The Counter Fic

Disclaimer: We are parodying such fics as 'The Chair Fic', 'The Skin Fic' and 'The Tentacle Fic' we do NOT mean any of this. It is deliberately over the top. We would also like to stress that both Dan and Phil are HETEROSEXUAL (Straight) and this is all a work of complete fiction. Please do not take offence to this (Dan and Phil) everybody. If this needs to be removed please say and it is gone!

Phil stared at the ceiling; he looked uncomfortable, wearing only his red plaid shirt and a pair of odd socks. Dan was laid naked next to him on his side, propped up on one elbow, smirking. "That was fabulous, Phil, I never knew you had it in you!" Dan sighed happily. Dan rolled onto his back to join him. He took Phil's hand and held it softly.

"I specifically told you no touchy feely!" Phil replied sternly snatching his hand away. You do that again and I will have to give you a severe punishment. A smile broke across his face. "But you'd like that wouldn't you, naughty boy." "You know me far too well," Dan sighed happily. Phil straddled Dan's naked crotch and pinned his arms down. He could feel Dan's flaccid cucumber getting harder underneath him. "You've had your share today mister, you are being denied!" Phil taunted.

Phil got up and pulled on a pair of his black skinny jeans before walking into the bathroom to get the mouthwash. "I can still taste your melted ice cream," he shouted. He swigged a mouthful straight from the bottle. He gargled and spat it out. He gazed into the mirror and quickly brushed his hair.

Dan skipped gleefully, butt naked into the kitchen and sat himself on the breakfast bar swinging his legs as he did. "I'm glad you did let me blow my load in your mouth though, that was a real treat!" He exclaimed. Phil strutted into the kitchen looking very pleased with himself. "Bend over the counter, I want to see that gorgeous arse of yours," Phil said seductively. An eager smile broke across Dan's face. "I knew you couldn't resist having me again." Dan replied.

Phil walked behind Dan and bent him over the counter further soothe cold metal was pressing firmly against Dan's balls. Dan shivered. Phil rubbed his hands over the goose-bumps on Dan's arms. He then took a step back admiring his new toy. He rubbed his hands over Dan's perfect arse cheeks, parting them a little. Phil stretched out his tongue and flicked it over his tight arsehole. He pushed his tongue through Dan's firm ring and wiggled it a little. Dan let out a moan of pleasure.

Phil immediately stopped what he was doing. "Naughty boy!" He whispered. He opened his palm, pressed it onto Dan's buttock, raised it and spanked Dan very hard, keeping his palm over Dan's stinging cheek. When he removed his hand a large, red, hand-print shape was left behind.

Dan was trying to peek a view at Phil so badly he nearly rolled off the counter. Phil picked Dan up, turned him over and placed him gently back on the counter. Phil stripped down to just his odd socks and then lifted himself onto the counter, kneeling on the cold granite. Phil pulled Dan close to him, took him by the scruff of the neck and forced Dan's mouth onto his rock hard baguette, all the way. Dan gagged a little but soon submitted, accommodating all of him like a 5-star hotel. Phil tilted his head back, clearly enjoying himself.

"Turn around and part your cheeks, pretty boy" Phil said sternly but seductively. Dan wasted no time; before Phil could say anything else Dan had already parted his rosy buttocks. Phil bit his lip in pleasure. He reached for the special lube they always kept in the kitchen for such emergencies.

He squirted the cold, slick gel onto Dan's eager ring and worked it into his hole with two fingers. He then put a little on the tip of his banana and lined it up. With one quick stroke he was in, all 7 inches of him. He must have hit Dan's prostate because he shivered and bucked a little. Phil took Dan's hands and held them firm, keeping him in position.

Phil began to thrust as deep as he could into Dan, gently quickening his pace. He let go of Dan's arms and began to scratch down his back leaving little red streaks all across it. "Play with yourself," Phil instructed. Dan did exactly as he was told. He was already close.

Phil wanted Dan to come first then he could make sweet, sweet love to his face again. He always loved Dan's oral technique.

Phil was thrusting as hard and fast as he could, he didn't care that Dan was screaming with enjoyment now, he knew Dan was almost there. "Beg me to let you come," Phil instructed, he always loved making people beg. "Please let me come, Phil, I am so very close." Dan begged. "Not yet," was the reply. "Please, please master, let me come," "Just a bit longer, Dan," "Oh master please, I can barely hold it!" Phil could feel the tension in Dan's voice and knew that he couldn't keep him any longer; he was also very close now. "Come now, slave!" Phil bellowed.

Dan came. He came very hard, all across the counter as Phil came hard and fast into Dan's sweet arsehole, so much for the oral plans. However, Phil looked pleased by this, but he kept his rock hard carrot in Dan still. Slowly he pulled it out, hopped of the counter and whispered three words. "Lick it clean."

He could not believe his luck, Dan had always loved to be dominated and Phil was getting better and better at it. He nodded obediently, bent his head and began to lick. Phil looked happy, very happy. He began to stroke his aubergine in awe of his handy work. Dan had almost finished licking the counter clean. Phil could see he was already hard again. "Please master, can I put my hot-dog in your pleasure pouch?" Dan asked sheepishly. "You read my mind."

Dan laid flat on the counter; Phil straddled him, facing toward him. Dan stopped him and quickly put some lube onto himself before letting Phil lower himself onto him. Phil smiled as he felt Dan's wide butternut squash stretch his usually tight ring.

Dan was feeling dizzy from all the pleasure he was getting. He loved the feel of being in another man. Phil began to raise and lower himself, moaning with pleasure. "Jerk me off," Phil demanded. Dan did as he was told like the good little slave he was. Phil was loving every second, Dan's huge Cumberland sausage was throbbing in Phil's arse. Once again they were both on the edge of orgasms.

Phil couldn't contain himself any longer, he jizzed all over Dan's face and chest, panting with relief. Dan then followed suit squirting his salty goodness into Phil's slightly sore bum.

As Phil lifted himself off Dan, he felt the counter wobble and heard the unmistakeable sound of granite breaking. They both fell on top of each other when they hit the floor. Dan forced onto Phil's chest. He looked down at Dan and realised how much he did enjoy a bit of touchy-feely afterwards.

"You want to go cuddle in bed, Dan?" Phil questioned quietly, looking a little embarrassed. "I'd love to, Phil." Dan replied. "I've always repressed my want to spoon and snuggle with you after our fun parties."

They picked themselves up, Dan wiped the remainder of Phil's jizz off his chest and onto a towel and they went back into Phil's room. Dan snuggled into Phil's chest and pulled the covers up to his nose. "I love your odd socks, Phil." Phil smiled and revealed a pack of malteasers from under his pillow, handed them to Dan and said "I love your love for malteasers." They gazed lovingly into each other's eyes.

Dan opened the packet and ate a few malteasers. "I do love you, you know," Phil admitted "but in a bro to bro way." "That's good enough for me." Dan replied between mouthfuls of his favourite treat.

But it was only afterwards they realised that they had forgotten to use a condom, they were both pregnant with butt-babies.