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Part 4: Accommodator

A huge mob of DMWA students swarm the hallways of the academy. A majority of them are girls, Meisters and Weapons alike.

"Where is he?" "Where did he go?" "Has anyone found him, yet?" many students in the crowd would scream to beat down the other voices. It is quite the commotion. One of the students, a green-haired girl, catches sight of a bushy grey and black-striped tail swiftly going down a nearby hallway. Her eyes light up.

"He's down that way!" she shouts as she points her finger in the direction. The whole mob follows her, screaming and squealing as they go.

*8 minutes later, Albarn apartment*

Sly slams the door behind him before his rabid new fans could follow in. The thief hurriedly locks it and leans for extra support. He begins panting from exhaustion and lack of breath.

"How did it go?" Soul asks as he gets to the staircase.

"If you count... a bunch of... random people... wanting me to be... their partner... or just want to... flirt with me... then it was terrible," the raccoon says between breaths. After a minute of silence (minus Cooper's panting), his breathing calms down. "I thought that since I'm totally different from everyone in this world, I'd have a less chance of finding a good enough partner that wants me to be their partner." The Death Scythe merely chuckles lightly.

"Guess they were more into your looks and attitude than your species. In our crazy academy, no one really cares about race, anyway."

"Yeah, I noticed a few short seconds ago." There is a knock behind him. Sly freezes.

"It's me, Sly," Maka's voice comes. A wave of relief washes over the raccoon as he unlocks and the door to let her in. However, she isn't alone, much to Cooper's displeasure and shock. With the young Meister is a blue-haired boy in karate like clothes with a star tattoo on his right shoulder, a Japanese looking girl about Sly's height with long black hair, two girls with matching outfits as well as eye color but different heights and hairstyles, and a black-haired boy with three incredulous white stripes on the left of his hair in black and white with yellow eyes that are creepy to Sly.

"Sly, I know you don't want any visitors after what just happened a few moments ago, but these are my friends," his host assures him with a worried smile. "Besides, they're already partners. So you don't have to worry."

"So this is the talking raccoon that the whole academy is going on about," the blue-haired teen remarks. "He's as tall as you, Tsubaki."

"He's SO cute!" the shorter twin happily exclaims. Her sister nods in agreement with major blush on her cheeks.

"He's more than just cute, Patti, he's charming," she replies. But the black and white teen is the one that has stars in his eyes and the face showing admiration.

"Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD!" he squeals in extreme joy. The other students, including Soul behind the raccoon, sigh as if saying "Here we go." Sly is just confused about what's going on and question marks continuously appear around his head.

"His fur, his hat, his clothes, his mask, his backpack, even his magnificent tail! Everything about this new student is in absolute perfect symmetry!" he squeals.

"HUUUUUH?!" the raccoon shouts, his jaw dropping from utmost confusion and him gaining a sweatdrop. Soul taps on his shoulder.

"The symmetry maniac right there is Death the Kidd," the white-haired teen whispers into Cooper's ear. "He has a mental condition where things must have symmetry. And it looks like you made a first good impression with your natural symmetry."

"I feel sorry for him now."

"Don't be. Takes some time to get used to it, though."

"Hey, Maka, what kind of student is he?" the blue haired one asks.

"You mean if he's a Weapon or Meister?" she questions.

"Yeah. And what can he do? Besides turn invisible."

"Well, we don't know much besides him being a Weapon. And to be specific, he's a cane." Her friends give a confused glance at Sly before looking back at her.

"A cane? What kind of Weapon is that?"

"Black Star, don't be rude," Tsubaki lightly scolds him.

"How about we show you?" the blonde Meister implies before looking at her house guest and partner. "You two feel like going to the court?"

"Sure thing," is Soul's reply.

"Uh, it depends on what court you're talking about," Sly warily answers.

"A basketball court, what did you expect? An actual trial court?" Black Star teases.

"Well for me, that's usually the case." Everyone looks at him with confusion of what he just said.

"Well, we'll ask later. Let's go see what you can do," Maka says a little more brightly than usual as everybody starts walking to the court with Sly following behind once he grabbed a tan cloak to hide his features from others.

Once at the basketball court, the friends and Soul watch as Maka and Sly begin. In a blue light, the raccoon becomes the mentioned Cane Weapon from earlier and the blond Meister takes hold of the long handle. The group is fascinated by the hooked end, especially Kidd who has stars in his eyes again.

"Still think a cane isn't a cool Weapon, Black Star?" Maka teases.

"He's got my attention now," he responds.

"If he didn't have that hook part, that would be a scythe," Kidd adds. "But besides the shape, what can he do with a partner?"

"Like I said earlier, we don't know that much about that because not only did we just meet yesterday, but he was unconscious when I found him," Maka responds.

"I see. Well, you can hold him. Try something out." The green eyed girl looks at the hook, where Sly's face can be seen to her. His expression is one of asking if she's sure. Giving him a nod, she focuses her Soul Wavelength into the Weapon. Sly could feel Maka's soul coming in contact with his. It felt strange for a moment, having one's soul mingle with his. He immediately gets used to it, luckily. The cream soul of Maka and the white soul of Sly are seen starting to merge. Everyone watching can sense their combining Soul Wavelengths. They can even now see it happening, awing them all.

Kidd suddenly unleashes his reaper powers and the black stripes lung forward. Maka and her wavelength almost as immediately disappears, the stripes hitting the ground instead. In a split second, they are sliced and diced, making them vanish. The Meister and Weapon reappear in the same spot they were just a moment ago. All spectators have their mouths partially hanging open.

"That was impressive, though not as impressive as I can get," Black Star compliments with a thumbs up. Sly however, taking it as an insult, dematerializes out of the female Meister's hands and reforms into his normal form, but with his right arm still in Weapon form, in front of the overly egoistic teen. The "POW!" scene occurs with Sly's logo. Black Star is seen face on the ground on his knees with his butt up and a cloud of Sly's logo floats away. Tsubaki is kneeling next to the assassin with worry while everyone else but Sly just stares at the sight. He had an irritated look on his face with his eyes scrunched close and his arms crossed.

"Now, Sly, that's actually normal for Black Star to boast like that," Maka tries to explain.

"Sorry, it's just that I'm getting pretty sick of egomaniacs since some time ago," the raccoon replies. "It's a long story and you probably won't believe me."

"Try us." Sly peeks an eye out from behind its eyelid.

"If you say so."

*several minutes later*

"Wow. That must've been some crazy adventure," Maka comments from the benches everyone was on after Sly told his story.

"Time travel? Isn't that the power of god?" Black Star questions, being sceptical.

"Uh, not in my world apparently," the thief turn DWMA student replies.

"First you go on an adventure through time to save your family history, and now you're stuck in another world with no knowledge of how to get back," Kid summarizes the situation.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Awesome!" Patti exclaims happily.

"Patti, it's horrible," Liz corrects her with a look of embarrassment. "He doesn't know his way home."

"And that is why I joined the academy," Sly explains. "And Grim promised me-"

"Okay, who said you can call Lord Death 'Grim'?!" Black Star shouts, probably jealous and getting in his face.

"He said I could. Now back off." With a kick, he easily knocks him over like a bowling pin.

"Those must be some strong legs you got," Soul comments.

"Well, it comes from running a lot." Kidd actually sat in thought.

"Who else can hold you?" he asks.

"... Well, I was able to," the albino admitted. "So maybe others can too."

"Let's try it out then. Mr. Cooper, if I may..." Sly gulped before flashing in a blue light. When Kidd took hold of it, it split in two. The light faded, revealing two wooden identical canes wrapped with some bandages.

"What the?! Is he like Tsubaki?!" Black Star gasps.

"Yes, but the weapons are similar," Maka replies in curiosity.

"This is perfect!" Kidd says, sparkling. "Two canes that are exactly alike! You are so perfect, Mr. Cooper!" The two cane sweat dropped.

"Uh, thank you?" the raccoon replies nervously. Unbeknownst to the group, Stein was watching from afar.

"My turn!" Black Star declares in the background.

"I'm not giving you a turn!" Sly rebuts.

"The raccoon's an Accommodator Weapon, huh?" he mumbled to himself. He smirked. "Quite interesting. Wonder what his friends are like."

Back with the gang, they start telling their new friend their adventures, as well as the battle against the Kishin, Asura. That one made him shiver a bit. Then, they mention their team, Spartoi. That got him interested and thinking.

"Lord Death, Mr. Cooper is here," Sid announces.

"Seems he's chosen his partner, right?" the goofy headmaster responds. "Well, let him in." After a few seconds, Sly stands before the reaper. He seems a little nervous. "Now calm down, my boy. I'll hear whatever you have to say. Have you decided who you will be partners with?"

"Actually, Grim..." the cane Weapon trails off. Death gives him full attention.

"An Accommodator Weapon?" Spirit repeats Stein, who told him of his discovery. "You don't see those everyday."

"Very rare, indeed. Too bad Lord Death won't let me near him."

"I still can't believe he's a raccoon to boot. And he's been hanging with Maka!" he says that last part in anger. He raises a fist. "If he does anything to her, I'll sock him!"

"I doubt it. If animals are the human equivalent in his world, then he should be about 26 or so." The older Death Scythe sighs, calming down.

"So these Accommodator Weapons... those are the Weapons that are compatible with anybody, even other Weapons, right?"

"Yes, but unlike Tsubaki or Excalibur..." A cartoony image of Tsubaki and Excalibur appear. Sly appears between them. "An Accommodator like Mr. Cooper changes weapon form depending on a person's wavelength." The three cartoons transform into Weapon form. "Excalibur only has one form, so that's why he's not an Accommodator himself." An "X" covers the sword. "And while Tsubaki has many forms as well..." Tsubaki changes into her other forms next. "They're all different, therefore she's not one either." She gets an "X" too. "A changed form for an Accommodator is really just an altered form of whatever Weapon they are." Sly, first seen as his cane, becomes the twin canes.

"Have you witnessed this?"

"Yes." The cartoony background becomes black and only Tsubaki and Excalibur disappear. "When Cooper was being wielded by Maka, he was a single cane with a gold hook." The cartoon shows Sly and Maka high-fiving, then Maka wielding him in a combat stance. "But when it was Kidd's turn, he became two canes of only wood." Next is a similar cartoon, but with the reaper child and the last one with him infatuated. "This can only be possible if the Weapon gene had been mutated in previous generations."

"Mutated? Like a hybrid?"

"A different case from your daughter, so no. But it does mean that Cooper has the power to become a form that suits the person whoever is wielding him the most."

"That's a very interesting fact. I wonder what he'd look like in Lord Death's hands."

"He will certainly make this academy much more interesting no matter who wields him."

"That's true. But still... I say we keep a watchful eye on him. Something just doesn't seem right about him."

"I'd love to watch such a specimen from the sidelines."

The group waits outside Death's room for Sly. Then, Ox, Killik, Kim and their partners come over.

"Hey, what are you guys doing here?" Soul asks their pals.

"Lord Death asked for us to gather here," Kim replies sassily. "Said something about the new guy."

"You mean Sly?" Tsubaki suggests.

"Yeah, that was his name." There comes a knock from the other side of the door. Sid pokes his head.

"Lord Death will see you all now."

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