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If Only


Before the pack and the elders arrived at the house, Bella and I left to go hunt. We made quick work of it. I bagged a couple of elk, and Bella bagged a mountain lion that was stalking my prey. The run back to the house helped to release some of the tension that had built up inside me since the wolves and Peter arrived. I find it hard to believe that I left my mate at home, knowing there was a wolf there. But it was so easy for me to do, which surprised me no end. It felt right, like I knew he would protect him for me, just as I would protect Alice, because she was Edward's sister. I knew that if anything were to happen to her it would hurt him.

We arrive back at the house just as everyone was introducing themselves. I found Edward in the room, and I made my way over to sit with him.

As the pack is introduced, they are giving Alice some shit. But Alice being Alice gives it back to them just as much. That is until Leah opens her mouth and starts in on her. Edward is not happy about it and surprised all of us by calling Leah out on her bull shit. It was civil but sharp and to the point. When he finished his diatribe, I moved in front of him to protect him, if she decided to attack. I also noticed that Paul flanked me. This surprised me, but what shocked me even more was the way the pack moved against one of their own to back us up.

When one of the youngest ripped into her, I could feel the shock and relief in the air from, not only the pack, but also the elders. I wanted to know they would all feel anger, love, guilt, and relief about what had just happened. Leah was shocked by what was being said to her, but she was also saddened by it. I saw her look at the young wolf, her brother, judging by his statement. What had happened to have these boys so anxious about this show down? It seemed as if it was something that had been coming for a long time. Even the elders were watching it closely.

I nodded slightly to Peter, and he moved to the side of the elders to protect them if needed. Charlotte, seeing her mate move, also flanked him. I was glad I had my brother here. If this turned ugly, I could handle one pissed wolf, but ten wolves and five humans in the room was not a good set of odds. I knew I had seven vampires here also, but they were still not the best odds. I was aware that I had at least one wolf who would protect the humans in the room, so that evened things slightly. I was still on edge, something that Edward had full knowledge of, judging by his actions. He had placed his hand on my lower back and was gently rubbing it.

Leah looked around her and let out a growl, "So thats how it is? You all hate me and think I'm a bitter bitch who only wants to make your lives hell. Have any of you ever stopped to think about how I feel, having to see what I see everyday? I have to watch my ex-boyfriend cosy up to my cousin, because of some stupid wolf magic that was never explained to me, at least not until my life was taken away from me when I turned into a giant ass dog. Then I have to live in his head and see all of it through his eyes, with all his hatred of what happened and his love for Emily. So I'm bitter, yes, but I have a right to be."

"But you don't have a right to make everyone else in this pack suffer too, Leah, and that is what you are doing. It affects us all. Do you know that the younger wolves are terrified to even look at a girl in case they hurt someone? They won't date or have any of the normal teenage experiences, because of you and the way you treat the pack and our bond," the one called Jared tells her. "Just because things went wrong for you is no excuse to turn into a harpy, Leah. You never gave us a chance to accept you, because you came into the pack all defensive and angry. You never tried to get to know any of us. You never wanted to hang with us. You just growled and walked away. So, yes, we think you're bitter. But to hate someone you have to know them, and to be honest, I don't know you."

"That is a very sad thing for a fellow pack member to have to tell you, Leah. You became a wolf when your dad died, the same as Seth, but look at him and look at yourself. He has been accepted and is supported. Did you never wonder why that had happened, honey? I will tell you. He tried to understand what had happened and why it happened, unlike you, who only saw the hurt it had caused you. You not only lost your boyfriend but also a cousin, who was more like a sister to you. I know you were hurt, but there was no need to make anyone else suffer, like you are trying to do to these boys and Sam. He has his own guilt to live with. He doesn't need you making it worse for him. And just so you know, it was your father who made him do what he did. No one else knew what had happened to Sam, and he wanted to protect you," Sue informs Leah. "And you know the best revenge is moving on with your life and being happy."

I could feel Leah's silent acknowledgement of what she had just been told. Her heartbeat had sped up as she became upset with what was being said to her. One of them most difficult things in your life is to be called out on you bullshit. I started to relax my stance as I felt her acceptance of the situation.

"You knew what I was going through, but not once did you try to help me understand. Not once did any of you say to me that it was not something I could dad died, and I turned into a fur ball and had to listen to his instructions and orders, see how happy he is with her, and still not one of you bothered to ask how I was. I feel ignored and unwanted, but all any of you can think of is how I made the rest of the pack feel," Leah tells Sue.

"That's where you are wrong. I had no knowledge of what was happening until your dad died. At that point, I had more on my mind than your pity party. As for being unwanted and ignored, you did that to yourself by making no effort to interact with the rest of the pack. Leah, you are a selfish, self centered person who needs to grow up and stop pining for the life you could have had and live the one you have got. If you do, then maybe people will then start to like you again, because right now, even I don't like who you have become. I love you because you are my daughter, but I don't like you. For a mother, that is extremely hard to say," Sue replies. "And now can we get back to the matters at hand, because I have a feeling they are incredibly important."

"Right. Who wants to start? Sam, Peter, you two seem to know the most about all of this. Would one of you like to start us off?" Carlisle asks.

"I will, if that is alright with everyone? I need to start by telling you all the legend that I believe everything relates to. Legends that even my pack are unaware of," Sam tells us all.

"Go ahead, Sam. You have the floor," Billy tells him.

"It relates to a story from before the Cullens arrived in Forks. A tribal seer predicted a coven of vampires would come to our lands. She claimed they would feed differently and turn out to be our allies when they returned a second time. At that time, they would have new members. I'm guessing that would be Jasper and Bella. She also said that they would be visited by a human descendant of one of the coven. I know now that this is Edward and Alice. You are twins, yes? Twins only ever show in visions as a single person but with two faces. This descendent will change the fate of the coven and tribe forever but in a very good way. It will only happen once three things have occurred. The first being an imprint on a child. The second being a female wolf and the third being that a protector would become friends with a vampire. This one will only occur once an imprint has occurred that could cause problems for both sides if a treaty is not reached and acceptance is not granted. This all seems true to what is written so far. The next part is what worries me. It states that if new friendships are not started and old ones put right, the danger to come will succeed in the ill will, but if all is right within the tribe then all will be well," Sam tells us.

"My turn now," Peter states. "I can tell you that my 'Knower' is confirming everything that Sam has told us, but it is also telling me we have a problem. The problem will be Leah. She needs to let go of her hurt, because she has two very big things about to happen in her life. If she can't let go of the past, she won't embrace her future. Leah, are you willing to try and do that?"

"Yes, I am. I want my life back. I don't want to be a bitter bitch any longer. I just didn't know how to stop. It was easier than accepting what had happened to me," Leah tells him.

"Well, then, if it all come off as it's supposed to we will be just fine, but be prepared for a couple of surprises along the way," Peter informs us all. "Now first thing's first. I do believe there is an important part of the pack missing, and they need to meet everyone too. Do you feel comfortable with them coming here? Secondly, I believe that we are to have some more visitors very shortly and all of you with mates need to have them here when they arrive to protect you from them and their charms."

"So you want the imprints to come join us here and meet the... what do we call you a coven or family?" Billy asks.

"Well, technically, we are a coven, but we like to think of ourselves as a family. So either is appropriate," Carlisle answers.

"No problem. They need to meet Alice anyway. Sue, could Jared borrow your car? No, scratch that. Jared, phase. Run back to the res and bring the girls back. Use my truck and don't forget to pick up Claire too. She is an imprint too and needs to meet everyone," Sam says.

"Yes, boss, no problem," Jared shout as he runs out of the house. Esme's face lights up as she turns to Sam.

"Would you all like to eat when you're young ladies arrive? From what Paul told us, you wolves need to eat regularly and also in huge amounts. I'm sure it's not easy to keep you all fed all the time," Esme says as she bustled off to the kitchen, where we can hear her getting pans out of the cupboard and food from the fridge. "Right! What would you boys like to eat? It's a choice of either lasagna with salad and garlic bread or chili with rice and cornbread. For dessert you can have either strawberry cheesecake with cream or apple pie and ice-cream."

"Mrs Cullen, we could eat all of that. So just make whatever is easiest for you, because we wolves are not picky when it comes to food," Seth tells her.

"Alright, Seth, I will keep what you have told me in mind and make what I feel is necessary. And, Seth, my name is Esme not Mrs. Cullen, honey," Esme tells him.

"Esme, Claire is coming over too. Could you please make some cookies for her to decorate? It will keep her occupied, and she really enjoys doing it. If you get chance that is," Paul asks her

"Of course I will, Paul. How old is Claire?" she asks him.

"She will be four soon," Paul answers.

"She was the young imprint in the legend, wasn't she, Sam?" I ask him.

"Yes, she was, and Alice and Edward are the second part. Whose descendants are they, may I ask?" he replied.

"Esme's, Sam, they are her great niece and nephew. We all know who the female wolf is, but the friendship part has still to come to fruition for your legend to be complete," I say.

"Ah... But, Jasper, the friendship has come to pass, because if it had not, Paul would never have stood at your side against his pack sister and neither would the rest of the pack. So you see, we have had all three of our prerequisites for the legend to come to pass," Sam tells me. "So that is the new friendships started, but its the the old ones being put to right that I worry about. I fear that it refers to Leah and my are not on speaking terms at the minute, nor have they been since I imprinted on Emily."

"Don't worry too much. I think Leah is willing to try and make amends. So if Emily wishes to also, we may find that things are easier than we anticipated between them," I tell him.

Now I just hope I'm right. While I have been speaking with Sam, I have been watching the activities around the room. Carlisle, Billy ,Sue ,and Aaron are all talking quietly together. The pack has gathered around Alice and my Edward ,talking with them and my siblings. It seems as if our prejudices have been set aside as we all get to know each other. The only ones missing are Paul and Esme, who are in the kitchen, and Jared, who has gone to fetch the imprints. It all seemed so normal and everyday, two groups of friends meeting up to talk and eat together. I just hope we can stand up to what is coming.

I hear a car turn into our drive, so I head towards the front door to greet them as they arrive. Jared wraps his arms around the waist of one of the girls and smiles when he see me.

"Jasper, man, meet Kim, my imprint. This is Emily, Sam's imprint, Shay is Embry's and the little one there is Claire. She's Quil's," he says.

"Nice to meet you ladies. Come on in and meet the rest of the family," I say with a smile.

"Em, you're here. Come meet Alice and everyone," Sam says as he kisses her.

"Quil, I here too," Claire shouts as she sees Quil sitting on the floor with the pack.

"Claire Bear, I see you. How did you get here? Did you come with Emily, Shay, and Kim?" he asks her.

"Yes, and Jared too," she says, smiling at him.

"Well, I think Esme has some cookies that need decorating before your dinner is ready. Would you like to help decorate them, Claire?" I asked her. She turned and looked at me with a smile and walked over to me, holding out her hand to me. I take her hand and walk her into the kitchen.

"Esme, are the cookies cool enough to start decorating? Miss Claire would like to help decorate them," I say as we walk into the kitchen.

"Oh yes, Jasper, they are. I just need to get the decorating things from the cupboard," Esme answers.

"Can I help, please?" Claire asks.

"Why, sweetie, of course you can. Paul told me that you are good at decorating cookies. Is it the truth? I really need the help," Esme tells her.

"Paul said I was good at decorating cookies? "Claire asked in awe. "He never told me that. He never talked to me."

"I'm sorry, Claire Bear. I never realised I didn't tell you I thought you were good at things. In fact, I don't think I ever really talked to you, did I? And for that that, I'm sorry. I should have told you that along time ago. May I help you decorate the cookies Esme has made for you?" Paul asks her.

"Yes, Paul, I would like that. Are Quil and Mister Jasper going to help too?" Claire asks.

"Well, why don't we ask him to help and see what he says, " Paul tells her.

"Mister Jasper, will you help too, please," she says, flashing her puppy dog eyes at me.

"Just Jasper, Claire, and I would be honored to help you, " I reply, earning me a beaming smile from Esme. As we set to work, Rosalie came in and asked to join us.

"You can join in as long as you are nice to everyone who is helping, " Claire tells her.

"I will be, because I would like to get to know everyone better, " Rose tells her with a smile. I can't believe my ice queen sister is sitting at a table, decorating cookies with a wolf and a four year old. It shows the power of mates.

We all continued to decorate cookies until Esme tells Claire that she needs to go and wash up for dinner. Quil comes and takes her to wash up while we all clear the decorating things away. I never thought that I, the major from the southern wars, and my ice queen sibling would enjoy decorating cookies with a four year old.

"It was surreal to watch the most temperamental of my pack sit at a table with two vampires and a child, decorating cookies. If anyone had told me about it, I would have called them a liar, But to see it with my own eyes was unbelievable. Paul, man, you have either grown up, or Alice has mellowed you big style, because I never thought I would see you like this. You barely use to tolerate Claire," Sam says as he comes into the kitchen.

"I know man, and that was my own fault. I was so pissed at everything. So, yeah, you could say Alice has mellowed me, but I think I've grown up a bit too," Paul tells Sam. "I never realised how much it hurt Claire that I would ignore her until I heard her telling Jasper what she said."

The pack all sat down to eat, and it was wonderful the way they organised themselves. First, the elders and imprints were told to get their food. Then the pack descended upon the food that was there. It was a sight to behold them eat as much as they did. I now understand why Seth had said they weren't fussy about what Esme made.

Once everyone was finished eating, they all cleared the table and washed the dishes, leaving the kitchen area looking just as it was before Esme started to cook for them. It just goes to show that respect for each other just takes work. Now I just hope we can get everything in place before the shit hits the fan, and we have to protect each other from what is to come.