Tiredly and roughly, I stretched and floated off of my bed. I was too lazy to walk today. I floated to the kitchen to get my daily tea, it relaxed me. My feet finally touched the floor and I sat on a stool staring out at the view. After my tea I took a shower and dressed into some shorts and a t-shirt. It was too hot to be dressed in spandex. I sat on the couch getting weird looks off my teammates.

"Ray?" said Cyborg. "Yup?" I answered. "You okay?" He asked. "I'm perfectly fine" I flashed an emotionless face. "Okay." He said and went on with playing his xbox with beastboy who had taken no notice of me what so ever. He ws to infactuated with that game. I got up and put some shoes on, I decided a walk would be nice. Just as I opened the door Starfire ran into the house in a giggle fit, Robin chasing after her.

"Oh Robin, your so funny. I cannot even begin to imagine the wonders of your human body." She laughed while Robin blushed. "Well star you've already imagine those wonders. Three days ago wasn't it?" I smiled as I left the house and into the outside. I needed to get away from them. They've been dating for 2 days, Robin and I broke up three days ago. Yeah I heard them "jumping on the bed" about three days ago. WELL GUESS WHAT ROBIN, IT DIDN'T PHASE ME. We had only dated for a year...No real commitment there? I just hate the time I wasted. I glided over to the nearest bench and sat there enjoying the scenery. I used to hate being outside but it changed after I broke up with Robin. I got up and walked over to the nearest Ice cream shop and bought some Ice cream. The dude selling the Ice cream was might fine as well. If you know what I mean. Danny? was his name. I decided to use my new found confidence and get it on. I need to get laid.

"Danny right?" I asked as I pointed toward his name tag.

"Yes, how may I help you?" He smiled.

"How about you and me get back to my place?" I winked. He looked at me wide eyed before blinking "Excuse me?" He asked. "I said You, me, my place." I grinned. His reaction was priceless, there was no way he was coming with me. "Okay, just making sure. Let's go." He smiled. My eyes grew wide, "Don't you have to work?" I asked as he grabbed his keys and came into my direction. "Nope, Shift ended about 10 minutes ago, I just wanted to take your order" He winked and grabbed my hand. "Which way to your apartment?" He asked. "Right over there." I smiled and pointed to the giant T shaped home that I call mine. "Your a teen titan huh." He smirked. "Yeah, does that bother you?" I smiled hoping he would go home...I never thought he'd come home with me. "Nope, let's hurry up..." He signaled for me to give him my name. "Raven My name is Raven." I smiled and lead him to the house. Maybe this wouldn't be as bad as I thought.

Once we reached the tower and entered the door, I started to feel nervous. What if they judged me? Nahh. They wouldn't, they didn't judge StarHoe. I call Starfire StarHoe now. Only in my mind though, in reality she'd tell everyone and I'd be the badguy. Danny squeezed my hand bring my attention back to him. "You gonna introduce me?" He laughed as we walked into the room, cyborg and beastboy in the same position they were when I left and StarHoe and Robin eating each others face. "Nope, their busy." I laughed. For some reason my laugh brought their attention towarrds Danny and I.

"Raven?" Cyborg asked. "Who's this" Beast boy asked. "Danny." I answered again feeling his squeeze my hand a bit. "Oh This is cyborg, beastboy, Robin, and Starho-Firre. Starfire. I coughed. "Nice too meet you Danny." Stated Beastboy and Cyborg. "Yes such a pleasure to meet a new friend." Starfire said. Robin bitterly shook Danny's hand and left the room. Starfire had followed him. "Maybe we should go to your place" I suggested. "No it's fine here." He laughed. "Whatever you say." I lead him up to my room. "Nice, Dark" He smiled. "The lights are off dumbass." I laughed once more. "Your laugh is nice." He claimed. "Sure it is." I turned the light on revealing my room. "It's actually normal." He feigned surprise and I lightly punched his arm.

"What now?" I ask. "You tell me" He smirked, cupping my face and closing the distance between us.