This was it. It was all down to this moment.

Harry Potter took a deep breath, to ease his frayed nerves. The sight of friends and family crying over the dead had shaken him to his core. Upon some self-reflection, it was all his fault that they had died. They fought their hardest to keep Voldemort and his Death Eaters away from him, and had paid the ultimate price for it.

He couldn't stand it; he hated having people dying for his sake.

Gripping the talisman in his pocket, he took another deep breath, slipped his Invisibility Cloak on, and walked out of the castle.

As he made his way to the Forbidden Forest, he felt the talisman grow cold against his skin. It started to give off an ethereal blue glow in as he brought it close to his eyes, and he could feel the pure malice emanating from it.

This talisman had been his saving grace for the past six months as he fought tooth and nail in the wilds of Great Britain just to survive. He didn't find it…it found him.


It was raining again, the third time that week. Harry, Ron and Hermione had managed to escape another group of snatchers, but just barely. They were already journeying for four months, but had nothing to show for their efforts. Morale was at an all-time low, and it was showing.

Ron glared at the Boy-Who-Lived, now turned Most Undesirable by a corrupted, biased Ministry of Magic, the one who was supposedly leading them on this wild goose chase. Harry glared right back, his emerald green eyes matching the red heads sapphire blue. Hermione was on the side, tears on her face and in her auburn eyes.

"Stop it, both of you! Fighting amongst ourselves will get us nowhere!" she sobbed, trying to get their attention. Unfortunately, the two boys were too wrapped up in their own world of hate and contempt for each other to even notice her.

"You know what, damn this quest!" Ron hissed, turning his back on Harry and grabbing his cloak. "This was nothing but a giant waste of time, and we all should have known this! There's nothing for us to find, and there probably never was! So I quit!"

"Fine, leave then!" Harry snapped back, his emerald eyes blazing. "Go back to your darling Mum, pretend to have Dragonspurks or whatever the hell its called, and go back to your easy life!"

"Leave my mum outta this!" Ron yelled. "Its because of you my whole family's in danger!"

"At least you have a family!" Harry yelled back. "My family is dead!"

Ron said scowled, having nothing to say back. Pulling out the Deluminator, the strange device that Dumbledore had left to him, he threw it at the last Potter, who caught it before it his him in the face. Turning to Hermione, he asked, "So what are you going to do?"

"Huh?" Hermione said, looking distraught and confused. "What do you mean?"

"Are you gonna stay here with him or are you coming with me?" Ron asked.

"I..." Hermione trembled, her gaze dropping as she fidgeted with her hands. Harry said nothing, but softened his gaze as stared at her. His eyes met hers, and his gaze was asking her not to leave him, practically begging her. His eyes widened with relief when she took a deep breath and answered -

"I'm sorry, Harry."

Everything that Harry knew had just shattered like fragile glass. He stared at her in shock and disbelief, as a fresh wave of tears flowing down her face while she robotically made her way to where Ron stood, but still at arm's length away. She kept her eyes away from his, perhaps to mask her shame.

"Hermione," Harry's voice was thick with pain and desperation. "Why?"

Ron walked over to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, only to have them slapped away. She shied away from both of them, slowly inching to the opening of the tent.

"Well..." she started, her voice strained as if to keep her tears back. "It's just that we've been at this for over a quarter of a year and we don't even have a clue as to where a Horcrux may even be. Maybe it would be better if we just stopped to do more research and find some answers before continuing."

Her piece said, she looked at Harry, hoping that he would see reason. Instead, what she got was something else.

"I understand now," Harry said, his voice dead and devoid of emotion. His eyes lost whatever spark they had and became ice cold, which sent chills down the both Hermione's and Ron's spines.

"What do you understand?" Hermione asked weakly.

Taking a seat on the table and keeping his back to them, he rested his chin against his right hand knuckle and said, "That I should have never have brought you two in the first place."

"What?" Hermione asked, her voice in shock.

"I guess I would've been happier if I didn't bring you along," Harry continued, his voice unnaturally calm, in light of the situation. "I suppose I could've gone on believing that you two would stand by me, regardless of any hardship…Heh, I suppose I should've just stayed in that happy illusion…"

"Harry!" Hermione cried, running to him, only to bounce off a Shield Charm. Just as Ron was about to cast a curse, he was hit with a Trip Jinx, sending his wand flying and making him fall flat on his face. The two looked up to see that Harry hadn't even turned to face them, but rather had his wand pointed at them from underneath his right arm.

"Get out, both of you." He said, his voice now cold. "Ron, you go on back to the Burrow where dear old mum can keep you warm and well fed while the Death Eaters go out to the world and kill innocent people. Hermione, you can go scurry off to Australia or whatever and rejoin your dear family." As he finished, Ron pushed himself off the ground and tried to rush at him with his fists, this time only to be banished out the tent flaps. Hermione just stood there, crying once more.

"Harry," she started to say, crying once more. "Please."

Harry said nothing, but then her world suddenly went black.

His task done, he banished her out of the tent, not really caring where she may could have landed. If she was lucky, she may have landed near a settlement; if not, possibly in the hands of the Snatchers. It didn't matter to him.

Looking up, he found Ron's dropped wand and twirled it between his fingers. It would probably be useful to have a second wand, and upon some reflection, he pocketed it.

As the rain stopped, Harry wrapped everything up and stuffed it unceremoniously into Hermione's purse that she had left behind. Walking out into the brisk night, he took a deep breath and went off, not knowing nor caring where the road took him.

Reaching the top of the nearby cliff that stood in his way, he stared into the moon as he caught his breath. A cool breeze comforted him, giving him some small comfort as he greedily breathed in the fresh air. In that one moment, he realized it.

He was alone.

It was at this one moment that Harry felt the burning sting of hot tears pour down his eyes, although he questioned their very existence. Why was he crying? This is what he wanted, right? To be all alone, on some ill-begotten vague quest that would eventually lead to his own death?

No. It wasn't.

His sorrow turned to rage as let out a guttural roar from deep within his chest. In it, he let lose all of his pain, his anger, and all of his sorrow.

His anger was heard.

Catching his breath from his yell, he found himself on his knees, gasping for the air he so loudly expelled. However, in the middle of his cries, the moon seemed to glow brighter than usual, the ethereal light shining brightly on the wizard.

"I sense great darkness in your heart," a sinister female voice whispered, the small voice echoing all around him. "Tell me, wizard-child, what is that you wish? I will grant any wish you desire…for a price."

Harry tensed at the sight of dark midnight blue smoke suddenly swirling around him. After several seconds of tense silence, he said, "I wish for the power to destroy my enemy."

"A fine wish indeed," the voice said in the same tone, although it dipped into a deep seductive one. "I will grant you this wish, and in return, we must make a pact."

"What pact?" Harry asked, his eyes narrowing.

"Its simple really," the voice answered in an amused tone. "Once you defeat this enemy, you become mine for all eternity. Simple, is it not?"

Normally, Harry would have immediately turned tail and ran away from such an offer. However, given his circumstances, and what had recently happened, he closed his eyes and proclaimed, "I accept the terms of the pact! So mote it be!"

"Well said young wizard-child!" the voice replied. "Then, by the terms of our contract, accept this gift. Use it to smite your enemy!"

A bright white light pieced the shadowy smoke that surrounded him, forming a necklace around his neck. The necklace was made of a dark blue celestial metal with a silver white crescent moon pendant hanging off its center.

"It is done wizard-child," the voice said smugly. "Now, go! Destroy your enemy in the name of Nightmare Moon!"


"Well, well, well," Voldemort crowed, his eyes glinting with sick delight as the last Potter came into view. "Have you come to realize that you cannot win? That all the deaths of all those children are on your head? Have you come to die, Harry Potter?"

"No Tom," Harry said, his eyes covered with his front bangs. Lifting his head up, he ignored the surrounding Death Eaters and continued, "I've come to put an end to this."

"You dare call my Lord that filthy name!?" screamed one Bellatrix Lestrange, drawing her wand. Almost immediately, she was placated by her Dark Lord, who glared at her.

"So you have?" Voldemort hissed, his eyes narrowing. A tense silence permeated the area, before he let a cruel smirk form on his snake-like face, whipped out his wand, and said, "Then by all means, let us end this! Avada Kedavra!"

Just as the green burst of light left his wand, Harry was surrounded with a dark blue smoke. The spell died in the smoke, and dispersed itself, showing the last Potter wearing some sort of chain with a moon talisman around his neck.

His eyes were closed as he held the talisman tenderly, almost as if it were a small child. He brought the moon to his lips slowly, and then threw it up in the air above him, chanting, "Ut per pactum tuum benedicite mihi egredietur virtus Veni, Dea Noctis aeternae, et percute me inimicus!" (1) The pendant began releasing more of the same dark midnight blue smoke that dispelled the Killing Curse, and slowly dispersed more and more until it covered the whole area where. The clouds covering the forest created more an even greater darkness, so much that not even an Lumos spell could illuminate more than 5 feet in front of them.

Thunder crashed all around them, striking some unnamed Death Eaters, frying them on the spot. The winds howled, creating a colder chill that Voldemort himself could not muster on even his worst of moods. Fortunately, the wind did disperse some of the smoke, allowing them to see just what was going on.

The last Potter was holding on to some kind of mask, although what it was Voldemort couldn't truly tell. It was seemingly made of the same dark blue mist that had surrounded him and his forces, but emanated some kind of dark and evil power that even shook the Dark Lord to his very being.

With some small hesitation, Harry slipped the mask on, before falling on his knees as pain suddenly overtook him.

Voldemort and his followers stood, transfixed at the sight before them. The last Potter was screaming in pain as the mask latched onto his skin spread its dark influence all over his body. Midnight blue wings burst from his back, closely followed by the dark diamond bracers that went over the wings. The same dark diamond armor formed over his body, forming some sort of hoof shaped guards at over his hands and feet. His normal jet black hair grew at an exponential rate, adopting the same shade of the fog but at a darker color, being kept back with a black metal visor that also covered his eyes. Finally, the mask, which Voldemort could now see was a bit equine in appearance, started to twist and contort, and let out a primal roar as it completely took the last Potter's face.

When the transformation was done, pure white eyes pierced through the black metal visor.

"What magic is this?" Voldemort hissed, feeling fear for the first time in many years.

"I am the Avatar of the Eternal Night Queen," the creature that had been Harry Potter said, its voice sounding like a distortion between male and female. "This is the magic that will be your doom!"

Before anyone had a chance to react, the self-proclaimed avatar spread its wings, lightning crackling between the metal pieces as they lightly touched each other, and dashed forward. The Death Eaters, in a panic, tried to cast Killing Curses, but to no avail. The creature just raised one of its arms, forming a knight shield bearing a full moon. The spells did nothing but bounce of its majestic exterior, ricocheting them back to their casters, killing them instantly. One of the spells bounced onto Nagini, killing her instantly

Voldemort snarled, raising his own wand and sent a dark black curse at the creature. The spell did nothing except dispel against its shield, but he tried again and again, to no avail.

"No," Voldemort whispered, fear and panic slowly taking over his mind. "No! I will not let this happen! I am the Dark Lord Voldemort, the mightiest wizard whoever lived! I will not fall to a base creature such as you!"

If he was heard, the avatar did not let it show. Instead, it dispelled the shield and rushed the Dark Lord, grabbing him by his neck. As Voldemort struggled in its grip, he couldn't help but notice a horn growing from the avatar's forehead, as it started to glow with a dark blue magic aura.

"Even if you kill me," Voldemort gasped, trying to hold himself up to prevent from choking. "I cannot die! I am immortal! You can never defeat me!"

The avatar threw the Dark Lord into the ground, hard, before stamping on his back. As Voldemort gasped for air as blood leaked out his mouth, he was lifted again, this time telepathically, and slammed against a tree.

"I know of your little Horcruxes, Tom Riddle. I've already destroyed them," the avatar said, its voice lased with amused malice. As Voldemort's eyes widened in shock, he was engulfed in black flames that ate away at his body. While he screamed in pain, the avatar continued, "The Diary, the Cup, the Ring, the Diadem, the Locket, the Snake, and me. I've destroyed all of your little soul shards, sending them to the black abyss where they belong. You won't be cheating death this time, Tom Riddle!"

"No!" Voldemort screamed, as the flames began eating away at his soul. "This is impossible! This can't be!" With those last words, the remnant of Tom Marvolo Riddle, otherwise known as the Dark Lord Voldemort, burned away into ashes.

The clouds dispersed, showing the full moon in all of its glory. Its job done, the avatar's armor began to shine in the light, looking as if it were about to disperse.

Instead, the avatar reared its head and looked up, saying, "My task here is done, my Queen. I am yours as you see fit."

The moon's brilliance shone brighter, almost comfortingly, before completely engulfing the avatar and spiriting it away. Any trace of it was gone, as if it had never existed.

Unseen by anyone, the hollows glowed an unearthly light as they disappeared without a sound as they followed their master. He had brought them all under his power and was a peverell, the original bearers of the hollows. This allowed him to bring them with him when he left as they refused to obey another master as long as the first one lived.

Hagrid, who had been on the sidelines the entire time, just sat there in mute awe. He was going to need a few drinks in the pub; that was for sure.


"You see Nightmare Moon," Twilight Sparkle explained, a grin gracing her features as she, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash faced down the Dark Sovereign of the Night were slowly building up the magic of the Elements of Harmony. "When those elements are ignited by the…spark that resides in us all, it creates the sixth element, the Element of Magic!"

Upon their proclamation, a beam of rainbow energy burst from the six of them, and flew down at Nightmare Moon, who was crying out in shock. "NO!" she cried, her wings flapping. "THIS CAN'T BE!"

As she was about flare her own magic, another presence leapt before her, a black shield forming in front of the dark mare. The resulting collision of harmonious and arcane magic created a giant explosion of energy, blowing the top off of the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters.

When the six bearers woke up from the burst of magic, they found themselves in front of a black stallion, his fur coat matching Nightmare Moon. He was wearing a black diamond helmet similar to that of the Canterlot Royal Guards, but bore a black visor that covered his eyes. His armor was a more masculine version of the Dark Queen, but he bore a knight shield that bore her emblem. Upon his flank, a Triangle containing a circle and line were his cutie mark.

His horn shimmered slightly, turning the knight shield into great sword. He flared his wings, and spoke in a voice darker than anything that they had faced before, saying, "None shall harm my Queen while I draw breath! Now, have at thee, Bearers of Harmony!"

Twilight, with the Crown of Magic resting against her crown, gulped.

They were royally bucked.