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Chapter One: Earth's dual Guardians Arrive

Planet Vegeta, After the Mission to Kannassa

The low-class Saiyan Bardock bolted into the mess hall after landing on his home planet of Vegeta, not bothering to get healed. He had urgent news. Limping as fast as he could, he busted through the doors of the cafeteria, causing all other Saiyans present to look at him with curiosity. As his battered form was revealed, mumbling and whispering could be heard throughout the room. Bardock went to the center of the room and began to tell of the visions he saw, and that Freiza would destroy the planet, killing them all.

"Pfft, you and your team finally got put in your place, and you couldn't handle it so you made up this lie about Freiza to save face."

Laughter erupted as the random Saiyan finished speaking. Those in attendance believed what the man said. Bardock took pity on them, and left the mess hall. A vision came to him as he held his head in pain. He saw his son, Kakarot, flying away from his home planet, followed by another newborn with strange blonde hair. Then flashes of Goku's fight with Freiza on Namek came to his mind, and he accepted his fate. 'Forgive me for being a tyrant like Freiza, Kakarot.'

The scarred Saiyan had enough. If Freiza was about to destroy them, he would at least get wounded in the process. So he flew out to space, hoping to intercept the horned bastard. He knew that they would all perish, but he continued on. His son would kill the tyrant. That's all that mattered to him at the moment.

A little before Bardock made a scene at the mess hall, Freiza and his minions were heading to Vegeta to destroy it.

'Those monkeys won't get the chance to fulfill the legend.' Freiza said as they passed two pods that flew off in the direction of a random planet.

"Lord Freiza two Saiyan children are on their way to planet Earth. Should we dispose of them?" Zarbon reported to his superior.

"No leave them be. They aren't a threat." Once the planet destroyer actually looked at the monkey globe, he spotted almost every Saiyan in space, including Bardock.

Bardock saw that his brethren joined him to rebel against Freiza and inwardly smirked. He turned to said tyrant and began a rant.

"Freiza we're here to resign! No longer will we be servants to you. No longer will we do your dirty work and be seen as monsters throughout the galaxy! We are finally free. You've put us through hell so here, have a taste!" A blue orb of energy formed in his hand as he finished his last sentence. The scarred Saiyan threw his Final Spirit Cannon at the alien in hopes of at least wounding him.

The horned alien created a yellow mass of ki that began to grow and grow in size, until it was a bit larger than Bardock's attack. As the blue ball of ki neared Freiza, his Supernova consumed it and grew larger. The tyrant sent his mass of ki at the Saiyans, watching in awe as it ingested all of the monkeys slowly. He began laughing maniacally. "Ahahahhahaha! My, what dirty fireworks!"

In his last moments, Bardock had the chance to converse with his son. He was now assured that Freiza would suffer at the hands of his spawn and another mysterious warrior. A smile graced his visage as the blast from Freiza's Supernova sent him to the past and slaughtered the others, blowing the planet into space dust. While in the past Bardock would create a legend that would last for generations to come, but that is a tale for another time.

Planet Vegeta, before Freiza destroyed it

A Saiyan with blond, spiky hair rushed to his house to speak with his wife. He heard Bardock's warning. 'I had a feeling Freiza would do something like this.' As he found his redheaded spouse, he spoke with her about Bardock's premonition.

"Are you sure about this Minato?" His wife was unsure if they could believe Bardock's warning. The now named Minato nodded.

"I can feel Freiza and his goons coming to the planet. Why else would he visit Vegeta out of the blue? He's scared one of us will become the legendary Super Saiyan. Trust me Kushina."

Kushina was now nervous. Her husband had just told her that the bastard Freiza would blow them all into the cosmos. 'But what about our son?' She began to think, with a horrified expression, about their child born a while ago (same time as Goku), Naruto. Minato, upon seeing her face, grabbed hold of her shoulders and shook her out of the trance.

"Kushina we have to send him to a planet far away from here."

"What if Freiza catches him?"

"It's better than just letting him blow up isn't it?!" The redhead reluctantly agreed. Minato was right, Naruto's only chance was to be sent away in a pod. She hated when he was right.

The two rushed to the laboratories, looking for where the newborns were held. A baby was just sent to a planet in the third quadrant. Earth was its name? These thought were going through Minato's head as he and his wife blurred through the babies' section of the labs. They found their child and Kushina held him.

"Just one last time I'll hold you, sochi(son)." The blonde man began to input the coordinates for the planet Earth. He finished and gave his son a peck on the forehead.

"Get strong and defend those you love. Remember your parents love you." With those last words Minato put his son in a pod and sent him to Earth. They could only hope he got past Freiza and lived on.


Cooler's minion Salza came to report something as he watched his brother laugh like a crazed fool.

"Such tomfoolery. He is simply indulging in destruction like a simpleton." Cooler noticed his subordinate's presence and turned to him. "Salza, what do you have to report." The blue-skinned man got on one knee and began to report his findings.

"Sir two Saiyan space pods have escaped planet Vegeta's destruction. Should I intercept them?"

"No, I won't have you clean up my brother's mess." Cooler resumed watching Freiza while shaking his head. 'You bring shame to our family. You're lucky I don't kill you.'

Earth, Where the two Saiyan Children landed

The two pods landed on Earth, a planet inhabited by creatures called humans. A man named Gohan happened upon them and wondered who would abandon children in such a way. He shook his head in disapproval and moved to get them. The old man couldn't forgive himself if he left two defenseless children to fend for themselves in the wilderness. As the children woke up though, the blonde boy was relatively peaceful and went back to sleep. The black haired boy was aggressive and caused the blonde to wake up, quite rudely. They both begin to scuffle before falling into a ravine. Bumps appear on both of their heads as Gohan pulls them out. After the incident Goku, he named the first one, was now happy and peaceable. Naruto, the blonde, was very intelligent and was almost always seen exercising.

The two Saiyans were trained by Gohan, and then eventually his mentor Master Roshi. Roshi was surprised by the amount of progress they made. One day while using his ki blast the Kamehameha (Turtle Turtle Wave) to put out the fire on Ox-King's home on Fire Mountain, Goku and Naruto used the technique after one demonstration. Although Goku's Kamehameha was only strong enough to destroy Bulma's car, while Naruto's left a sizeable hole in a random building. They would always spar whenever the opportunity presented itself. The spars usually ended in draws. Krillin, another student of Master Roshi, also sparred with them from time to time, but could never seem to beat Naruto. His drive to be the best fighter on the planet would always fuel him to win. The trio ensued many adventures, sometimes including Bulma in them, and grew stronger, and stronger.

Once on the night of a full moon, Naruto and Goku were sparring under the moon light. Although Grandpa Gohan warned them not to look up at the moon they couldn't resist the temptation. They slowly became Oozaru (Great Ape) and went on a path of destruction. Gohan died in their attack, though Goku was let unaware. Naruto went to Kami to have his tail cut off the following day. In the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, Naruto defeated Yamcha before forfeiting, saying that he simply wanted to embarrass the former bandit. Goku and Master Roshi fought, though at the time Roshi was using the alias Jackie Chun, and Roshi won.

The 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament is where they met Tien Shinhan, a student of Mercenary Tao and Master Shen, who had brutality passed down to him from his teachers. He had plans to kill Goku during the tournament, by was thwarted when Goku battles him and soon saw the error of his masters' teachings. Only in the 23rd Tournament did Naruto make it to the finals. After a bitter battle in which Goku beat Piccolo, he had to face his lifelong rival. Due to the fact that Goku and Piccolo's match destroyed the stadium, they had to fight outdoors.

Naruto gained the upper hand when Goku lost his footing due to the fact he was barefoot, and a Kamehameha sent him out of the ring. Master Roshi commented that this was the first time Naruto made it to the finals, much less won, which resulted in a laugh from the soon to be Z fighters and Naruto bopping him on the head. That tournament was the last time everyone had been together until Raditz came. Naruto said he would begin training with Kami, and when Goku asked Kami where his rival was, Kami remarked by saying "He was taken to be trained by one more powerful than I."

The one 'more powerful' than the Namekian Kami was of course King Kai. Naruto had learned how to fly shortly before his trip to Other World with Kami, and used this skill to get through Snake Way. He collapsed as soon as he landed on the planet. Hearing that his home world was around this amount of gravity, he quickly pushed his body to adapt to it. Naruto soon went through everything Goku would do in the future, chasing Gregory and attempting to hit Gregory with a giant hammer included. Though Naruto was much more serious than Goku, he was still kind and as such only tapped the grasshopper with the hammer lightly when he caught it. The future Z fighters wonder if their old sparring partner would come back, but Goku assures them Naruto isn't the type to stay away for too long. Naruto learns the Kaio Ken and the Instant Transmission from King Kai, but the Kai says he has another technique to teach. The blonde says he will learn it at a later date because he senses someone with a high power level approaching Earth. King Kai put his hand on Naruto's shoulder, telling him to wait before he goes to fight the invader.

Earth, Kame House

Goku and his friends, sans Naruto, were enjoying a reunion. Suddenly Goku's expression went from jovial to hardened for a few moments, before going back to its normal expression. Internally he is questioning that source of power that landed on the planet.

Raditz landed on the planet Earth and checks for power levels using his scouter.

"So Kakarot failed to destroy this pitiful planet eh? Well that mistake will soon be corrected." He sees a low level human farmer with a shotgun.

"Wh-what are you?" Raditz begins to advance slowly, putting the farmer on edge. "Stay back, I'm warning you stay back!" The long haired Saiyan fails to comply, which results in the farmer shooting at him. Raditz caught the bullet and threw it back at him, piercing his hear and instantly killing him.

"The power levels on this planet are pitiful… Where is Kakarot?" His scouter finds a power level in the high hundreds. So assuming that's his brother, Raditz flies away in the direction of the power level.

Piccolo was resting peacefully until he felt a sizeable power level coming at him. As the power level reveals itself to be an alien of some sort, he is intrigued.

"You there… Do you know where Kakarot is?" He stated pointing at Piccolo. The Namekian turned to Raditz and responded.

"No. Now leave this planet at once."

"Oh? And what if I don't?" Piccolo smiles evilly and fires a powered ki blast at the Saiyan. His smile fades when Raditz appears unscathed and turns into a scowl.

"A weak attack like that was barely enough to singe my leg hairs." The Saiyan prepares to kill Piccolo, only to stop when his scouter picks up a stronger power level. "It seems you've been spared for now Namekian." With that, he flies off to the Kame House.

Raditz lands on the island, where the Kame House resides, interrupting the reunion. Goku, his son Gohan, Bulma, Krillin, Master Roshi, and Turtle all look on at Raditz.

"Kakarot what are you doing? Why hasn't this planet's life been eliminated? I'm your older brother Raditz and I came to this planet to find you." Goku is on edge from what Raditz says.

"We are Saiyans Kakarot. Part of an elite race of warriors from the planet Vegeta. Sadly only a few of us remain because the rest were destroyed with our home planet by a meteor. Saiyans conquer planets and kill off a planet's life, and sell them."

Krillin and Goku's expressions change to disgust. "Look I don't know who you are but leave." Krillin says trying to get Raditz out of the area. "Go on, shoo. Maybe you need some help." Krillin approached Raditz with the intent of making him leave, as Raditz brought his fist down on Krillin's bald head, knocking him away.

"Krillin no!"

"Let's go Kakarot."


Goku and his brother engage in hand-to-hand combat, in which the elder Saiyan wins by kneeing Goku in the abdomen, incapacitating him. Raditz spots his nephew and speaks.

"Is this your son Kakarot?" He then lifts Gohan up in the air. The crying child is terrified of his uncle.

"No leave him alone!" Goku yells out causing Raditz to step on his ribs, undoubtedly breaking a few.

"I think your little act of defiance calls for something to show your allegiance. If you ever want to see your son again, you will eliminate 100 humans and pile them up on this island by tomorrow. Should you fail to do this, you will never see your son again." The Saiyan flies off laughing like a mad man with the crying Gohan in tow. He shuts Gohan in his space pod to quiet the insufferable crying.

Goku and Piccolo join forces to beat Raditz and save Gohan. Naruto looks at King Kai pleadingly.

"Please let me go to Earth and assist them, King Kai." The blue Kai scratched his chin thoughtfully.

"Alright fine. But in exchange for this favor, you WILL learn my final technique and bring me another student." Naruto nods at the offer and flies off at top speed, leaving King Kai to hold onto his cap lest it be blown off. The blonde blew past King Yemma and used IT (Instant Transmission) to teleport to Earth. He senses Goku and Piccolo fighting Raditz, though the two's power levels were fading. He locks on to their Ki signatures and appears on the scene. Goku had just let go of Radtiz's tail, and was paying for it.

"This is what you get for being wea-"his statement was cut off by a flying fist impacting with the side of his face, sending him flying away.

Goku and Piccolo looked on in awe, wondered who could send Raditz flying when they could barely touch him. They were met with a man standing around 5'11 with spiky blond hair. Azure eyes and an angular face. He was wearing a red and black kimono over a black muscle top with a mostly black cloak with red flames licking the bottom and black martial arts pants and shoes. The kanji for "Kai" was on the back of the cloak and the Kanji for "Turtle"is on the right of the kimono. The top of the kimono was opened, as the cloak flow freely with the wind.

"Naruto is that you?"

"Yep, it's me Goku." A cry of 'Saturday Crush' brought them out of conversation as a relatively strong pink ball of ki flew at Naruto. It impacted his body as Raditz was laughing madly once more a wiping the blood from his mouth.

"That's what you get for messing with the might of a Saiyan warrior!" The smoke cleared to see an untouched Naruto. Even his clothes were the same. Naruto's piercing blue eyes gazed at Raditz.

"Well that threat has no merit as I am a Saiyan." Before Raditz could ponder his words, he found a leg planted firmly in his abdomen, as Naruto unleashes a combo of kicks and punches on Raditz. A rising kick sends Raditz into the air, where Naruto appears in front of him, and a descending axe handle attack sent him careening into the ground. Naruto floated over the body sized hole in which the long haired Saiyan was currently in.

"Any last words before you die?"

"There are two other Saiyans… Stronger than I am. They will surely come and avenge me."

"Maybe they can give me more of a challenge than you did." Naruto extended one arm forward and gathered ki in it. A blue-green colored blast formed in his palm and he shot it at Raditz uttering "Kamehameha Flasher." A bright light momentarily flashed in the area, causing the people in the area to shield their eyes. When the light faded, Raditz's body was charred beyond recognition. Naruto was holding his scouter and went over to Goku and Piccolo.

"Are you two alright?" He tossed them both senzu beans.

"So where'd you go and who taught you how to fight like that?"

"I'll answer your questions in due time. I have to get you to a hospital or something. You coming Pico-" Piccolo was already gone. "…. Alright then." As they got Goku to the hospital and Gohan to Chichi, Naruto explained to his friend that King Kai spoke to him through telepathy and requested to train him. He also said that the blue Kai wanted to train Goku too.

"I can't wait for the other Saiyans to come! It'll be sure to be a great battle!" Naruto facepalmed at his rival's words. But he was inwardly excited at the chance to test his power against other Saiyans. On another planet Nappa and Vegeta processed Raditz's words and what happened. They planned to come to this 'Earth' and show those low-class upstarts their place.

Well some things to say. 1. The reason I made Naruto different from his canon self is because Goku's personality did a 360 when he hit his head so I played around with Naruto's personality. 2. Goku losing his balance because he's barefoot makes sense because I mean come on feet don't have that much traction so… and Naruto always forfeit because he didn't want to fight others to get to Goku. 3. Naruto beat Raditz so easily because he was even with Goku right? And when Goku trained with King Kai the first time, he busted Nappa's ass and Nappa was way stronger than Raditz. That's it for now.

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