Author's note: Bit shorter than the other's, but that's probably because my muse is still missing. Harry finally returns to what he was at the beginning. Enjoy.

Harry looked around in confusion. He had been greeting Princess Cadence one moment and had appeared here the next. He frowned. No, this place wasn't physically though Harry couldn't tell you where that information came from. The room he was in was similar to a sitting room with plush chairs and a massive fireplace. Books sat on shelves around the edge of the room.

"Greetings to you master of Death." Harry froze as he slowly turned to view the man who had addressed him. And it was a man, not a pony as he had become used to in his travels. He appeared human, but when Harry tried to focus on him, he seemed to flicker in place. Finally Harry found his voice.

"Who are you?" The man looked at Harry and Harry realized that his eyes seemed to glow with an inner light that prevented him from discerning their color. When the man spoke his voice seemed to carry an air of thoughtfulness.

"Who am I? That is the question isn't it. I have had many names Mister Potter. Once ages and ages ago, I was called the Walker. Then I became the Watcher and now I am known simply as the Keeper." The man smiled at Harry and he finally noticed that the man didn't actually have eyes. In their place were two fiery gemstones that glowed with power. "I am one of the few once mortal beings who can fight on par with the old beings of creation." The man started to laugh, a hint of madness carried in it. "There were few of us to begin with, but we're disappearing now. Things that harken back to the farthest beginnings of creation are stirring from their ancient slumber. I'm afraid to say that it is your fault they stir Harry Potter." Harry blinked at the statement for a few moments.

"What? How the hell could it be my fault?" The man seemed to focus on an area above Harry's head for a few moments before he spoke again.

"Death is old Mister Potter and one of the most powerful beings in all of creation. When you claimed the Deathly Hallows and mastership over Death ripples were sent out." Harry stared at the man for a few moments in disbelief. Then he frowned.

"I'm leaving now." Harry felt his magic flow as he tried to apparate away but couldn't. It didn't feel like there was anything blocking him, but like there was nowhere else to go. As Harry looked at the man, the man smiled and something was wrong with it. Before Harry could do anything, a Voice spoke.

"NO." Reality shattered around Harry and he fell into a black abyss.

Harry jerked up and looked around. He appeared to be in some sort of hospital wing. He started to frown as he looked around. He needed to know something. "Death." Harry's voice echoed softly off the walls of the room.

"Yes Master." Harry turned to look at Death and frowned. Death looked exhausted. His cheeks were sunk in along with his eyes. It was quite disconcerting to see a being who could probably rip dimensions apart on a whim seem tired. "Did you need something my Master?" Harry looked into Death's eyes for a few seconds before nodding.

"Have you heard of a person called The Keeper or maybe The Walker?" Death looked at Harry before he sighed and sat down on a suddenly appearing recliner. He rubbed his face with his hands as he sighed. He looked up at Harry.

"I was hoping to hold off on you meeting the others until you had fully accepted your position my master. The others aren't as nice as you are and they would try to take your mantle away from you." Death sighed again. "I've been keeping them away for now, but even for all my power, they won't stay away forever."

"Who is the Keeper?" The question slipped out of Harry's mouth before his brain had completely caught up. Death leaned back into the chair he had conjured.

"The Keeper or The Watcher or even The Walker are the titles of a mortal who managed to ascend to the plane of embodiments. How he did so, I do not know personally because I refuse to question the older dead ones from dead worlds. I do know that he is quite mad and despite his appearance not quite mortal anymore." Death looked around, dare Harry say it, wearily. "The two gemstones that have replaced his eyes are a mystery to me, I admit. While I've seen others similar to them before, the two in his eyes seem to have no limit on the amount of power produced." Harry frowned at Death as he realized something.

"You've been keeping the other embodiments away haven't you?" Death nodded at the question leaving Harry to sigh. "Stop doing it, it's exhausting you." Death looked up to protest. "Don't argue. If the others come here to fight, let them come. I'm not defenseless you know. The Hallows hold power on their own regardless if they are being held by the Master of Death. Now….." Harry hopped out of bed and onto the floor. "I'm assuming Sombra hasn't been dealt with yet or other ponies would be here, so let's go deal with him." Harry looked at his horn where black crystals still clung to before snorting. Something had changed, whether with him or the crystals, he didn't know, but now all he had to do was pulse his magic and the crystals fell off. He looked at the embodiment of life ending for a few moments. "I'm not sure if you sleep, but try and rest would you. I'm going to deal with Sombra."

Harry stepped out of the palace with his Cloak wrapped around him. He took notice of the differences and smiled at how fast the others managed to set up a festival. He paused for a moment as fresh air hit him in the face. Magic was flowing through the air though it was erratic and nothing was focused, it was definitely there. Something was happening and he needed to find out what. He glanced around and noticed the others minus Twilight trying to stop ponies from looking under a tarp. He called out. "May I ask what is going on here?" Everypony turned to look at him. Pinkie Pie smiled.

""Harry's awake." Harry nodded then frowned as he glanced up just as the sky flickered revealing the shadowy form of Sombra. He frowned at the sight. That was obviously not good for anyone.

"Master, before you go charging off. Why are you still a unicorn?" Harry paused as he turned to look at Death.

"What do you mean?"

"You have the raw power necessary now to make the leap to alicorn now, I just assumed you like being a unicorn." Harry stared at Death for a few moments before he felt his magic and frowned. It did appear to have grown more than he had expected.

"And how exactly do I make the leap to becoming an alicorn?" Death smiled at the question even as Harry realized that time had stopped.

"That's easy. Near death experience." Before Harry could say something, a massive scythe appeared in Death's hands and he swung it at Harry's head. As the scythe cut into his head, his magic surged and with an explosion of what seemed to be liquid shadow Harry was engulfed.

Harry fell through what seemed to be an endless void. His form was a writhing mass of shadows that didn't seem to be able to decide whether it wanted to be human, pony or something else. But even as Harry fell through the void lost bits of his shadowy body, his magic was twisting and growing. It was altering its very nature as it absorbed the Hallows infused with its master's body.

First the wand was consumed and with it Harry's magic didn't just become more powerful, but something more. His magic was now both a part of the universe and existing outside of it. It started to follow no rules, but these imposed on it by its master.

The next Hallow consumed was the Cloak. With it, Harry's magic become unseen by mortal wizards. Nothing could be hidden from the magic that had the very concept of unseen written into it. Even as his magic became undetectable, so too did Harry become invisible to the magical eyes of the world.

The last Hallow to be consumed was the Resurrection stone. The name of the stone is misleading, for it goes far beyond the simple calling back the souls of the dead. It was the very magic to shape souls at its core. As the last Hallow became one with his magic, Harry's eyes opened and with the sound of shattering glass, the void vanished to reveal him standing in front of Death still. Though nothing else had changed, Harry himself had.

Now standing as tall as Celestia, Harry was different. His fur now shimmered with magic and his eyes glowed with it. His horn had become a thing of bone white, straight as an arrow and razor sharp at the tip. The biggest difference were the two wings folded on his back, shimmering in the light.