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Warnings: Multiple awkward kisses, strange exchanges, M/M and M/F.

Chapter 6: Mate?

"So what do we do?" Ron asked. "Make everyone kiss him?" he continued shuddering at the thought. No one responded at first, stunned into silence by the simple solution and its awkwardness.

"It seems to be the only way really." Millicent said stiffly speaking up. "What do we know about the spell? I mean, does something happen if one of us is his mate?" she continued.

Blaise spoke up. "If I remember my reading on the spell right, its successful completion is actually represented by a small tattoo around the right wrist." he finished grinning when Lucius nodded.

"That is correct, let's try it." he said. "Everyone form a line, please."

The former students lined up, Harry's friends anxious to get the kissing over with and secretly hoping none of them were Harry's mate.

Taking a deep breath, Ron pressed his lips to his slumbering friends. Nothing happened. Ron smiled. "Thank bloody Merlin." he mumbled stepping away.

Hermione was next in line. "I love you, Harry, but only as a friend." she whispered before pressing her lips to his. Nothing changed. She smiled slightly moving for the next person.

Ginny was the only one who seemed the least upset by having to kiss an unconscious Harry. She stepped forward and kissed him without a single hesitation. There was no reaction and no marks on his wrist. She smiled. "We always said we were better off as friends." Smirking slightly, she moved to join her brother on the other side of the couch.

Draco was nervous. He liked Harry as a friend and had seen the looks his father and uncle had been giving the slumbering young man. Sighing in defeat he kissed Harry Potter and stepped away. Nothing had changed for him either.

Pansy, Blaise, Neville, Luna, and Millicent all kissed Harry briefly with the same result. Nothing changed, nothing happened, at all.

Lucius groaned as he realized only he, Severus, and Tom had not tried.

Hermione giggled. "Go on. He shouldn't bite." she said, freezing slightly when Severus glared.

Lucius stepped forward and leaned over the couch. Harry was breathing evenly and Lucius couldn't think anything other than that he looked cute in sleep. Hoping above hope he could end some of the suffering, he pressed his lips to Harry softly. The younger man sighed and smiled in his sleep. Lucius looked down and saw that a glow was surrounding his right wrist.

"What does that mean?" he asked.

"Only you, Harry, could be in this sort of situation." Severus huffed. "He has more than one mate is what it means. Considering Lucius and I are already mated, I would expect I am the other."

Ron snorted trying desperately to hold back his laughter.

Similarly to Lucius, Severus stepped forward and kissed his thought to be mate. Harry's right wrist glowed even brighter, but did not stop glowing or reveal a tattoo.

Shock was palpable within the room. "What...I mean..." Severus mumbled at a loss.

"Could there be a third mate? A quatro-bond?" Tom asked speaking up. All eyes turned to him so fast he was initially surprised none of them received a neck strain.

Not waiting for an answer, Tom stepped up to the couch and slid to his knees before the younger man. Harry was mumbling indecipherable words in his sleep. Steely his resolve, Tom Riddle kissed Harry Potter sweetly. The glow on his wrist brightened as Tom pulled away and then faded.

A three tiered band of vines circled Harry's wrist with a single flower connecting them all. Harry smiled as he slowly sat up. "Took you long enough." He said shrugging his stiff shoulders.

No one knew what to say...

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