Sorry I can't do a Dovewing chapter, but its because she's going to have kits so there's really not a lot I can do right now. So here's another Jayfeather chapter.

Jayfeather was both happy and annoyed that his brother was following him to the edge of their territory, but he knew Lionblaze just wanted to take a break from being in camp. So he let him come. Jayfeather was traveling to the half moon meeting of the medicine cats. There was so much that he needed to ask his ancestors about these new cats. And Firestar better have some answers, he thought.

When Lionblaze and Jayfeather reached the edge of their territory they said goodbye, and Jayfeather continued his journey to the cave.

When Jayfeather finally reached the cave he scented the air. The other medicine cats were already there. As he walked into the cave he could hear the voiced of his ancestors and fell pelts all around him. He got that feeling every time he entered the cave.

As he settled himself in a place he touched his nose to the cold surface of the pool. He closed his eyes to let himself drift to Starclan's hunting grounds.

When he opened his eyes his was in a green, lush clearing. He saw a familiar flame-colored pelt in middle of the clearing. He was glad and angry at his grandfather for never telling him about this new Clan before. He kept his anger in check to give Firestar time to speak.

"Greetings, Jayfeather. I understand that you want to ask me questions about the fifth Clan." Firestar said.

"Yes, and nice to you again Firestar." Jayfeather said dipping his head.

"Then ask away."

"How did you rebuild Skyclan? I mean I know that Cloudstar visited you, but how did you know which cats to choose?" Jayfeather asked.

"Well, I'm guessing Cloudstar explained most of it, but he told me to look out fro certain character traits; such as how well they could climb trees and if they had long legs which are good for jumping. As to how I rebuilt it I had to find cats with those character traits. I also had help from the leader, Leafstar, her deputy, Sharpclaw, and two apprentices named Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw, who are now warriors Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt. After that many cats wanted to join in which gave Skyclan more warriors. Eventually they had everything under control and they didn't need my help anymore."

"Oh, wait climbing trees! Do you mean to tell me that you learn that jumping -on -enemies -from -above -thing from Skyclan?" Jayfeather said with surprise.

"Yes. That is where I got that idea." Firestar admitted.

"Since you helped rebuild the Clan do you communicate with them or watch over them like what Feathertail does between Starclan and The Tribe of Endless Hunting?"

"Well, yes, actually I can, but it's hard to travel there because it's so far."

"So you know when Skyclan is coming to the Lake."

"No, I don't know when they will arrive, but I know when they are going to leave."

"Can you tell me something? Are the Skyclan cats coming in peace or are they coming to fight for land?"

"Well like all Clans they need to defend themselves, but I'm sure they're coming seeking help from Thunderclan, so we will give it to them."

"One more question…"

"There's no more time left for questions so I will offer you this," Firestar said as his eyes began to cloud over, "The Three that once saved the Clans must find a name of past integrity."

The clearing faded and Jayfeather found himself awake by the Moonpool. The other medicine cats were already awake. Jayfeather sighed and got up. Seriously another prophecy. I don't understand why Starclan has to be so cryptic about everything.

Jayfeather left with the other medicine cats, although no cat seemed like they wanted to talk to each other. Jayfeather's trip seemed longer than usual because this new prophecy was on his mind. What was he going to tell Lionblaze? He'd promised him that they would leave the prophecy stuff behind them so Lionblaze could spend more time with Cinderheart without turning his fur white with worry.

When he finally reached camp the clearing was empty so it was easier for him to go straight to his nest without being bumped into from klutzy cats.

He checked on Brairlight and then went to sleep.