Twisted 7

By Jessarie

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Author's Notes: It has been so long since I was on one of these stories. I am so sorry that I left people hanging on my works. I too hate when a story remains unfinished. I have been in school working on my MFA and something was forced to take a backseat in the automobile I was frantically driving. Luckily, it's Spring Break for me at the moment or I wouldn't have even been browsing now. I had not even considered fanfiction for a while, but a Facebook post inspired me to upload a short little canon compliant drabble (Not So Special) and I continued viewing my own profile. Something made me want to write again for you all and this was the story that captured my attention. The problem, or the benefit depending on how you see it, is my writing has changed a bit since I started fanfics so many years ago. I will continue where I left off, but if the voice is different, there is a reason why. I've grown as a writer since this was started.

P.S. I also added a chapter to my other fic, His Angel, which has the same AN as above ;)

To say that Harry Potter was terrified would be an understatement. He had 3 mates. 3 people he is supposed to do things with. Naughty things if the looks on the faces before him were anything to go by.

"Harry." Tom said softly. The younger man grinned up at him only slightly noticing the hiss of parseltongue underlying the English he could translate very clearly.

"Yeah." Harry hissed back.

"Are you alright?" Tom asked.

"Fine, I think." Harry responded still grinning.

"Can we switch to English?" Tom asked smirking at the confused group around them.

"Oh…" Harry said still hissing. "Wait… is that English?" Harry asked.

Ron nodded smiling a bit. "Yep! We can understand you now." He said.

"So?" Draco asked coming to the front of the group.

Harry raised an eyebrow in mockery of the look Severus used to give his most disrespectful students, namely Harry himself.

"So… what?" Harry asked.

"What are you going to do?" Draco asked. It was the question on everyone's minds, but no one besides Draco had been brave enough to voice it.

Harry glanced around seeing all his friends willing to stand behind him. The huge grin split his face. As his happiness grew, he locked eyes with Lucius, then Severus, and finally Tom, who was still kneeling next to him.

"Why, Draco, I thought no one would ever ask." Harry said smugly. "We are going to fight back. And we are going to win."

Final Notes: I only have a basic idea of where I am now heading with this. So, if there is anything you want to see, something you think I should include or avoid, let me know. More on the relationship aspect and Harry's plan in the next chapter!