Audrey and Walter were on a cruise for 3 weeks,Megan was sleeping, Josh was working on a project,

Drake came and asked "What are you doing?"

Josh said "I am working on an invention that can make Megan not pull pranks on us, this will fix her disorder",

Drake said "How do you use it?",

Josh replied "You make her swallow it and it starts taking effect, but Megan must be asleep while this is swallowed",

Drake asked "Is it done yet",

Josh replied "Yes, let's go in her room"

~In Megan's room~

Drake and Josh opened Megan's door and saw Megan tucked in her bed, Josh stepped on something

Drake said "Did you seriously step on Megan's asthma spray

Josh replied "Maybe"

They approached her bed and Josh dug in the bed sheet, he felt something and pulled it

Drake said "You seriously tore the butt off from Megan's PJ's

Josh said "Let's just take the blanket off of her

They did so and saw that Megan slept the other way

Josh said "Now pull her mouth open"

Drake approached his little 11 year old sister and stretched her mouth open

Josh said "Now I have to put in this pill in her mouth"

Drake said "Wait a minute, let's pull some pranks on her"

~The next day~

The next day Megan woke up and went into Drake and Josh's room, Drake was awake, Josh was playing his Game Sphere which he didn't play since the bet he did with Drake.

She came in when Drake and Josh were laughing,

Megan asked "What are you laughing about?",

Drake asked "Were you sleepwalking again because your PJ's doesn't have a butt on it and we kind of can see your butt"

Megan looked at her PJ's and covered her butt and was blushing

She went in her room and a water bucket fell on her head, she walked backwards and fell down the stairs