Team Unstoppable

"Good times, uh Rufus." Ron said with a slight sniffle.

"Uhuh uhuh." Rufus said back as the two walked the halls.

Soon the two wondered into a big room with a workbench, a table and chairs, and several big machines that were good as junk.

"What! No I haven't even got my next evil plan going yet." Drakken scrambled with the scrap on his workbench.

"Okay." Shego said casually and got up for her chair. "Let's go princess."

But nothing happened. They waited a little longer, but still nothing happened.

"Um, uh, err." Was all Drakken said.

"Yo, sidekick." Shego said.

"Yes buffoon, where is Kim Possible." Drakken said as he took a villain's stance with his right foot forward and his right hand curled up as if he were grasping something.

"She-she's gone!" Ron said completely losing his composure and falling on his knees, leaning up against Drakken's legs. Drakken noticed how the sidekick was all of the sudden right next to them instead of across the room. It must be some sidekick thing. But Drakken all of the sudden just realized what the sidekick had just said.

"She-she's gone." Drakken said with shock and sadness in his voice. "I-I thought I would be the one to vanquish my teen foe, or at least be there."

Shego remained quiet.

"No, she's not gone, She, she just joined the Justice League." Ron said blurting out the last part with tears and continued sobbing loudly.

"But she'll still come to stop us." Drakken said.

"No! The justice League doesn't deal with us." Ron said.

"So, she won't be coming back. All the plans yet to made, all the battles yet to be fought, never again." Drakken said as he too started to cry.

Drakken was now on his knees with Ron and had his arm over Ron's shoulders.

Shego would normally just say something as if she didn't care. But this time She turned her back on the two crying boys. She was trying hard but she just couldn't stop it. The tears slowly gathered in her eyes before gently sliding down her cheeks. It wasn't until he heard her sniffle did Drakken notice Shego.

"Is something wrong Shego?" Drakken said and he walked up beside but slightly in front of her.

"Yeah, I guess she finally stepped up." Shego said. Even though she was gently crying she had a small smile on her face.

"THAT'S IT!" Ron yelled, but it was still evident that he had been crying. He got up from his knees and went to the other side of Shego.

"Don't you see?" Ron stated. "If we want to get Kim back than we have to step up, I mean we won't get her back but we could be around her again."

"That's right!" Drakken said. "And we'll make new, better plans to beat her."

Drakken put his hand out in front of them.

"And we'll show her what happens when you really care about someone." Ron said.

Ron put his hand on top of Drakken's. And even Shego put her hand on top.

"To team unstoppable!" Drakken said.

Well I'm not sure if I'm going to continue this. I already have an idea for one where Kim joins Young Justice, and this is kind of just a different version.

Oh yeah, and thanks to all my brothers who helped with this, well, I think they did, I can't really remember.