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'Things just got complicated,' thought Percy Jackson.

'Merda!' thought Nico Di Angelo. (A/N Merda is Italian for sh*t, correct me if I am wrong.)

'Wha? Why wasn't I told before? This has to be a joke!' Thought Annabeth Chase.

'I wonder if there are any pranksters there' Thought the Stolls.

'He's joking, right?' thought everyone else.

30 minuetes ago

Two raven haired boys sat in the Mess hall. Green eyes met brown. (A/N not a slash, yaoi, boy x boy or whatever you call it momment.) A thoughtful look on both faces. Percy and Nico were calmly playing chess, because someone from the Athena cabin told them they needed to be more stratigic and then forced them to play, then was mecilessly crushed two minuetes into the game by Percy, surprisingly. (A/N This will be a shocker to everyone in camp...if they find out)

"Percy! Nico!" called Annabeth as she ran up to the table. "Chir... Why is half my cabin sulking in a corner?" she asked.

"Um," was Percys' intelligent reply, not wanting to tell her that the two of them beat half her cabin in a tactical game.

"What did Chiron want?" inturrupted Nico.

"Oh, right Chiron wants the Head counselers and Nico at the Big House. Now!" said Annabeth.

"Soo, a tie?" asked Percy.

"Nah, I was soo winning" Nico answered.

"No, you weren't!"

"Yes, I was"

"Nuh uh"

"Yuh huh" at this point they finished clearing the chess pieces and started running to the Big House.

"Nuh uh"

"Yuh huh"

"Nuh uh"

"Yuh huh"

"Nuh uh"

"Yuh huh"

"Nuh uh"

"Yuh huh"

"You weren't winning"

"I kinda was"

"We were both down to a king and a queen" Percy pointed out as they got to the Big House.

"Oh, come on!" called Annabeth (A/N Hermine momment anyone?)

The two stopped arguing and resumed running into the rec room. It was basically a room with a ping pong table in the center with a bunch of chairs surrounding it. The people there were Katie Gardener, Clarisse La Rue, Lee Fletcher, (A/N for those who don't remember he was counselor for Apollo before he died in the 4th book) Silena Beauregard, Charles Beckendorf, The Stolls, and Castor.

"Now that we are all here, we should discuss a some new problems, Hecate has offered her services in return for helping the people in her domain, wizards and witches." Chiron explained.

"You mean she wants us to help people who fly on brooms, make potions, and wave wands while yelling abracadabra or hocus pocus? Wait, no that last one was magicians."Travis joked, slightly seriously. (A/N like 0.05 of that was seriousness)

"Yes, anyway, you will be attending next year as transfer students in the 5th year. This year, however, you will be their tournament. You have until a week before September 1st to memorize things about the wizards and witches, so they don't get suspicious if you don't understand some wizarding terms. Hecate will be teaching you about her 'pet world' as the gods call it. Artimis has allowed Thalia to join you, as she owes Hecate for some reason. You leave in a month, because you need time to get accoustomed to the wizarding world and Hecate got you all tickets to something called the Quidditch World Cup. " Chiron finished, out of breath. He allowed them time to process everything he just said, or he was trying to catch his breath from saying that entire speech in one breath. How he did it will be later thought over, but forever unknown.

Nico looked at Percy inquiringly.

Percy nodded.

"What about Luke and Kronos?" Annabeth inquired.

"Percy and I can't go" Nico said at the same time.

All heads turned to Nico, Annabeths' question forgotten, for now. Percy took the chance to explain before anyone asked a question. "A group of loner friends from out of camp think they have found a way to slow down 'the evil that arises', in their exact words." Percy said.

"Why didn't you bring them to camp?" demanded Clarisse.

"They didn't want to, we can't force them to and you don't need to worry about them turning on us. They went as far as sacred swearing that they would not serve 'evil' unless they are spying for us. That aside, the process will start around the end of November and the start of October. We can escort until then and come back later, though we may have to leave, again." Percy assured.

"Sacred swearing?" asked Lee.

"You know, swearing on River Styx and stuff like that," Nico stated dimissively.

"Well, that cover the Kronos problem." said Beckendorf.

"What is this school called? Where is it? How will we get there? Where will we stay? Can we even do magic?" fired Annabeth.

"The school is in Scotland, I believe,"Chiron said. Jaws dropped."You will get there by plane to England," he continued. Eyes wondered to Percy and Nico, who looked a little nervous."Anyone can use magic, the problem is most people can't channel it, Hecate will teach you how, if you can't do it she will bless you with the ability to do so. The headmaster, a child of Hecate, arranged a place for you to stay a couple days before the World cup, However you need a place to stay until then and the school is called Hogwarts."This caused the typical outbursts along the lines of 'who names a school Hogwarts?' and 'isn't that a pigs' skin condition?'

"Wait a plane to England?! Isn't the school in Scotland and a couple days before the World Cup? Where do we stay until then?!" Katie asked.

"The students take a train from England to Scotland, as for where you will stay until the accomodations are ready, I do not know." Chiron sighed.

"England, huh?" Percy mused as all eyes turned to him."I know somewhere we can stay covered."

"What! How?" demanded Annabeth and Clarisse.

"That's my little secret" snickered Percy.

"If you have any other questions, please come ask me later," Chiron said as he left.

"So care to explain why about half my cabin was sulking in a corner?" Annabeth asked 'nicely' as all heads turned to watch the show that would most likely be very interesting.

"We, um I uh... RUN!" Percy screamed. The son of the Big Three duo ran out of the Big House with the head counciler of Athena running after them. The rest of the councilers cheered for Annabeth while they ran after the trio, and were greeted with the sight of an angry child of Athena, who somehow got Percys' sister to join, chasing the poor boys, who were running for their lives. It was quite amusing sight, seeing as it was usually Travis, Conner, Katie and a certain daughter of Apollo and the two of the stongest girls in camp chasing two of the strongest boys.

Info on Percys' sister

Eye colour: sea green

Hair: Blonde because I want it to be

Height: 5'5

Abilities: Same as Percy, weaker due to being younger. Metamorphmagus

Weapon: Anything she can get her hands on

Personality: Go with the flow, unafraid to speak her mind, secritive, shy, kind, sharp tounged, suspicious (doesn't trust easily), forever loyal to those she trusts.

Fatal flaw: Trust and loyalty

Other: Nico's best freind, about 3 years younger than Percy, a minor SD, and loves to play with Tarot cards.

I will explain what an SD is later. All SDs are metamorphmagi. Yes, I do know I suck at writing stories, I will get better, I hope. I hope to post at least one chapter every week, no promises.

Harry Potter fun fact: Did you know that Diggory is Cornish from old French meaning lost or strayed? Isn't it ironic that Cedric Diggory dies in other words is 'lost to the world' or 'strayed from the path of life'?

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