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Chapter 2: Gyarados Tales

Large, clear blue eyes couldn't help but stare at the vibrant scenery that lay outside the window, spreading out just beyond the young girl's reach and painting a vastly different picture than what she was ultimately used to. Kanto was such a change from the atmosphere and people that pervaded her own region, and while it was not so much of a shock due to her own expectations, it was certainly dizzying to see just how diverse the world could truly be. The people were so much more open, more friendly than the people she had grown up alongside of. They all seemed to know how to have fun, how to kick back and relax without letting the stress of everyday life all but kill them on the inside. Her own father would've complained of them all being lazy, but that was what she was beginning to love about them the most.

"Ee?" A small smile made itself at home on her face as she turned her attention onto the small, brown fur ball that had made itself quite comfortable in her lap.

"What's the matter, hungry?" she asked the small pokémon, the sound of laughter in her voice and amusement heavy in her tone as she played with one of its long ears. The little brown pokémon, as rare as it was to find, had been a birthday present from her mother, probably gotten from some breeder the normally stressed woman had become acquainted with at some point during her own years spent traveling the world as a pokémon trainer. She had no idea how the woman had found the time to send it to her hometown, much less how she even remembered to do so in first place. Her mother was always so busy with work, her schedule always brimming full with appointments and such; she couldn't ever keep anything straight any longer. Things had begun to slip from her mind that the woman hadn't wanted to, and it had left her mother haggard and more than a little miserable sometimes. But still, she appreciated the thought of the gift, and while having one of the typical starters given out by the pokémon researcher stationed in the Kalos region would've been fun, this little ball of fur and joy staring up at her was just as good, if not even better.

"Eevee!" the normal-type simply shook its head, trying to detour the ten year old from messing with its ears any further before butting her hand again to coax her into scratching its ears. The girl simply laughed at the gesture, gently wrapping her arms around the tiny creature and pulling it into a loving hug.

"Hey, did you hear?"

"Hear what?" The two paused in their actions, expressions turning curious as their eyes landed on the form of two boys, somewhat older than her in age leaning close to one another as they whispered amongst themselves, though they did a terrible job of being discreet.

"About the gyarados in the river on Route 1."

"A gyarados? In the river, on Route 1… You're joking." Now that got her attention.

She had never seen a gyarados personally, but she had heard rumors of the supposedly violent creatures, she doubted there was anyone that hadn't. They were destructive pokémon with terrible tempers and a fuse a millimeter long, and when they were angered they laid waste to anything that stood in their path. And it was a fact, almost like a universal law, that these terribly vicious, territorial water-types with the power of a dragon were difficult to train and raise. Supposedly they evolved from a pokémon species that was widely seen as useless, some type of fish-like creature that couldn't do much beyond splashing in shallow puddles, but if one was determined enough to train them until they evolved, they were rewarded with temperamental titans. And for one to be so close by…

"I'm serious! Some poor idiot almost had a run in with it on their way to Pallet Town, wound up coming right back as soon as he caught sight of it!" She quickly shook herself from her thoughts, refocusing on the conversation at hand. True, it might've been rude to eavesdrop, but she was curious and she could guess that it was okay, so long as she herself didn't just jump in to put her own two-cents in.

"Arceus!" the other boy, the obvious skeptic between the two snorted, shoulders shaking for a few seconds as he tried to contain some of his laughter. "I feel bad for those poor fools that are coming out of Pallet Town. All those rookie trainers are going to be in for it if they ain't careful."

"Pallet Town… Oh right, today's supposed to be the day that Prof. Oak gives away those three starters. Dude, you're so right! They're gonna be in for one hell of a surprise if they go anywhere near that river." They both dissolved into barely restrained chuckles as they turned to walk away. "I almost feel bad for the bunch of little kiddies."

"A gyarados huh?" It was probably one of her worst ideas to date, and as her father had constantly reminded her, she'd had quite the few throughout her life, but she couldn't help it as the once gentle smile took a turn for the mischievous. As the man had always said, "Curiosity killed the meowth.". And she was feeling particularly curious after overhearing that little tidbit. She might've been just starting out herself, barely a few weeks in as a trainer and with only three pokémon in her party, including her starter, but she really couldn't help herself. She turned an inquisitive gaze onto the small normal-type, still perfectly relaxed in her lap despite what was probably very disconcerting news. "What do you think, huh Bee? Wanna go see if what those boys said is true?" The little creature met its trainer's eyes, chocolate brown orbs sparkling with just as much mischief as its trainer's, before hopping up onto the young girl's shoulder.

"Eve!" It yipped nosing its trainer in the cheek as if to coax into standing up.

"Alright, alright, I get it!" She could barely restrain her laughter at the normal-types insistence, pausing only to make sure all of her pokéballs were fastened properly to her belt before making her way to the sliding doors. "C'mon, let's go see if we can't find us a gyarados…"

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