By: Jessarie

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WARNINGS: AU... Ignores most of HBP and DH but barrows from both. Many people are alive here who died in the books/movies. Hints at Rape/NonCon, If you squint really hard, hints at future threesome. M/M/M slash!

Chapter 1: The Truth Sets No One Free

Severus' eyes were wide, the expression something that had never been seen on his face before. He was shocked, scared, and above all confused. The emotions blending to show his mouth hanging wide, jaw slack. "How?" he stuttered in whisper, voice scratchy.

The man across from him laughed enjoying this more than he probably should have. "It was so easy, Severus. So very easy." He said.

Severus stared in complete and utter shock at the form of Lord Voldemort calmly drinking tea in the Headmaster's office. He stuttered trying to ascertain exactly which of the many questions fliting through his mind was most prominent. He looked to Albus watching. Again he asked. "How?"

Albus smiled once more. "He is but a golem." was the following answer. Severus insides froze. His eyes shot up to see a manic smile upon the worn face. "G-golem." he whispered. Albus nodded. "There never was and never has been a Lord Voldemort." he stated taking a sip of his tea.

'The blows just keep on coming.' Severus thought. He roughly shook his head. "Why are you telling me this?" he asked pausing then adding "And where is Tom Riddle if he is not..." he broke off gesturing to the golem sitting and sipping more tea.

"Tom is perfectly safe." Albus answered first. Severus shuddered hoping that meant that the surprisingly innocent man was alive. "And before you ask Severus, he lives. I have modified his memories and kept him out of our society. He knows everything and lets it all happen. Tom Riddle is powerless to stop me."

The ice in Severus heart continued to strengthen. His insides turned so cold he trembled. "So you used a golem as Lord Voldemort? You tortured and maimed and killed? You are the reason for all this pain and fighting? You took people's lives and used them?" he asked rapidly. "For what?"

"Power." Albus answered. "The power of the strongest wizard to ever walk in our world."

Severus slowly slid his hand into his pocket. "I hope you know, I will find a way and everyone will know the truth." His hand closed on the object he needed. "Slave." he whispered and disappear with the portkey.

Reappearing in his quarters almost 4 floors lower he shook furiously. Severus groaned aloud and ran in a frantic haste. The emergency plan he and many of his 7th years put together already started forming in his mind. He could remember clearly the day Harry Potter and a bunch of Gryffindors and Slytherins showed up to speak to him. They were worried that if something happened, something bad, they would be unable to leave the school. He had agreed noticing that they had all felt something very off about the way Voldemort, Dumbledore, and many others of wizarding society had begun acting.

Looking back on it, Severus realized Dumbledore had started slipping. He plans had begun to get extreme. Shaking his head once more Severus activated the bracelet on his left wrist. Frowning at the Dark Mark.

Nine floors above Severus, Harry Potter's eyes widened. He jumped up as the bracelet grew hotter and hotter on his left wrist. He grabbed the prepacked bag throwing in his invisibility cloak and the few things he had out.

The group that gathered in the room of requirement would have shocked many, but Severus almost smiled when he saw them all present. "It will be explained when we get the hell up out of here." he said gravely. A bird squawked and Draco Malfoy froze. Slowly he, Severus and Harry approached a black cabinet. The blond opened the door and let the bird, an owl, he now realized out. It flew to not, Severus himself, but Harry.

Slowly lowering his wand, Harry took the small attached piece of parchment.

Ready when you are.

Borgin aware, but not above helping.

Need to hurry. Aurors in the Alley.

Send Sev last.

Harry smiled and read the note aloud to those waiting. Severus nodded and the student began filing through the cabinet one at a time. Harry smiled up at him right before he closed the door. Severus waited almost a full minute then stepped in himself. When he opened the cabinet the dingy store was full of students. His eyes cut straight to the long blond head bent over Harry and Draco.

"How are we getting out of here?" he asked pitching his voice low on purpose. The whispering stopped and Severus smirked, glad he could still inspire that kind of fear in his students even off of school property.

"Portkeys." Lucius answered stepping up to him and wrapping his long arms around Severus. The usually unexpressive man smirked and pressed a small kiss to the blond's temple. A gagging sound had him freezing only to glare at the red head of Ronald Weasley.

Taking charge, Lucius split them into groups. Sending Draco off first with Pansy and Blaise. Then followed by Ron, Hermione, and Ginny. Next a portkey was given Severus while Lucius whispered directions in his ear. Neville, Luna, and Millicent clutched on.

Harry smiled up at the tall blond. "Why am I the only one still here?" he asked. Lucius smiled. "I know how much you hate portkeys and figured with where we are going you wouldn't mind apparating with me." he said. Harry nodded. "Go hide behind that shelf." he ordered next. Harry did as he was bid and smirked as Lucius obliviated Borgin and then asked him to go and fetch an object from the back room he had apparently been interested in. Smirking once more the man hurried to Harry and pulled him tight. Standing in Lucius arms for a moment and took a deep breath as the sickening pull of apparation sucked him in.

When they landed Harry heard a gasp. He went to pull back only to sway right back into the strong arms around his waist. "Hold still. Deep breaths. Relax." A silky voice ordered off to his right.

Almost five minutes later Harry looked up and opened his eyes, smiling when he saw he was still clutched onto Lucius and Severus was standing to the side rubbing his right arm. "Harry?" a voice questioned. He turned and smiled at Hermione. "I'm okay, I just hate traveling like that. Apparation is better than portkeys because at least I know where I am going and have a bit more control over it."

As they all sat down in Malfoy Manor for sandwiches, Severus recounted his tale. He left out no details, even explaining that a golem is usually made of clay or earth type substances and brought to life using magic. The one of Voldemort was highly advanced in original ingredients and magical attributions. Silence followed when he finally stopped talking. Harry, unsurprisingly to most, was the first to speak up. "So, all the shit that Voldemort did, my parents and even in the death eater meetings was really the golem under Dumbledore's control?" he asked looking quite green.

At Severus nod, the younger man rose to his feet and walked calmly around the table. No one knew what he was thinking or exactly what he was going to do. The exclaimations of shock when he hugged Severus where almost funny. "I'm sorry." he mumbled into the hard black clothed just under him. Severus smirked. "It could have been worse." he said.

Harry leaned back from him and glared. "What the fuck could have been worse?" he asked ignoring everything but the dark eyes locked onto his face. "It could have really been Dumbledore." he answered wrinkling his crooked nose. Harry laughed. "Gross." he whispered barely loud enough to hear it, but Severus knew then that this young man had truly seen him at his lowest.

"What do we do now? How do we fix this?" Hermione asked softly. Harry smiled at her. Severus gave his fiercest glare. Lucius lips quirked into a serious smirk.

Rivaling the Weasley twins, the three answered as one. "We fight back."

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