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Chapter Three: Saibamen, and the Heroes' Arrival

Earth, The battlefield

"Let me try first everyone." Tien faces one of the green midgets and gets in a fighting stance as he charges at the three-eyed human. Tien sends his middle and index fingers along with his thumb forward, pushing the saibamen back. The green alien rebounded in time as his opponent was continuing to charge. A devious smirk appeared on his face as his head split vertically, spewing acid that was easily avoided by everyone, batting Gohan who needed Piccolo to come and save him.

Gohan thanked Piccolo after seeing the hole left by the acid. Tien continues his assault once more. An elbow to the abdomen left the saibamen stunned. Nappa widens his eyes at this. The alien is dropped to the ground. The Z fighters rejoice, as it seems the alien won't be getting back up, while Vegeta is pissed. Nappa is more than surprised.

"What, he should've won! All these saibamen had a power level of 1200. They all had the same power level as-"

"As who?" Vegeta interrupts.

"As Raditz." Nappa answers.

"Now do you see my point?"

"Um, I think so."

"Do you? Well don't strain yourself. Just leave the thinking to me from now on." Vegeta responds after a chuckle. The little saibamen has yet to pick itself up from the ground. Immediately after it righted itself, a blast of ki came from two of Vegeta's fingers, tearing the poor organism apart and splattering green and disembodied parts where it once stood. Everyone, even Nappa, is shocked by this display of cruelty.

"Vegeta why?"

"He wasn't of use to us anymore."

"I know but, he was.. alive." Vegeta merely scoffs. This coupled with the absolute heartlessness they just witnessed sent shivers down the Z Fighters' backs. Just what the hell had they gotten themselves into?

On the other side of the globe, many people in various cities were baffled. Sudden flying objects blew by in a blur, leaving strong gusts of wind in their place. These UFOs disappeared just as suddenly as they came. The cause of this was of course the two Saiyan warriors, Naruto and Goku, flying to where their allies were going up against two other Saiyans.

Back at the battlefield, five Saibamen remained. The question was who would fight next. Yamcha stepped forward and began trading blows with the next green alien. He gains the upper hand when a leg sweep connects which is followed by a kick to the head. The saibamen quickly got back to its feet after a back flip. Yamcha appeared behind him however, and send his fist forward. His attack is countered when the saibamen catches his arm, spins him around and tosses him away. The scarred fighter then reappears with his foot flying down at the alien, who dodges, and the fight begins again. Yamcha gains the upper hand once more when he appeared behind the saibamen and fires a Kamehameha wave, killing the thing. Or so it seemed. Those at the Kame House rejoiced. Yamcha stands over the crater of his 'fallen' enemy and begins to make arrogant remarks. He speaks of fighting the other four aliens himself when the 'dead' saibamen leaps out of the crater and latches on to him.

Naruto and Goku were merely miles away from the spot where their allies were battling. But something felt extremely wrong. A feeling of dread and terror floated around them, as if something horrid was about to happen. They quickly shook it off as nerves. The duo had no clue how right their feelings of foreboding were as they could now clearly see their friends and foes underneath them. So they descended.

"Let go!" Yamcha yelled out as he struggled to get the alien to release him. The bald one however, had a vice grip on him and would not be letting go for a while. It latched its arms around his back and smiled at him mischievously. Piccolo remarked on how the fight was done. The green saibamen began to transform its remaining life force into energy, as its body took on a glow. What happened next shocked most of the Z Fighters to the very core.

Goku and Naruto landed silently, as they saw a strange green thing latch on to Yamcha for dear life. They said nothing and masked their power levels. The scarred man struggled in futility to get the thing off him. It smiled and transmitted its life force into energy, turning into a living bomb. The two watched on in horror as it exploded while holding onto Yamcha, killing him instantly.

"Well I guess it's a dr-"Vegeta didn't have time to finish as two fairly high power levels (for this planet anyway) appeared out of seemingly nowhere. Krillin was about to fight the green bastards but didn't get the chance as four blasts, both blue, came from nowhere and destroyed the green aliens instantaneously. Green blood and dismembered body parts rained down on the field. The culprits were two new figures to Vegeta and Nappa. All of the other people seemed to recognize them. The Namekian scowled at the sight of the brunette. Anger and disdain clouded Goku and Naruto's visages. Silence reigned until Vegeta decided to speak.

"Ah Kakarot how nice of you to join." He was met with silence. Nappa decided to taunt him.

"I think he's afraid of us Vegeta." The bald Saiyan began laughing heartily at his taunt, not noticing the blonde teleporting behind him. Said blonde buried his fist in the back of Nappa's head before Vegeta could even open his mouth, sending the bald man flying away. Goku appeared in front of him and roundhouse kicked him in the chin, burying him in the ground. The dust cleared and Nappa was seen with multiple wounds. He turned his head and spit out blood, ready to speak. He never got the chance. Naruto teleported in front of Nappa and delivered a jab to his abdomen. The man's fist was bulging out of the invader's stomach. Sheer force from the punch caused his armor to be shredded from the front and back where it impacted. Nappa fell to the ground when he pulled his fist out, clutching his stomach.

Everyone was shocked to see what just happened to Nappa. Vegeta was genuinely surprised to see a middle-class Saiyan floor an elite from one punch, even though there was a punch and a kick before that. Goku was indifferent as he knew that Naruto could easily kill that bald guy. Piccolo and the others were in disbelief at the fact Naruto sent Nappa the floor when they were sure he would be able to take on all of them without a sweat. The bald Saiyan in question just wanted the pain to stop. Naruto began to speak in a quiet tone laced with silent rage.

"Was it.. funny when the green alien latched onto Yamcha? Did you laugh when he blew up? Was it humorous to see the looks of anguish on our faces? Will it be so funny when you die?!" Naruto brought his fist down on the bald man's head after the series of rhetorical questions. The bald Saiyan fell on his back, clutching his head and rolling on the ground. The blonde began to stomp on his stomach ruthlessly, ignoring his cries of pain. Naruto decided the bastard had suffered enough and lifted one hand over him while gathering ki in it. He used the other hand to toss the bulky Saiyan in the air. His right hand shot a Kamehameha Flasher at the bald man, evaporating him completely. His anguished screams of pain rang throughout the battlefield. When the blast faded, nothing remained of Nappa.

"Bravo." Vegeta chimed. "That was quite the display." Naruto was sickened by this statement.

"You're worse.. You aren't even affected by the death of your comrade. Scum. That's all you are. Scum." Before Vegeta could respond, he found himself blocking a kick from Kakarot.

"Fool, I'll show you the power of elite." With that said, the two Saiyan warriors began to clash, disappearing and reappearing in different places. The others tried to step in. They were halted by Naruto's arm stretched out in front of them. This puzzled them until he explained.

"This is a bout between two Saiyan warriors. If you attempt to interfere I will incapacitate you." Piccolo looked ready to scoff at that but Naruto's next statement made him scowl. "Especially you, Piccolo. I will not hesitate to break bones if I have to. And you all know I can."

Vegeta was outraged and inwardly impressed. How could a low class warrior like Kakarot keep up with him? Even if he was barely using any of his power. Something else was troubling him. Each time he would siphon out a bit more of his power, Kakarot would match him blow for blow. He threw a high knee; Kakarot blocked it with his elbow. The two continued to trade blows until Goku teleported behind him and sent a kick aimed at his sternum. Vegeta dodged it by ducking, and sent a left cross at his knee after turning. Goku blocked it by bringing his knee up, thus cancelling out the cross.

"Enough! There's no way a low class like you could fight on even ground with an elite like me! It just isn't possible!"

"Maybe I should end this then." Vegeta found a knee placed firmly in his ribs. He was then barraged by a combo of punches and kicks, before flying upwards thanks to an uppercut. Blood trickled down his lips. Its coppery taste was only enhanced when his adversary's left foot connected with his gut, propelling him through several rock formations before he came to a stop, his fall causing a crater. Vegeta's pride was now damn-near nonexistent at this point. He was supposed to be the prince of Saiyans. The pinnacle of what all warriors should aspire to be. Here he was getting thrashed around by the son of a low class warrior. His will to fight was now as crushed as his pride. The blonde hovered above him and extended a hand out.

"No point in making him suffer anymore. Crushing his pride and will to fight should suffice, Kamehameha Flasher." A turquoise colored blast flowed down to Vegeta's crater, evaporating him just as it did to Nappa. As least that's what it looked like to Naruto and the others. Vegeta however was in the Earth's stratosphere, heavily wounded and basically one step from death's door. He lost usage of his right arm, left leg hanging limp in the air, and left eye closed with a trail of blood running down.

"I can't believe a low class warrior made me have to use this. But now he'll die and I'll destroy his precious planet." The Saiyan prince looked around for the Earth's moon. He gets angry when he does not find it. "Where the fuck is this planet's moon?! Shit, I'll have to use a Power Ball now." Vegeta used the rest of his remaining Ki to create a light blue orb that floated just above his hand. He then shoots it up into the sky where it replicates lunar ways. The prince looks at it after landing on the ground and slowly transforms into an Oozaru. Unlike Gohan and the other Saiyans, Vegeta has full awareness of his actions in this form.

"As I thought.. He's still alive." A blonde Saiyan remarked as he felt Vegeta's ki get 10x stronger than it originally was. The Oozaru was shouting about how he would put the low class warrior in his place and so on. Did this guy ever get new material? He and the brunette had to dodge a giant hairy fist courtesy of Vegeta. Goku sees Vegeta's form and remembers a number of events. 1. He remembered his Grandpa Gohan telling him not to look up at the moon. 2. Kami thinking about cutting his tail off. 3. Himself as and Naruto Oozaru destroying Emperor Pilaf's Castle and the World Martial Arts stadium. With this came the knowledge that and Naruto killed their grandfather. Naruto had to fly to Goku and move him out of the way of Vegeta's Mouth Blast. The blonde warns Goku to get his head in the game. But the Saiyan gets caught in Vegeta's giant hand. Naruto punched the Oozaru in the gut with a bit of his ki, causing him to fall on one knee, and release Goku.

Meanwhile behind a rock formation we find Yajirobe who was hiding behind a rock formation. He was going to congratulate them on beating the invader before he turned into a giant ape and went berserk. Krillin just tried to throw a Destructo Disk at the ape's tail and was rewarded with a Mouth Blast inches away from his frame. Goku got grabbed by the Oozaru, but got freed when Naruto decked the ape in the stomach, causing him to fall onto one knee holding hit gut. Yajirobe saw this as his chance. He scuttled over to the ape as quickly as he could and pulled out his sword. The orange-clad swordsman ascended into the air, inches away from the beast's tail. He unsheathed his sword and brought it through the tail, slicing it off with ease.

This was not Vegeta's day. First, he watches Nappa get beaten into a pulp. Normally Vegeta wouldn't give two fucks, but the blonde bastard threw the baldy into the air and blasted him down to the smallest molecule. He wanted to kill the useless fool goddamn it! Then a low class Saiyan thoroughly kicks his ass so badly he has to go in Oozaru form. Next, the blonde bastard from before hits him in the gut so hard, he falls on one knee. Finally a fat swordsman cuts his tail off, screwing him over. Any chance he had was just destroyed. As if that wasn't bad enough, he was completely out of Ki. Poor cruel Vegeta.

Yajirobe ran away before the mean-looking Saiyan could even scowl at him. Naruto takes this time to release a combo of punches, kicks, and knees on him. Thus worsening his already horrific condition. As if taking pity on him, the blonde punted him away instead of ending his life. The invader called his ship to him and climbed in after swearing to make those two pay for beating him. He and his ship then glide off the planet. Krillin runs to Goku and Naruto as a ship lands next to them containing Chi-Chi, Master Roshi, and Korin. Chi-Chi runs straight to Gohan and checks on him, completely disregarding her husband. They carry Yamcha's dead body onto the ship and fly off.

Krillin speaks of dragon balls on Piccolo's home planet Namek, and how he overheard Vegeta and Nappa talking about them. King Kai uses his powers to speak to them telepathically. He debriefed them on how a shift in the planet's climate killed off most of the Namekians, leaving roughly 100 give or take.

"But how are we supposed to go out in space?" Krillin asks. After a while of thinking Bulma decides that they can use an engine from a Saiyan pod. Naruto compliments her quick thinking and the faintest of blushes appears on her cheeks. That option is thrown out the window when Bulma accidentally destroys the ship using the remote. She fell to the ground in despair.

"How are we supposed to wish Kami and Yamcha back now?" She asks no one in particular.

"Maybe you can build one; you are a genius after all." Naruto queries.

"Well I am but it would take years to make." Bulma replied, the faint blush returning for a little while. That's when Mr. Popo appears and tells them of a ship in the Yunzabit Highlands that Kami used to escape extinction as a child. Bulma climbs on Naruto's back, who follows Mr. Popo to Yunzabit via the sky. Bulma holds on for dear life until they land. Mr. Popo tells them it opens using Namekian, and Naruto volunteers Bulma to learn it, much to her dismay. They fly back to the others, determining that it is indeed well enough for usage after a trip to Jupiter.

"Okay who will accompany me to Namek?" Bulma asks, inwardly hoping Naruto would come with her. Krillin and Gohan want to go, but Naruto, Goku, and the others say they want to train. A day later, the trio departs to Namek, leaving the others behind. Back on Earth, Naruto asks Mr. Briefs to build a ship that will fit two people with specific designs such as a gravity replicator up to 200 times Earth's gravity.

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