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Akashi's eyes scan the crowd of patrons, smiling complacently at those of his future kingdom that gathered to greet him, and he strokes soft green tresses and smiles a little wider. He's seated in the throne, the one that will be his once his father kicks the bucket, and Midorima is seated beside him on one of the plushest pillows in the kingdom, his face contorted with negative emotions though he was leaning against the nimble fingers that thread in and out of his hair.

Why it's he instead of a pretty girl seated beside Akashi in the place of honor is a story typical of royalty — The Rakuzan Kingdom wanted to merge with the old-standing Shuutoku, so a marriage was arranged. The misunderstanding took place when Akashi Sr. thought Midorima Sr. had a daughter to give away, and vice-versa. Next thing the Akashi family knows is that Akashi's bride is present, and oh, she's a he, and Akashi had Midorima's face in his hand with an expression of contentment and he cannot be swayed when his family wants to send Midorima away.

He's smitten, and Midorima's heated cheeks coupled with a passionate glare only seal the deal.

His smile doesn't wane when his fingers creep down Shintarou's face and touched his lips and they part willingly, despite the face Midorima making to compensate for his docile behavior that looks like he swallowed a lemon whole. Fingers are sacred in Shuutoku, Akashi knows — he studied their sacred culture and language so he could better interact with his bride and draw him from his disgruntled shell, so Shintarou accepting his into his warm mouth is definitely endearing.

Shintarou still won't unbind his fingers for Seijuuro, but its only a matter of time before his stubbornness wanes.

"Close the doors," Akashi orders, and his other servants, gifts from other kingdoms though not dear as his Shintarou, draw forward. Kise and Aomine close the curtains, Murasakibara offers Akashi a plate of sweets, and Kuroko scares the daylights out of Midorima as he fluffs his pillow, but when they finished their chores Akashi dismissed them kindly.

His fingers curl tightly around Shintarou's chin and draw him up for a kiss, practically purring when Shintarou took the initiative and curled large hands in stark red hair.

Really, Shintarou is too precious, and Akashi could not be more proud.