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"Seize the Unexpected"

Alternate Ending

(Note: This takes place during chapter seven. In this ending, chapter 8 is basically null and void. Draco has been thrown in a arc by his father's curse.)

Hermione heard herself shout out his name as she ran toward him, pulling out her wand. Draco was falling now, towards a gathering of rocks at the front of the Great Hall. He cried out when he hit them, the pain enough to pull him to consciousness.

Reaching him, she pulled him away from the rocks, and cradled his head.

He gave a small smile. "Hey, 'Mione. My Mione..."

She choked out a laugh through her tears. "You'll be ok."

His smile remained feeble, and is breath was coming out unevenly. "Yes, I'll be alright. Just not in the way you want me to be."

Hermione froze as the implication of his words hit. "No. You're not leaving me, Draco Malfoy."

He gave a weak chuckle. "Why not? Hermione Malfoy sounds funny, anyway. Well, maybe to anyone but me."

Her voice was straining now. "Stop. Don't talk like that. I'll think of a spell. I will!"

He shook his head. It lolled back and forth almost comically on her lap. "Mione," he began softly, "you and I both-" he cut off, hacking. Blood came in torrents from his mouth, and Hermione could see why. The rocks had completely torn through his skin. She was surprised that he had lasted this long.

He tried to talk again. "The blood loss is too much, Mione."

He smiled, somehow. "I'm going to a place where I can be happy. I can see my mum again." He looked up at her. "I love you, 'Mione. Promise me that you'll keep on living. You'll be the first female Minister of Magic."

She choked on her tears again, trying to respond. But, she didn't have to. He knew. She bent over double, so that her forehead was resting on his. Tears streamed in torrents down her face.

And, as her best friend ended the war, Hermione cried softly, holding the person that she loved in her arms, as he slowly slipped away.

As the hall turned and fell silent, watching the exchange, she continued to cry. "Good-bye..." he whispered.

Her sobs intensified. She felt two presences around her, as her surrogate brothers each put a hand on one of her soldiers. But still, she cried, and she wouldn't stop for a long time.

They watched, looking at the two they had shunned. But, it didn't matter.

For he was finally free.


A/N: WAAAH! I wrote this when I realized how fluffy the other ending was. But I'm CRYING NOW! And, I wrote this story MONTHS ago! Wait, almost a year ago!

I don't expect anyone to read this, but I liked writing it, even if I am sobbing my eyes out.

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