.

"Yeah, it's me," he said.

Her suspicious expression gave way to a happy smile and she threw her arms around his neck. "I have missed you!" she told him, speaking into his chest. "I was in Gotham for a short while, but our paths did not cross. How have you been?"

Nightwing pushed her away a little and tilted her head back, his hand cupping her chin. "I've been fine. You changed your uniform," he observed, dropping his hands and appraising her.

She was so happy, she lifted her arms over her head and twirled before leaping into the air. "Yes. And you have changed yours!"

"I like the purple." God, he was horrible at flirting.

She giggled at him. "I like the blue." Landing in front of him, she raised her hand to the symbol on his chest.

He took her wrist and tugged her closer to him. She raised her eyes to his curiously.

"Starfire…" he mumbled. He was supposed to explain to her right then. Tell her that he was Dick Grayson and hey guess what, they'd already kissed three times and now it was seriously time to define the relationship.

But… but she was close to him now and they were touching. He hadn't factored touching into the equation, even if that touch was just his fingers around her wrist. It was enough to make his pulse shoot up and his palms sweat under the Nomex.

"Yes?" she asked softly in response to her name.

He froze for a moment, dropping her wrist quickly. He opened his mouth to talk, but he couldn't get any words out. He sighed at himself and cupped her face in his hands, tilting her head back and kissing her softly.

She was rigid, and he hoped that was surprise and not indignant shock. After a second, she fisted his suit in her hands and pulled him closer to her.

They were kissing finally. A real kiss, where they both knew exactly who the other person was.

Well, that wasn't true, was it? She still didn't know that he was really Dick Grayson.

He leaned away from her. "Starfire I need to-"

She wasn't done with him yet. She wound her arms around his neck and kissed him again, hard and eager and he got swept up in it. He pushed her back forcefully so that she'd obey. "Hey, hang on. I need to tell you that- Oh, jeez, the cameras," he grumbled, as one of the ones in the corner caught his eye.

"Taken care of," she said nonchalantly. "You wished to inform me of something?"

"Yeah. I'm… Where are the jewels?"


"The jewels you stole."

"I did not take any. I simply tripped the alarm and disabled the cameras. I am no longer interested in thievery."

"Oh," he said. "You know, there are so many better ways you could contact me. You could have hacked into the Tower's communication system- for that matter, you could have just gone to the Tower- you could have lit a damn Batsignal, Star-"

She just shrugged in response.

Rolling his eyes at her, he said, "I bet you're done stealing jewels now, huh?"

"Excuse me?" she asked, tilting her head.

"I figured out the pattern."

"Pattern? There was no pattern."

He raised his eyebrows at her. "Oh really? You just happened to steal red, green, and yellow gems."

Her eyes widened as he said that. Maybe she really hadn't done it on purpose, which was even better. "Wh-what?"

"Either you're getting jewels for a traffic light collection or you've had somebody on your mind more than you thought." He would be embarrassed about it if she didn't seem so horrified herself.

"X'hal… I did not even realize. I…"

"Starfire. It's okay. I mean, don't steal. But…" He sighed. "Come here."

She glanced up at him warily before doing so. He took her wrist and spun her around, to her confusion, and snapped handcuffs in place over her wrists. "Robin?" she gasped in surprise. "Why-?"

"Sh," he soothed. "It's okay. Come on." It took more pushing than leading on Nightwing's part, but they ducked into the alley where he'd parked his bike. "Okay, good. You know I have a warrant out for your arrest," he told her.

She sighed. "I am aware. But I thought…"

"I can't just make that all go away," he told her apologetically. "You're going to have to come with me."

She turned her gaze to his bike, curious. "How do you expect me to ride on that vehicle while I am detained?" Her voice wasn't sarcastic or sharp. It was actually kind of interested.

"In front of me," he answered.

She lowered her eyelashes at him. "I see."

Oh, man. He couldn't handle it when she did that. He stepped in front of her and she just watched him, eyebrows slightly raised. He cupped her chin in his hand and stroked his thumb gently over her lower lip. She parted her lips and she looked down at his thumb and for a second he thought she would bite him and his grip on her chin got a little tighter.

He braced himself with one hand on the bricks behind her and he leaned forward. She didn't lean back, although she angled her lips so that they brushed against his cheek.

"Robin," she breathed.

Oh, just doing that was enough to make everything around him blur with the desire to crush her lips against his and run his hand over the curve of her waist and trace his fingers over the top of her belt. It was different than the way she said his name at the event. She was timid and confused then and now she sounded desperate and encouraging and he didn't miss the growly quality her voice had.

"It's Nightwing, now, actually," he corrected her.

"Ooh… I like that," she purred.

He chuckled and stroked his thumb over her lip one more time before he leaned forward and said, very softly, "Reach into the first pouch on the right in my belt and pull out the spray bottle." He moved his hand so that he was caressing her upper jaw just below her ear and his two middle fingers could stroke at her hair.

"Why?" she asked, genuinely confused.

Oh, Starfire, just do it. "Because," he murmured, stroking his fingers down her jaw and bringing his hand up again to cup her face. She did it and he felt her take the bottle out.

"Spray it over the mask," he murmured, stepping back just a little and dropping his hand away from her.

Her eyes widened. "Oh!" She turned the bottle to look at it better. She furrowed her eyebrows and gave him a questioning look. "You carry this around with you always?"

She would never stop asking him questions. "I don't, actually. Just do it, Star."

She did without another word and she stowed the bottle back in his belt.

He stepped up close to her again and he nuzzled her jaw with his mouth. "All you need to do is pull it off. If you want."

Batman would kill him for this, but he was so beyond caring.

"If I want?" she echoed like that was the most ridiculous sounding thing she'd ever heard. "X'hal, Rob- Nightwing." She lifted her hands to his face and she ran them through his hair, the snapped chain of his handcuffs feathering against his face. He leaned his head back, enjoying her touch far too much. She slid her fingers down his temples and across his cheeks, caressing the skin at the edge of the mask with her thumbs. Carefully she slid her index fingers beneath the material and she put her thumbs on top. Agonizingly slowly, she pulled it off. It felt odd, pulling it off so slowly. Reflexively, he shut his eyes as the mask left his skin.

She slid her hands to his shoulders and she leaned forward, pressing little kisses against his cheekbones and just under his eyes and at the corners of his eyes and across the bridge of his nose that made his stomach flip.

"Please, allow me to see," she whispered against his ear.

He grabbed blindly for her hand. "Ah, Star, you probably built this up a lot and-"

"X'hal, Nightwing, I said please," she muttered impatiently.

He chuckled and brought one hand up to her chin and his eyes fluttered open.

"Oh my..." Her eyes were wide and she pressed a hand against her mouth. "Dick?!"

"Shhhhh," he muttered, running his thumb over her bottom lip again. "Surprise," he said sheepishly.

She honestly looked like she might hit him. She was trying to form words but she appeared to be having a difficult time. He scratched the back of his neck.

"Ah... Yeah. Um, you see why I couldn't tell you before this. And I really shouldn't be telling you now. But-"

She grabbed two fistfuls of his tunic and pulled him close until their chests were touching, which he tried not to think too much about. She pressed her lips against his, and for a moment they were both still. Just reveling at the contact.

He brought his hand from her chin up to her cheek and he slid his thumb over her skin. That jolted her alive and she threw her arms around his neck and their kiss was slow and hard. The hand that was bracing against the bricks wandered over the curve of her waist and caressed her stomach and he even touched the little bit of skin between her boot and her skirt, while his other hand explored her face and hair and her neck where it was exposed.

She touched him wherever she could reach. Both hands cupped his face, then they were in his hair, then they were tracing over the bird symbol on his chest. They clutched at his cape, they pulled him closer by his tunic, they pressed him closer against his back.

After some time, he experimentally flicked his tongue against her bottom lip and she whimpered before opening her mouth even more for him and he explored her mouth, gingerly touching his tongue against hers. She responded by stroking her tongue against his and tugging at his shoulders.

He never wanted to stop kissing her. Breaking for air felt like suffocating from lack of Starfire. He hung on the noises she made, little coos and sighs and he swore she moaned at one point.

He didn't know how long they'd been doing this. His mouth was getting sore and her hair was frizzing under his fingers, so it had to be a while. But it just wasn't enough; it wouldn't ever be enough.

She bit his lip harder than was nice and he furrowed his eyebrows and growled against her lips. "Hey," he complained softly, his voice gruff and kind of scratchy.

She opened her eyes and met his gaze before she flicked her gaze back down to his lip and kissed him softly before sucking gently on his bottom lip, soothing. She broke the kiss shortly, leaning against the wall and looking at him. A range of emotions flitted across her bright emerald eyes. He just looked back and pressed his fingertips against his bottom lip, which was throbbing after her bite.

"I am still angry with you."

"Yeah, thanks, I got that," he mumbled.

"Oh, the entire time I have... You were... And you knew! You knew that I was me and I had no idea that you were you! Oh, and that must mean Mr. Wayne is-"

"Hey," Nightwing interrupted softly. "Shhhh." He put his hand on her face and caressed her cheek with his thumb.

She leaned into him briefly before she leaned back against the wall, pushing him away a little. "Oh, Dick, you must think I am so foolish. It never occurred to me that you were you! You were you the whole time, and I felt so guilty and confused about Robin and Dick and you are you!"

Nightwing scratched the back of his neck. "Ah... you gotta stop calling me that."


"I'm Nightwing, okay? At least as long as we're in public."

She blinked at him before continuing her tirade. "Oh, you must think you are so clever, having me do the falling for all of your different identities. Oh, the dancing, and the ice- I was angry with- with- the other you for that for weeks! No wonder you were being the sweet to me as Robin!" She punctuated her displeasure with him by shoving him in the chest at his name. "Oh, X'hal, that means that... I told you that Robin was... Oh, you are so..."

He raised an eyebrow at her inability to finish a sentence. "Are you okay?"

She glared at him. "This is not funny, Nightwing!"

She continued to worry and yell at him but he couldn't concentrate on that. He was too busy memorizing her. The way she looked when she really felt. She was angry, but she was also confused, and a little embarrassed, and surprised, and... happy. She was thrilled that he was him. She was trying to hide it, but he knew. He knew it because of the way her eyes were wide and open instead of slanted and narrow, and because of the way she tilted her head so that it would be easy to kiss her again, and because of the way she said his name.

Oh, he loved to hear her say his name. He leaned forward, bracing himself with both hands on the wall, and she shut up immediately and looked kind of confused. He put a hand on her neck and coaxed her into leaning her head against the wall and he kissed her softly. She twisted her fingers in his tunic and sighed against him and he peppered little kisses over her mouth and jaw and the part of her neck that he could reach and over the chest plate and on her shoulder.

"Starfire," he murmured, lifting his head to rest his cheek on her temple. Which conveniently put his mouth on front of her ear. "You're so beautiful. Did you know that? You must."

She blushed and leaned back a little to look at him. "Do not think you can do talking sweet to make it up to me," she scolded halfheartedly.

"Right. I prefer actions over words."

She blushed again and he congratulated himself for that.

"Well, Mr. Grayson," she purred, roping her arms around his neck, "Now that you have me, what do you wish to do with me?"

Ah. Now he was blushing. "Wait, I have you? You're not gonna fly away or blast me?"

She squinted one eye and looked up thoughtfully before fixing him with a smile. "Not unless you do the upsetting of me, no."

"Star. You have to serve some kind of time for your crimes. The thievery in Gotham, the four jewel runs here-"

"Three!" she corrected him indignantly.

"No, the visit you paid Titans East counts. Breaking and entering."

She leaned back and her hands slid to his shoulders. She pouted at him.

"Hey," he grumbled. "Don't do that. It's not my decision."

She sighed. "You are going to send me to jail, yes? Arkham, correct?" she asked woefully.

He put his knuckle under her chin. "I'd never send you to Arkham. That's for the crazy guys. You'd probably go to Blackgate or Belle Reeve. But I thought you could handle whatever containment center we put you in?"

Her arms tightened around his neck. "Truthfully, I did not expect to become so attached to you. My Earth boy. I do not wish to be separated."

A smile tugged at his mouth and she tilted her head at him. "That won't be a problem, actually. I was thinking community service."

"Community service?" She didn't understand. Her eyes were round and her eyebrows were crinkled and he kissed her between them.

"Yep. You'd be under house arrest, of course. Not really house arrest, that wouldn't be very effective at all. Maybe a proximity detector..."

"Nightwing?" she interrupted, confused and impatient.

"Community service, Star. The Titans serve the community every day."

She gasped. "Oh! Joining the Titans!"

"You'd be forced to do it, of course," he said hastily. "It's a punishment."

She nuzzled his cheek. "And you shall be in charge of my punishment, yes?"

His face flooded with heat and he stepped away from her. "Um. Jeez, when you put it like that it sounds..."

She giggled and he shook his head at her.

"You know, we're going to have to make it look official." She tilted her head to show she didn't understand. "So, um, I'll have to negotiate the terms. You might need to do more than just help the Titans. You didn't usually steal very high grade gems, and property damage was low. It shouldn't be that bad."

"As long as I do not have to leave you," she said softly.

Which made him grin like an idiot. "I'll see what I can do," he assured her. "Um, do you have my mask?"

"I wish you would not wear it. Your eyes are glorious."

"Heh. Thanks. Not the point."

"I believe it may have fallen on the ground while we were distracted by lip contact." A starbolt flared into life in her hand and she swept it over the ground.

"Thanks. Got it." He fixed it over his eyes. A key from his belt found its way into his hand and he held it in the air. Starfire held her wrists out for him obediently. The individual cuffs, broken but still clasped around her wrists, slid off. "I need to cuff you again," he murmured.

"I do not like handcuffs," she sulked.

"I'll take them off when we get to the Tower," he promised. "Besides, you're more than capable of breaking out of them." He ran his fingers over her wrists and clasped a cuff over one of them. "Too tight?"

She laughed. "I am fine. Continue."

The cuff closed around her other wrist. "Don't snap the chain," he warned her. "Just this once."

"Very well. I will need assistance in mounting this vehicle." She nudged the R-cycle with her foot.

Nightwing slid his hands to her waist and lifted her onto the bike in front of the seat, his hands slipping to her thighs to push her up. "You know," he said, his fingers touching her knee, "you could have floated up."

"I thought we were putting on the show," she answered innocently as he clambered on behind her. "What captive would place herself on the vessel to bring her to her prison?"

"An obedient one."

"You insult me."

"Sorry," he said with a chuckle, and he started the bike.

Anyone who saw them would see exactly what Nightwing wanted them to see- Starfire detained and Nightwing- who wasn't even associated with the Titans yet, much less her- bringing her to the Tower for holding.

The engine echoed around them, the sound bouncing off the walls back to their ears. Immediately, Starfire hopped off the bike and snapped the chain on the handcuffs, walking around and looking at things curiously.

Nightwing took his helmet off and glared at her. "Dammit, Starfire, I told you not to break the cuffs!"

She turned to him innocently and tilted her head, apologetic. "I thought you meant outside?"

"I did, but I have to replace all the ones you break. They're not free, you know. That's two in one night."

There was a bang and Nightwing snapped his gaze over to the T-car, under which Cyborg was situated. He rolled out from under it, rubbing his head. "Whoa, Rob, am I interrupting something?"

Nightwing glared at him. "Shut up. And it's Nightwing now."

"I know, I know, I just haven't thought of a good nickname yet. I'm feelin' Wingz. With a Z." Cyborg turned his attention to Starfire. "Howdy, li'l lady. Ya here for keeps?"

Starfire tilted her head at him. "Keeps?"

"I was going to run it by you guys first," Nightwing told him.

"Shit, dude, at this point we'd trade you for 'er. Don't bother askin' BB and Rae about it, they're cool with it. Go bring 'er up to her room."

"My room?" she echoed, confused. "I do not…"

Nightwing offered her a small smile. "Um, I kind of figured that it be smart to… you know, prepare. I ordered furniture and things for Cyborg to put in a spare room for you. If you don't like it, we can change it."

"That is very thoughtful!" Starfire told him. Then she frowned. "How could you be so sure I was planning to join the Titans?"

"I was hoping," he mumbled, and he pushed her toward the elevator.

When the doors whooshed closed behind them, she raised her eyebrows at him and said, "You were doing the hoping, were you?" She looked pleased with herself.

"I… shut up. Besides, you were already on the team with the Titans East here, and it wouldn't make sense to keep you on as an honorary while you were in the same city as us. It only made sense to prepare a room."

"Oh," she said, deflating.

Nightwing sighed and added, "But yes, I was hoping."

She beamed at him and he chuckled.

"Okay, I know that you didn't have all that much pink at Selina's penthouse, but I kind of… I don't know, I thought you might like it," he explained nervously as he typed in the code for her door. There was too much to explain to her now, too much to take care of, to go into alternate futures with her now.

"Oh!" she gasped as the door slid open. She jumped into the air and flitted around the room, observing her dresser and opening the door to her closet. "Dick! I- how did you- the bed is even round!"

He stepped into the room with her and leaned on the door. "If there's anything you need from Selina's penthouse, just tell Raven and she'll get it for you. Sorry, but you're probably going to be under house arrest here for a few days. Probably longer, actually. And if-"

She settled down on the ground in front of him. Directly in front of him, way invading his personal space.

He tried to continue speaking. "And if there's anything else-"

"Thank you," she told him, and she leaned forward and kissed him softly

"No problem," he answered groggily.

"I think I will like it here, Dick." She hovered away from him and landed on her bed, standing. She flopped down on it, her head hitting the pillows. She rolled on her stomach and batted the pillows onto the floor. "I have missed Silkie lately, too. He is here, is he not?"

"Yeah. He's been sleeping in here, according to Beast Boy. I think he misses you." He paused and when she didn't say anything, he continued. "Okay, well, I'll let you… get acclimated. If you need anything, my room's right across the hall, and Raven's is right next door…"

"Dick?" she called, propping her chin on the heel of her hand.


"Do you not wish to join me?"


"If you do not, that is fine," she said, sounding disappointed.

He turned and punched in the locking code before sitting next to her on the bed.

And then they kissed all day and night, the end. Also a friendly reminder that at this point they're both over eighteen. So draw what conclusions you will…

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