"Here is it people. The very first installment of the exciting new Series: The Lion King – Legacies.

Please note: if you have not yet read "Lion King: Judgment" please do so, viewable in my profile. This shares a timeline with the previous story, so some things that happen now, happen as a consequence of events described in Judgment. It received acclaim from hundreds of reviews, and is a fun read. Enjoy."

I am resigned to the fact that this will not be to everyone's taste. Firstly because I am breaking a cardinal rule. Never rewrite the Cast. Fanfiction is good because people like to see old characters. If you randomly kill of all of the old characters you are alienating a large portion of your audience. If you feel as though you are part of this portion – fear not! There are enough of old favorites returning. And as we all know – dead is not the condition it used to be. No no no.

Spirits are very much a part of the world in this series, as Judgment will tell you.

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Prologue: Conquest

"You thought you were safe."

The beast thought to itself.

The beast moved across the plains. The air was filled with the tangy scent of spilled blood, rich and warm. The musky aroma of smoke filled his nostrils and stung his eyes. He inhaled deeply, letting the stench of battle fill his lungs. Such chaos... Such destruction. And yet necessary.

"For centuries we lingered, in the easternmost reaches world, exiled from our home… So long that memory faded into myth."

Some flames lingered in pockets of orange light around the stone, but for the most part, the ground was stained with blood and ash. He stepped through the filth towards the peak of the Rock that was his destination. The world was still. It was quiet. So quiet. Not a bird could be heard in the air, nor a beast upon the land. Even the buzzards that would soon feast were for now silenced, kept at bay away from their prize by the smoke that billowed upwards and choked those who soared through the sky.

"You were wrong. You forgot your own history."

"But we never forgot. And we never forgave."

The creature was a cat, like the Lion Kings of old, yet it was easily twice the size of a lion, four times the size of leopard. Great and terrible, the likes of which had not set foot upon the plains of Africa for centuries. It made its way up the side of pride rock towards the den. A lioness lay to one side, holes torn into her flank, her eyes open, staring endlessly into space. He passed the den, and made his way upwards, passed the rocks and nooks and crannies that had been called home to so many lionesses. Up, atop pride rock itself. His name was Rish'ut. He was Shaitan.

He was the last to arrive. There were seven atop pride rock. Six more of his kind, and another, half again his size and the greatest of all them. He stood in the middle of the semi circle of his kin, patiently awaiting his arrival. As he approached the creature in the middle of the gathered beasts turned his head in acknowledgment. Rish'ut bowed his head low, and remained there, keeping his head low until he spoke.

"Rise, Rish'ut." he said. Ben-Kai-Ra turned to this assembled subjects as he took his place.

"Rish'ut has returned. We are whole again. My friends – we are victorious!"

He gestured to the body of a lion on the ground next to him. His mane was black, and sticky with blood, his chocolate brown pelt torn and cut, the shadow of the King he had been. King Kovu of the Pridelands. That had been his name. Chosen heir of Scar and Simba, mate of Queen Kiara.

At the height of the fighting, the King had taken to the field himself and fought without pause of rest even as he had been forced back to the top of pride rock. His kingdom in flames, and his Pride crumbling around him, he had fought Ben-Kai-Ra. He had been strong – for a lion. Brave by all accounts, and known to have been wise and fair.

Yet he had had fallen. And with him had the Pridelands. The creature gave shouts of triumph at his declaration. Roars of approval among the creatures.

"I lead you seven warriors against a Pride thrice its size! I reopened the cracks in the Pride of Pride Rock! I caused the enemy to devour itself in its own fear! I am Ben-Kai-Ra! I AM EMPEROR!

Our home may have labeled you 'Shaitan' for your loyalty to me. To have named you accursed and despised! Wear it now as a badge of honor! For soon, all shall serve, or else all shall perish, fearing the name of Shaitan! Long live the Imperium!"

The Emperor shouted, and the Shaitan cheered. Rish'ut cheered with them. Yes he had been exiled. So had they all. Yet they had risen. They had triumphed. Pride Rock had died.

Watching the proceedings, a figure stood, leaning on a staff. About an hour later, he had not moved, but Rish'ut had made his way over to him. For a moment they said nothing. Then the Shaitan spoke.

"We are victorious. Thanks to you." The figure raised an eyebrow.

"This is a victory for you I suppose." He said. The Emperor laughed a deep laugh.

"And not for you?" He asked. The figure smiled.

"My victory is coming. I have waited centuries for my revenge. I can wait a few days more – and when it comes it will be all the sweeter for it." The tiger laughed again.

"You are a strange one Shaman. Our Emperor will not say it – but we all know we owe you a piece of this victory. I honor those who help destroy my enemies. Should you need assistance, and I can give it, come to me."

"I doubt one such as your self could be of any use me Shaitan." He smirked. Rish'ut nodded stiffly.

"I always pay my debts." They both turned as another tiger approached them. It was the Emperor himself. Rish'ut immediately bowed low. The ape eyed him with contempt.

"The Pridelands have been added to your lists of conquests my liege." Rish'ut said. The Emperor smiled.

"We are done here. I am leaving you to govern here Rish'ut, while I return to the eastern continent This war has many frontiers - and the entire Shaitan can not remain in one place together without eating each other." The Emperor said.

"I am not worthy." Rish'ut said.

"No. You are not. You are blessed to have my confidence." He said.

"Sekmet will remain with you, in order to remove anyone who would question my right to rule. By tomorrow night you will install yourself in the Spire in outlands. All manner of foul things live there – you should get along with them fine – they would murder their own mothers for meat. Those that haven't already have murdered someone else's or were eaten by their own parents." Ben-Kai-Ra ordered. Instructions came easily to him, as did the desire rule and the ruthlessness it took to do it. No creature could ever rule the whole world. But Ben-Kai-Ra, the impossible was just something that hadn't happened yet.

Rish'ut scowled inwardly at the thought of sharing command with Sekmet. The Tiger was a silver tongued, oily creature, who must have been a snake who got lost along the way when he came to reincarnate. Outwardly he said nothing. To argue with the Emperor of the World was to smile at death. Then he paused.

"If I am to reign as regent from the Spire, what is to become of Pride Rock? Some other community of creatures will move in within days, and it is highly defensible." The Emperor considered this.

"Burn it. Let the old kingdom crumble into dust and die with it. The Imperium reigns now."

He said.

"Can you manage that?" he asked the ape with the staff. He smiled.

"I could conjure a fire so hot the very rocks themselves will hold the flame – not just crack as the plants incinerate." He smirked.

"Could we not have done so with the Lions inside and saved all the fighting?" He asked absently. The ape laughed again.

"Ah… you don't want to become reliant on my magic tricks." he said. Then he swung the staff at Rish'ut's head. The tiger leapt back, twisted, and dodged a flurry of blows before swing his own. The ape was like a snake, weaving a ducking. Then he struck out with the staff, leaving the point at Rish'ut's forehead.

"Dead." he said simply. Rish'ut snarled as the Emperor smirked.

"Just start the fire Sorcerer." Rish'ut said. The Ape bowed.

"With pleasure. I have longed to see this place razed to the ground."

Another figure stood in the distance, watching as the flames engulfed Pride Rock. Through storm, fire, flood and wind it had weathered the ages. Battle and blood and rebellion and it had remained standing. Now at the paws of these invaders it was gone.

The hot air stung her eyes, and dust and ash blew into her face but she did not blink. And the tears they ran hot down her face were not caused by the flames. They were caused the searing pain she felt as she watched her home burn. Glowing brightly for a few brief hours then fading away forever. Her home. She had fought for it – she had killed for it and now it was snatch cruelly away from her. Her mouth was dry. Unconsciously, her claws extended. She would kill these creatures. These… Shaitan… these tigers who had murdered her last family and friends, taken her home and murdered innocent cubs.

"I will make you pay…" She wanted to hiss, but she could not make a sound. Her throat had seized up.

"Kovu…" She whispered as with a deep boom, the tip of Pride Rock fell to the ground still burning.

After the fire went out, and the rocks still glowed red in the darkness like giant coals, she turned to her companions.

"Almasi… Damu…" She said, to the two lionesses behind her. One was silent, her ice blue eyes staring at the sight. The other, Damu, was inconsolable. Vitani turned away.

"Come on." She said. Almasi shook her head.

"We should watch… until it's over." She said. Vitani shook her head.

"We can't stay here. By dawn these plains will be crawling with Ben-Kai-Ra's spies. We need to go now, whilst we still can." She said.

"What's the point?" Damu said. "They are dead. All of them…" Vitani turned to her.

"Yes. They are dead. But not all of them. We still live."

"We ran." She said. Vitani bit her lip.

"We had our orders." She said bitterly. "They are dead. But we live. And we still have a job to do." She said. Almasi nodded.

"We swore an oath to a lion going to his death – I will not break my oath to a lion who gave his life like that." Vitani nodded.

"King Kovu is dead. His co-ruler is dead. The throne passes to his son, Kiava, to be held in trust by us, until he comes of age to rule." She said. The three lioness' looked at one another. Cold detachment, despair and rage.

"We shall make the ones who did this pay. I shall find that so-called Emperor and cut out his throat." She said.
"But for now we have a job to do. And it's simple. We protect the heir, Kiava. We protect each other, and what remains of our pride. We survive in the wilds and on the run until we can take back what is ours. Whether that is in a month, a year, or a decade when we are dead and buried." Damu smiled.

"What's simple about that?" Vitani gave a grim smile.

"We can't lose. In this game. You win or you die."

The three lioness looked at one another.

"Until death."

They agreed, before heading back to the cubs.


Well how was that? All will be revealed in due time, such as who the Shaitan are, and who the obligatory "Mysterious Stranger" is. Next chapter will see a short trip back in time to explain the circumstances of this disastrous defeat for the Lion Pride, and you shall see the deaths of King Kovu and Kiara in detail soon.