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Summary: A parting gift from her father sets in motion a series of events that allow Ash Ketchum to become a better trainer. With more knowledge than she had before and the experience she might've lacked before, Ash Ketchum sets out on her pokémon journey to become the very best, and along the way makes an unexpected friend with a mysterious girl from another region.

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Prologue: A Change of Fate!



"Papa!" The door suddenly swung open, smacking off of the wall with a loud thud as a young woman, no older than 30 at the most, nearly stumbled out of the house in surprise at the familiar voice's sudden cheer. Bright amber eyes immediately widened in shock as they landed on the all too familiar figure of a tall man, their daughter babbling away happily in his arms as he continued his march up the front steps of their home. "Mama, look, Papa's home!" The little girl cried out, arms waving about in a clear show of excitement and the two adults couldn't help but laugh at the scene.

"I'm back, Delia! Sorry I took so long." The man greeted, wrapping one arm around the woman to give her a hug before planting a gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Welcome home, Dear." She returned, a beautiful smile decorating her face as she hugged him back before reaching to take their still excited daughter from his arms. "How was your trip to Unova? Is Alder doing well?" The man seemed to chuckle nervously at the mere mention of the aged champion, obviously remembering something either ridiculous or embarrassing that had occurred in his time gone, before replying.

"Great on both ends." He said, easily slipping out of reach when the little girl attempted to take a swipe at the hat that lay perched on his head. "Apparently there's this little girl, a year or two younger than our little Ash here, who has the makings of a champion, should she ever take up pokémon training. I think he said she's from the Village of Dragons, but I can't be entirely sure."

"Oh, how nice. I bet her parents are excited about that."

"Eh, who knows?" The man shrugged off the matter, preferring instead to find a seat on the sofa before his daughter attempted to tackle him again. Taking a few moments to get the child settled down once again, the man looked around curiously before turning his attention back to his wife. "By the way, where's Aka? Did he leave early or something?" Delia laughed at the thought of her lazy son actually leaving early for anything other than food at the moment.

"No, he's over at Prof. Oak's place. Hanging out with Daisy." There was a teasing tone to the woman's voice, and her husband couldn't help but shake his head in response.

"Papa, papa!" Ash finally cried out, bringing both adults' attention back to her. "What's this?" She asked, holding up a pokéball she had dug out from her father's coat pocket when he had been distracted by his mother.

"Ack! Oh no!" The man cried out, over-exaggerating his own reactions as he took the pokéball from his daughter's hands. "You found the present before I could give it to you!"

"Present?" The little girl chirped, eyes beginning to glow with excitement as she gazed at the man expectantly.

"That's right, here. Open it." Placing the object back in the little girl's hand. She surveyed the device eagerly before finally pressing the button that laid in the center. The pokéball clicked open and in a flash of light there stood a small, green, dinosaur-like pokémon with big baby blue eyes.

"Lar-larvitar!" The pokémon cried, arms waving with each syllable that it hit. Ash all but squealed as she leapt out of her father's lap, immediately swamping the little ground-type in a hug.

"Ash meet Larvitar, a new little friend I brought all the way from the Johto region, just for you." The little girl squealed again in excitement, rubbing cheeks with the little pint-sized pokémon who squealed just as loudly with just as much excitement as she did.

"It's the bestest present ever!" she exclaimed, before looking the pokémon straight in the eyes. "I'm gonna call you… Tyro! And together we're gonna be the bestest trainers ever! We'll be a pokémon master!"


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