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The Evil Group is having their meeting at their secret hiding place (notice neon sign saying "Evil Groups Secret Hiding Place"). It is very loud at the moment.

Voldemort: Order! Order!
Wormtail: What would you like master?
Voldemort: It means listen idiot, so, LISTEN!
Demon #1: I'm getting a headach.
The Source: Too bad!
HOS: SHUT UP AND LISTEN! (random a/n put here for no reason: I got it! He he! The LotR DVD! He he he!)
Everyone: ...*silence*
HOS: Go ahead Voldemort.
Voldemort: Well...um...I have a new plan to distroy the Good Group.
Saruon: I just want my ring, as long as you don't hurt my ring, you can go on.
Gollum: Yess. Don't hurt my preciousss. (a/n I actually wrote this a while ago, like right after I finished Fellowship of the Ring)
Voldemort: Um...right...Anyway!One of which is: When the Good Group is having a meeting, we blow up the building!
Blackrider #1: *sarcastic* Oh, yeah, great plan.How many people here think that is a smart idea?
Sauron: You be quiet!
The Sorce: I think it would be a good plan, if only we knew where their secret hideout is! (a/n Wow! I think his I.Q. just went up a piont! *sarcastic* Sorry, had to say that.)
Voldemort: Yes, well, we'll put a tracking device on something.
Hos: What exactly.
Everyone: *arguing about which person they hate they should capture*
Death Eater #1: Can't we just follow one of them and see where there hiding place is, instead of using all the tecnical stuff?
Voldemort: You sound to smart, be quiet!
Saruman: Why don't we just use some of that Truth Potion you keep saying you use so much Voldemort?
Voldemort: Well, we'll have to catch one of them first.
The Sorce: How about to catch one, we catch another one, and make them tell us where another one lives! (a/n And there it goes again, down, down, down.)
Rest: ...*very confused* (a/n I'm right there with them, and I wrote that!)
HOS: Yes, but, how do we catch that one?
Voldemort: We catch another one before that one.

Ok, since this goes on for a while, lets go to the Good Group.

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